Jan 26th, 2012

After signing on to be a launch partner for Google TV, Logitech invested a serious amount of time and money into the Android-powered Revue. Consumer interest and profits didn’t pan out as the company had hoped, however, and Logitech quickly withdrew their name from the list of manufacturers producing Google TV hardware. To clear stock and recoup costs the ailing Revue saw a price cut to $99, and after one final holiday push Logitech is reporting that they are completely sold out at this time. The news came as part of the hardware maker’s fiscal year 2012 Q3 earnings report, in which CEO Guerrino De Luca expressed a renewed commitment to their Harmony remote technology and touted growing sales of tablet accessories. Still, Google TV doesn’t look to factor back into Logitech’s plan anytime in the near future.

[Engadget via GTVSource]

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