Battery Life Looks Promising for LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus


With a 4.65-inch 720p display, dual-core processor, and LTE radio, battery life was never expected to be a strong point for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. That is why a look at the above screenshot might offer some of the best news about the handset yet. After over five hours of heavy web surfing with the display brightness maxed out, this particular LTE Galaxy Nexus still held 45 percent of its charge intact. That should equate to an additional five hours of use, roughly. The results provide hope that under average daily use, the GNex will hold a charge long enough to last through the better part of the day, or at least the waking hours. At this point, I’m sure many would take any amount of battery life to own the next pure Google handset or simply learn of an accurate release date.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. eeeeewwwww

  2. Why won’t you take my money, Verizon?  I thought you loved money!

    1. They love MORE money from their locked down bloat-infested phones than from an unlocked bloat-free consumer-winner phone. Don’t worry, they’ll take your money, but only after they try their darnedest to convince you to buy the garbage first. LOL

      1. True words, sir.

  3. #OccupyGoogle for this trainwreck of  a launch! 

    1. People are just impatient. How exactly is this a trainwreck?

      1. The fact that it’s launching within a two week span and no one knows if for only one carrier, what the exact date is or even what nation it’ll be launching in?

        1. I don’t think I’ve seen a single rumored date for another US carrier.  My guess (just a guess) is that it won’t hit another US carrier until 2012.

        2. All the dates so far are RUMORED launch dates and not actual officially announced dates. 

      2. Because there has been next to no confirmation of the device since it’s unveiling. Zero communication from Samsung or Google. I almost would have respected them more for holding off on the unveiling until everything was ready. This has very little to do with impatience, it’s more frustration.

        1. And people don’t see this as a marketing strategy to build up hype for the best speced phone of the holiday season? Tech blogs go nuts over any bit of information about the galaxy nexus (like this battery test). I think this is a brilliant strategy to be honest, granted I’d rather not have to wait for the release of it.

          1. Best spec’d phone of the season?  Meh.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great phone, but how are it’s specs any better than, say, a Galaxy Note (other than the presence of ICS, which I’m sure the Note will see by the spring).

          2. Spring?  Spring?
            Spring is an eternity in the smartphone world!

          3. So to whom are they actually trying to market this to?
            If they’re trying to convince the bloggers/tech savvy people to get it, they’re marketing it wrong as we ARE the people who already want the phone and are ready to give them our monies!

            The fact that they’re not marketing it on google.com or TV or anywhere else but actual nerd-blogs, is what makes this a “trainwreck of a launch” as Malik said.

            But hey, that’s just my opinion.

        2. nah.. more with impatience.

  4. I want to know if it’s the same 1.75 Ah battery or a larger one as rumored (due to the increased thickness).

    1. I should have the same battery as you’ve known of . It’s the LTE stuff that makes the phone fatty

      1. Not true, look at the thickness of the Razr. I’m betting the thickness is in the battery.

  5. My DInc seems to do better… http://imgur.com/2JZRO

    1. I’m sure my old flip phone could do better, but what’s your point? lol  apples/oranges

      1. The DInc and the Nexus are both smartphones and both Androids. Of course an old (or new) flip-phone is going to have far better battery life. Comparing a flip-phone to a smartphone’s battery life is apples and oranges.

        1. Right, and my 52″ Sony XBR9 is the same as my 25 year old 32″ RCA TV sitting in the attic.  You know, since they’re both TVs.

          1. That analogy went so far over your head, I don’t know what to tell ya. I can’t explain it any simpler.

  6. Here is my money. Just bring it to T-Mobile as soon as possible…..please

    1. YES YES YES!!! I don’t even care even if it cost 650 retail i’m getting it the 1st day it comes OUT! 

    2. HAHAHA tmobile.   irrelevant.

  7. ……………….

  8. Battery shmattery, just gimme the phone.

  9. at this point it could last two hours on a charge, just give me my PHONE!

  10. Man I hope the G-Nex makes it way to AT&T quickly

  11. This really doesn’t tell me that it has good battery life.

    This is only one users interpretation of “heavy surfing”. Also, what kind of signal did they have for 5 hours? What kind of websites are they surfing? Are they browsing full net, or mobile sites only? Were the sites visited media rich with flash enabled? Did they download anything? Was sync on or off? 

    Also, If you think about it, if they were heavy surfing for 5 hours, wouldn’t the browser show on the list of what has been using the battery? To me, it looks like the phone has been sitting idle for 5 hours since there aren’t any apps listed on the screen.

    1. The horizontal blue bar under the gray graph shows that it was “awake” the entire duration.  

      1. Interesting, Thanks for the information. However, They could have easily opened an app that allows you to keep the screen on, dimmed brightness settings, and let it sit for 5 hours.

        I’m just saying, there’s no way of knowing how the battery will last you until you use it day to day yourself.

        1. Ur right. This could be staged in so many ways to maximize results.

          However the fact screen was on for 5hr alone is a feat in itself. So I’m liking this news

          1. who cares if  it’s staged.  We all know a lot of reviewers are biased towards the products they get for FREE to review.  Wait until real users get ahold of it and see what happens.   Why are people reverting back to being 8 year olds when it comes to reviews on the web?

        2. Either trust them from this picture are ask them to make a 5+ hour video of the Galaxy Nexus discharging. Your choice :)

        3. In the battery stats, “awake” doesn’t necessarily mean that the screen is on.  It means that a process is is running and has requested a wake lock.

          For example, if you play music and turn your screen off while continuing to play music, your phone is still “awake”.  But I believe you are correct, simply leaving the screen on registers as awake time as well.

        4. I could easily take a dump on your tv dinner and tell you it’s actually the pot pie you’re eating that smells and tastes nutty.    The point is, eventually you need to test it out for yourself.   That’s pretty much been a given since reviewers have done biased reporting for years.   I’m surprised you are new to this.

  12. I’d like to see how long the screen was actually on in that shot. In theory this usage scenario looks good, but I don’t know what “heavy web surfing” really entails. If the screen was on for “hours”, then yeah, nice. It’s just too nebulous to get excited about with this single picture

  13. I fail to see how this equals good battery life, and like Michael Tolly mentions we do not know what they actually did on it.

    This looks like awful battery life to me.

  14. The blue bar at the bottom of the graph indicates that the phone was awake for the entire 5 hours 13 minutes and 55 seconds, and consumed only about half of its battery. Considering how much screen and Android OS consumed battery in this test, if this phone is idle with no activity, it could easily last for quite more than 2 days in rough estimation, which translates into a full day with moderate usage.

    This is great.

    1. I agree.

    2. LOL an Android phone lasting a full day? Highly unlikely.

      1. My Evo regularly lasts 30 hours with moderate use, 20 with heavy use. People need to learn how to manage their phones.

        1. That’s the biggest problem with Android. It’s high maintenance. It never works well out of the box. Things have to be tweaked, apps installed, rooted etc to get it to work right. This is not a good long term strategy, but Google has already opened up Pandora’s box with their “open” philosophy. (Actually it isn’t even truly “open”)

      2. Even my OG Droid with Gingerbread lasts a full day with heavy usage. I really wonder what some people do with their phones…

        1. …. talk on them?

          I am on the phone sometimes 6-8 hours a day. Even my colleagues with iPhones or Blackberrys need multiple batteries or creative solutions.

          The Nexus doesn’t have a removable battery, correct? That could be a deal breaker. I wish Samsung or someone would say ‘here is the phone, really thin, but here is a super sleek extended battery pack, just in case’

          1. Nexus does have a removable battery. Motorola RAZR is the recent Android phone that doesn’t have a removable battery.

  15. I would prefer to have seen multiple screen shots by scrolling down the list to see how much was used by the internet, media server, etc. That screenshot alone doesn’t impress me. Going by just that image alone, I get equal or better battery life on my rooted Thunderbolt – yes, a Thunderbolt. The phones that supposedly have “4 hour battery life”.

  16. This shot is from P3Droid, here it is: http://yfrog.com/h3neshp
    And here he’s showing the screen on time (slightly later): http://yfrog.com/o0mxiep

    Around an hour screen on? Count me as unimpressed with the battery…

    1. I wouldn’t trust that second sites pic as it having such a bad battery it has only been on for just over an hour and already has 57% battery life, they could have turned it off at 59% life remaining and turned it back on for this time. :)

      1. Those two pictures are supposed to be hand in hand from the same user, relatively closely spaced, the first pic was taking at 10:42 the second at 10:58. I’m saying that for only running for about 5hrs and having the screen on for only about 1 hour, having the battery down to 45% is pretty weak. I know LTE is going to hog, but that’s over 10% per hour.

  17. I don’t trust battery life screenshots unless they show both display time and voice calls, the two largest battery culprits, by far.  

  18. Battery life, ACROSS THE BOARD FOR ALL SMARTPHONES, MUST be improved!

  19. I have been charging my phone on and off all day, mine says 60% left and that I have been running on battery for 6h 22m 4s, I don’t think this is very accurate.


  21. Sorry to break it to you but if it was heavy web browsing why does that not show up on there? Yeah I’m calling B.S on this all it shows is the screen was on max brightness, nothing about browsing or anything like that.

  22. jeez, who the hell is writing these articles?

    the ads in place of news articles is completely garbage. and “With a 4.65-inch 720p display, dual-core processor, and LTE radio,
    battery life was never expected to be a strong point for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?” uh yes we did, that’s why they used TI’s technology in it.

  23. Why doesn’t the browser show up in that battery chart?

  24. If that is with “hardcore” use then it’s pretty impressive.

  25. Well on my Bionic today I’m at 13% after 12 hours and 10 minutes and on all 4G. I would expect Samsung and Google to have at least close to that, and it seems like they aren’t going to disappoint. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoy my phone (or how much I would enjoy any of these new devices, they’re all awesome)

  26. Unless this phone exhibits a major flaw in real world use, ie: crappy call quality, photo quality, or battery life…IT WILL BE MINE!

  27. wrong button. XD

  28. How is 1850 good?  Screenshots? Please…this is a joke.  Even if people are scrounging and taking screen shots we all know this sucks.  The manufactures could give us the biga battery and choose not to.  I want something I charge with flying midget unicorn crap that will run till 2015.  That’s the next story right?  lol, show us some benchmarks with bathroom scout, cm7, the flash on for 15mins, 5 min of checking rad ringtones from our favorite christian rapper and 2 months of gravity. Then “report”!  man you busted the world open with a story!

  29. Please Google bring this phone to Sprint and TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  30. It makes me sad that battery life which is shorter than my average workday is considered “promising”.

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