Official Verizon (Galaxy) Nexus Prime Accessories Available From Samsung – Sort Of


We know Verizon is prepping for the release of the Galaxy Nexus with the start of employee training hitting store computers and now it seems Samsung is also getting ready with the availability of official OEM accessories for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (i515). Well, sort of.

While both the battery cover (complete with Verizon tramp stamp) and 1750mAh spare battery are now listed on Samsung’s site, when adding to your cart they appear as “backordered.” What’s interesting is the fact that Samsung is still calling the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (i515) the Nexus Prime. God, I loved that name. Such a shame Verizon or Samsung never followed through with it.

Anyone planning on picking up a spare battery? If the reports of lackluster battery life are true, you’re going to need one if you plan on tapping out your 4G data plan.

[Samsung via TalkAndroid]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Hope we get some sort of announcement on carrier availability quickly after the Verizon release.

  2. This phone is sooo close! I can’t wait!

  3. I’m ordering one as soon as they come available.

    1. I’ve never ordered a phone true a carrier website. Would you recommend it over going to the actual store and picking it up first day?

      1. Only if you don’t mind going early and waiting for doors to open. First day stock is rather limited. Bigger the town, better the odds.

        1. If I’m off from work when it’s released then I might pick it up from the store. Lets say I ordered it from the site with next day shipping…would I get it the day it is released? Sorry I’m just really excited for this phone. I’m currently on my G1 that I’ve had for over 2 years.

          1. Lol I think I’ll just have to take the day off so I can be there when they open and ill get to play with it all day ;) damn I can’t wait

          2. Yes, usually they ship them the day before the release so that it gets there the same day you could pick it up from the store.  Depending on when UPS delivers to your house, you may get it in the morning or you may have to wait all day, excruciating I know!  You’ll have to sit at home reading how everyone else is playing with their new toy and YOU DON’T HAVE ONE!  OMG!!!!!  Then you have to try not to kill the UPS driver when he finally gets there or rip his hands off while taking the package from him…  It’s a rough life we live…

      2. never buy a phone online. its a bie-ach if you end up having issues with the device. i mean they ARE mass produced so if you do get a lemon (it does happen) you have to return it through the portal in which it was purchased (online = customer care) and they have to ship you another device (and you will have to deal with care rather than a human) rather than an even swap out the door in a store. just swing into your nearest verizon store and have them hold one for you when they come in. its not like the gnex will be THAT popular among the non geek masses (no tv spots to speak of). if the store by you wont hold it go to the nearest 3rd party dealer. they order their own devices and choose how many to order, if they know you want one they WILL order one or two extra and slap your name on one, 3rd party dealers work on commission they WANT your money and will hold a phone for a day or to in order to get it.

        source – i work for a 3rd party dealer for sprint/vzw ive had to hold a few phones in my day (*cough* htc evo)

        1. Thanks for the info man! I will do as you say and ask Verizon to hold me one and if that fails I will go to a 3rd party dealer and ask them. Speaking of 3rd party dealers…do you mean radio shack, best buy, etc?

  4. me too! i love the name “Nexus Prime” 

    1. I so wish the final product was called this. I hate this Galaxy bullshit, and Samsung’s recent model names such as “Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch” or “Samsung Continium, A Galaxy S Phone.” 
      WTFFFF I want Nexus Prime. 

      1. Yeah, doesn’t fit with the continuity of the title..

        Nexus One. Nexus S. Galaxy Nexus. Da eff? o_O

        Nexus One. Nexus S. Nexus Prime. Prefect. <3

        1. All I want to know is why prime? I understand the continuity issue but Nexus Prime sounds like you’ll sprout a pocket protector from your shirt if you touch it. 

          1. Sure you say that now, but when you get jumped in an alley and your phone transforms into a justice enforcing robot and kicks that muggers ass, you’ll be glad you bought a Nexus Prime.  :P

          2. I have no issue with that, I’m always in the need for a pen. 

    2. They couldn’t clear the name from Hasbro.  Nexus Prime is the name of one of the Original 13 Primes from their Transformer franchise.  I agree, it’s a cool name.  I liked Droid Prime even better, which was the name that Verizon originally wanted to name it.

  5. Mind citing the reports of lackluster battery life? The only reports I read were mostly positive.

    1. same here, all I’ve seen are good reports? 

    2. Ditto. We’ll know more in a week or two, but so far things look promising.

  6. carrier branding for the back cover plate……blah only thing it needs to say is “GOOGLE”

    1. Just be glad it’s not slapped on the front of the device.  At least this way there’s the possibility of purchasing a spare plate from the unlocked version and using it instead.

  7. Your TA source link is a bust.

    1. Hmmmm… This happens from time to time. I’ll try and fix it. Thanks!

  8. Tramp stamp? Really? Come on.

    I always get a spare battery. It’s always worth it.

  9. Anyone think that maybe it’s still going to be the Nexus Prime, but Verizon’s version is called “Galaxy” Nexus because they passed on the GS2? I’m hoping the Android event on 11/16 will announce the Nexus Prime for T-Mo, along with Google Music launch. :)

    1. Or perhaps it’s the other way around…Vzn’s version is called the Nexus Prime, and everybody else gets the Galaxy Nexus.  That would match up with the listings above…and the other big carriers have more Galaxy phones than Verizon does anyway.

      1. Absolutely not. Verizon has confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus is coming to their network

    2. no keep dreaming

  10. they stamped the back cover with “VERIZON” ON It? fuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh…how embarassing. 

  11. Wait, what reports of lackluster battery?  Phonearena, electronista, xda forums, and androidauthority are saying impressive battery life.

    1. i was under the same impression, that battery life was rather good. especially for an LTE device.

  12. Last week I was at a conference and spoke with one of Google’s “Mobile Specialists” and he referred to is at the Prime.

  13. Just give me my rezound.

  14. i was reading somewhere (i think androidcentral forums) about the battery picture and how it actually is showing a 2100 mAh battery…if you do the math apparently with the numbers provided in the battery picture it equates to a larger than expected battery. So many this is an upgraded battery?

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