Droid RAZR: We’ve Got It, Join Us Tomorrow at 2PM!


I just received my review unit of the Motorola Droid Razr for Verizon Wireless, just in time to fully explore the device before our LIVE Droid RAZR Q&A with Verizon Wirless.

Quentyn has been working hard on getting his full review ready for the masses, but you curious cats can never wait for more Droid info. Speaking of waiting, lots of our forum members have reported their Droid RAZR is already on the way. That’s why you should join us tomorrow, Thursaday the 10th at 2pm, for a Droid RAZR Q&A with our friends from Verizon Wireless.

The URL is ridiculously easy to remember so you’ve got no excuses:

And to make things even easier, you can enter your e-mail address below  to be reminded:

You can ask your questions LIVE at the event (they’re moderated wise guys) but feel free to continue posting more questions to our original request/announcement post.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Nice looking phone. My psychic ability tells me the questions will need to be screened because many people will ask about the Galaxy Nexus availability.

      1. Those people who do that really need to get their head screened.

  2. Please try to collect some battery info thanks!

  3. Yawn. Bring on the Nexus

  4. this phone isnt that big of a deal. youll get about 100 viewers. waste of time 

  5. meh no replaceable battery no buy

  6. Q: Why can’t you guys stop locking the bootloader? You insisted that Motorola do so. If history is any indication you should know we’ll either do it ourselves or find a workaround. So why fight it?

    We rooters may be a minority but we are quite influential and your recent sales of locked phones reflect that. These phones (Motorola Droid brand) you make use top notch hardware but the software skin is intrusive and bogs down the user experience. When you make it harder for us to deal with that (locking the bootloader) you make it harder for us to recommend your products to our friends and family. Why play cat and mouse when the mouse is the hand that feeds you?

  7. talk about the display resolution and visibility of pixels, please. are they so ugly as we heard before? this is the only thing what can be discourage me. thanks!

  8. moto promised an open bootloader for provider free RAZRs, but that is the truth:

  9. Lol, anyone buying the nexus over any other phone is a fool. Nuff said.

  10. 2pm cst?

    edit: nvm (it’s EST)

  11. What the hell is wrong with Nexus buyers? If you don’t want the Razr that’s your choice to make. The Nexus looks like a fine phone. Just stop kicking off every Razr thread with your nonsense. You are obviously not cool and your buying a nice phone will never make you cool. You need to accept that. You morons make even the lamest Apple fanboys seem downright reasonable.

    I’m sure there are plenty of grown-ups on here who have chosen the Nexus over the Razr or Rezound. I hope you enjoy your phones. May it serve you well until your next upgrade. To the idiots who are compelled to constantly fling poo at any device other than their chosen one… I hope you drop your Nexus in your toilet. I hope your parents refuse to replace it and you are forced to carry around your dad’s old LG Voyager for the next two years.

    1. I admit: this made me LOL. I also want to point that I had and love the LG Voyager which made it all the more funny. Looking back it wasn’t that long ago and is relatively speaking a terrible phone. Crazy how far we’ve come.

  12. Hey Rob, was there no microSD in the box? My Canadian version also had an mHDMI-HDMI cable and a shitty headset.

    1. MicroSD was pre-installed

  13. Amen

  14. I was in radio shack today and they got a shipment. That phone is one bad boy. I would consider it if I was with verizon. It is super thin in person compared to my galaxy s 2. I didn’tget to see it on though :-

  15. Just really pissed at Motorola for their battery life specs for the razr. 12.5hrs talktime they mentioned and 204hrs of standby. None of the tests have reached the 5hrs talktime and standby is just a joke. Why are they even allowed to give specs like that if they’re obviously made up? Other than that this phone looks pretty amazing to me and I was about to preorder, but I won’t buy another phone which can’t last a day.

  16. I am going to be honest, as much as I love my Droid 3 I would be torn between this and the Rezound. I love the new motoblur but that 720 screen I just have to say is tempting. I went to the Verizon store today just to look at the Razr, and I liked it but its almost to light. I guess when you have a heavy phone, you almost prefer a heavier phone.

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