Logitech confirms Revue stock has been depleted


After signing on to be a launch partner for Google TV, Logitech invested a serious amount of time and money into the Android-powered Revue. Consumer interest and profits didn’t pan out as the company had hoped, however, and Logitech quickly withdrew their name from the list of manufacturers producing Google TV hardware. To clear stock and recoup costs the ailing Revue saw a price cut to $99, and after one final holiday push Logitech is reporting that they are completely sold out at this time. The news came as part of the hardware maker’s fiscal year 2012 Q3 earnings report, in which CEO Guerrino De Luca expressed a renewed commitment to their Harmony remote technology and touted growing sales of tablet accessories. Still, Google TV doesn’t look to factor back into Logitech’s plan anytime in the near future.

[Engadget via GTVSource]

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  1. Fugg u logitech! 
    Better give us ice cream sandwhich love too!

    1. Don’t hold your breath.

    2. it is always good when requesting something from a company 2 at the same timetell them to fuck off

      1. Not requesting (virtually, though not that it will matter) demanding!

        1. “Demanding” that a company put more work into a product they have discontinued?  Not only discontinued…discontinued because it was a huge time and money sink?  I don’t think “demanding” is going to get you very far.

  2. I finally plugged mine into the Cable Box … pretty damn slick. More processor power would be good, better GUI, and more Google TV content… but, dig how you can graphically view whats on.

    1. I asked for one for Christmas, Got one for Christmas. Then I returned it because Logitech kicked their product in the mouth right before pushing out the all-important HC update. Now I have a $100 Amazon gift card and am waiting for a HC GTV box from a company that will actually support its products. They should have waited until after the HC update to badmouth their product. Perhaps they would have sold more.

  3. Hope the second gen units come out too. I want a Google TV but the Revue and Sony units didn’t seem quite there yet.

  4. I don’t think I’ll buy anything from Logitech in the future. I got my Revue with the understanding that Logitech intended to use it as a gaming console. Truthfully, all I really wanted was a good wireless controller and the ability to play classic emulators, and Logitech never came through. The failure of the Revue rests squarely on their shoulders.

    1. wow, what understanding was that ? the one with you and your imaginary friend?  No one at logitech or Google ever even came close to saying it would be a gaming console. Its internet on TV, no more, no less, now with apps tailored for TV. If you want a gaming console dont be cheap, buy a xbox, or ps3, and dont blame Logitech for your mis”understanding”

  5. Why does posting from an Android phone to a site that uses Disquis have to suck ass

  6. Yeah.  Eff U Logitech.

    I started a thread in their discussion forum about unlocking the bootloader and open sourcing the ROM.  Zero replies.  Am I the only one who is demanding this?  Am I the only one who cares?  Of everybody on their forum I am.

    Well I said it there and I’ll say it again.  Unless they do the right thing here (which it doesn’t look like is going to happen), this shows Logitech does not stand behind their products, and doesn’t even care about their customers enough to allow them to still get good use out of something they have abandoned.

    I’ve bought tons of Logitech stuff, and recommended tons of Logitech stuff.  No more.

    If anybody’s interested here’s the thread:


  7. open source the revue

  8. why would you want ice cream sandwich?  that is a phone OS.  you got honeycomb and it makes my $99 investment worth it!

    1. Ice cream sandwich is not a phone OS.  It’s actually the OS version that combines the development trees for both tablets and phones, which in turn makes it easier to develop for.

    2. ICS is for both, phone and tablets. ICS will be on Google TV just as its replacing HC on tablets.

  9. It would be nice if they open it up before they wipe their hands of it.  That way we can go to google to get our updates.

  10. I bought my Revue for $99 knowing that Logitech was dumping it. Having Honeycomb with the Market and Harmony IR blasting capability makes it still worth it to me. I’d love it more if Logitech would unlock it for hacking. :)

  11. “The news came as part of the hardware maker’s fiscal year 2012 Q3 earnings report “…..wha???  Either this is a massive typo or Logitech has the oddest fiscal year I have ever heard of…

  12. dont care. Will be buying Vizio’s Google TV streaming box for $99 when it comes out

  13. Well I if they would have done it right before everybody got pissed off…lol. sorry but no market, no deal for me. Then they announced they were done with it. Ill buy one from a company that knows what they’re doing with Android….love my BT keyboard though.

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