Dec 15th, 2011

I like petitions. As much as they give the people “a voice,” I can’t say I have too much faith in them actually changing policy or really made any sort of difference. But alas, here we are with another very noble online petition this time, asking for Logitech to support their failed Google TV experiment one last time, and unlock the bootloader for the Revue.

We reported a few weeks back on how Logitech saw the Revue as a blunder of sorts, placing full blame on Google releasing Google TV in “beta form,” way ahead of its time. But what about the disenfranchised Revue owners out there, many of whom have paid full price for the set top when it launched earlier this year? What are they to do? Well, they want a chance to get future support from developers in the Android community but the only way that’s going to happen, is if Logitech unlocks the bootloader for the Revue. Sounds like a reasonable request to me.

Logitech, please. Before you turn your backs on us forever. Allow the Revue to go out with a bang… and let my people go.

[Unlocked Bootloader Petition]

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