You Ask: Droid RAZR Questions? Ask Verizon! [LIVE EVENT]


The Motorola Droid RAZR for Verizon Wireless will undoubtedly be one of the biggest mobile launches of 2011. It merges two the industry’s most iconic brands – Droid and RAZR – and for the first time stamps them together into one stunningly thin and powerful device. There is no doubt it’s a great phone… but will it be your next phone?

You have questions. And this Thursday at 2PM Eastern, Verizon Wireless will have answers. We’ll be publishing a live (duh?) “Cover It Live” event where I’ll be taking YOUR questions (posted in the comments) and presenting them live to the Verizon Wireless Team for official feedback right from the horse’s mouth. Not only will we be accepting questions in advance, but we’ll also allow for reader feedback and participation DURING the event. That’s right… you can ask your questions live.

Of course we’ll be moderating questions/comments and won’t have time to address EVERY person, so if you’ve got any burning questions or want any insight from the big red team, we suggest you rack your brain and post them in the comments below. We’ll take the best questions and the ones that we think will be most helpful to our readers, and lay them at the feet of the Droid RAZR CREATR live in the Phandroid THEATR.

So here’s the deal:

  • Post your Droid RAZR questions below
  • Visit Phandroid on Thursday at 2PM Eastern to participate in a live chat with Phandroid& Verizon featuring YOUR questions
  • Doing the above will arguably make you more awesome than you already are
I’m eager to see what types of questions you folks have… LET’S GO!
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  1. Is the display pentile?
    Is it HSPA compatible when roaming?
    Is the SoC the TI OMAP 4430 or 4460?

    1. 4430 *
      [rm’d link]
      phandroid’s spec page isn’t correct

      EDIT: nvm. it’s fixed on phandroid’s page now

        1. ya i updated right before you posted ;)
          guess phandroid doesn’t update phone specs that often

          1. Strangely enough, until last week, the Moto Dev page listed the 4460.

          2. I’m seeing our page as 4430?

          3. ya, i sent in the e-mail to specs@phandroid yesterday once i noticed it being wrong.  looks like it’s fixed now, thx

    2. I want to ask the same question. Is motorola using their own super amoled or they just bought it from samsung? Is it pentile, or is it super amoled plus like the one on the GS2? make sure you ask these questions :)

  2. Why do you have a locked bootloader?   Why would I buy this over the Nexus?

    1. I’m sure this will get skipped as well.

  3. Why do you insist on overcharging for your products and services? XD

  4. When is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus going to be released?   :)   ;) Take that Verizon!

    1. Lol, perfect.  I suspect they will conveniently skip this question though =p.

  5. I predict this turning into a grilling over locking bootloaders, probably rightfully so.

    Why do you lock the bootloader?
    Will we be able to disable bloatware? If not, will we be able to after the ICS upgrade?

  6. Why are all (excluding OG Droid) motorola products garbage? Not in the aspect of hardware but in terms out software? In the last several Weeks your phones have been bug ridden with issues such as the multi touch keyboard not functioning causing intermittent freezing and now have an issue with the phones on gingerbread not being able to adapt to daylight savings time causing battery drain and charging issues. Once a solid company/name, now unreliable. The only way you will see me with a moto product is if they bring back the startac.

  7. Can I have one for free?

  8. Why pick this phone over the HTC Rezound or the Galaxy Nexus?

  9. Let me raise the same concerns as everyone else:
    when you lock a bootloader and you lock the battery cover you scream “we don’t want your business” to everyone who buys android and knows what they’re buying.

    Q1: So why did you both seal the battery cover and also lock the bootloader? These things are important. 
    Q2: What are you going to do if a customer wants to install an aftermarket battery or needs to hard reset the phone?
    Q3: Why are motorola phones continually marketed by verizon as comparison to iphone and set at similar price points instead of differentiating and showing how much less expensive they are?

    1. Q1 & Q2 aren’t appropriate questions to Verizon.  Those should be directed at Motorola since they’re the ones who make the phone.

      Q3: I’ve never seen Verizon directly compare a phone against the iPhone.  That would be bad PR for them since they’re carrying both phones.  They’re priced similarly on contract because they cost about the same at retail.

      1. Q1 and Q2 are very much appropriate to Verizon.  Moto has said that VZW requested the bootloader to be locked.  As for Q2, VZW will have to provide customer service, so they should know what to do in those situations.

        1. I missed the locked bootloader part of the question, I just saw the battery cover part.  The Bootloader being locked is appropriate to ask Verizon, but the sealed battery cover isn’t.

          Q2 still has nothing to do with Verizon.  There’s nothing they can do about it.  They would treat it the same as an iPhone at that point and point the customer to the manufacturer. If you want an extended battery, Moto sells an external battery pack for it to charge it up.  If the phone needs a hard reset, I’m sure there’s a button sequence to do just as there is in every device that has a sealed battery.

          1. yes, I saw. I replied below (last comment) that I didn’t catch the part about the forum manager reply.

            So they have a reset, which is good – it still doesn’t take care of battery replacements and/or extended batteries though. I’d still like to see verizon answer.

          2. I’m a guy that knows how to use Google and has common sense ;-).


          3. nevermind, I didn’t understand. I see.

          4. Nice obscure link where some random user couldn’t answer his question.


            There’s where the Moto Rep (that was quoted in my last reply) stated that there would be a button sequence (3rd post by Matt-Forums Manager).  He didn’t specify what the sequence was, but he confirmed that there was one.  So what’s the issue?

      2. as funball says is correct, and in addition carriers do talk with manufacturers about phones. 
        Q3: it happens all the time. Here’s a direct example: xoom pricing and ipad pricing. Where motorola CEO said “We feel they are similar, and thus are priced similarly”. Remember that? Here, let me help you. 

        for a phone example:

        look for the iphone 4s and razr comparison photos, and note when Verizon reps step up. Not an accident.

        Why are you even bothering to critique my questions? go ask your own, if you have any valid.

        1. Nice edit ;-).

          That second link was at the Motorola (not Verizon) event and Sanjay (the rep that presented it) wasn’t from Verizon either. Therefore Verizon isn’t the one making the comparisons between the iPhone and RAZR, it’s Motorola.  You’re simply confusing Verizon and the manufacturer.

          I’m not critiquing your questions.  I’m just pointing out that Verizon has has nothing to do with the phone in terms of hardware.  Software (along with the locked bootloader) and pricing is another story.

      3. so why did you link to a place where the hard reset says “assumed answered” when it answers nothing? edit. I see the comment, but I suppose we’ll have to wait to see how that actually is done.

  10. Why do you use such a crappy product as motoblur that can turn such a beautiful device into crap than lock the boot loader so we can’t remove it?

  11. Will the Droid Razr be fixing some the common problems found with other 4G LTE devices (namely dropping data and screaching through headset in calls)?

    I second the reasoning for the locked bootloader!

  12. Can / Will Verizon allow unlock of GSM band for international roaming?

  13. Since the bootloader is made unlockable, will Verizon Wireless allow customers to unlock them at request the same way HTC allows it? Even if voiding warranty, this would satisfy a large number of people and increase sales

    1. I do agree, but you have to keep in mind that there are not alot of people that care about the bootloader.

  14. The motorola product warranty covers the phone for 1 year. Verizon’s Minimum Contract length is 2 years with 18 months before product can be upgraded at reasonable pricing. Batteries Fail, So does that mean All RAZR owners are in limbo if the battery fails between 12 and 18 months? This Looks like a scheme for Verizon to milk more money out of their customers via retail price purchase or supplemental insurance. Will Verizon replace the device for battery failer after 12 months and before 18 months? Or Will you stick it to the customer because of your 2 year only policies. Oh, That reminds me. Bring back the 1 year contracts or 12 month early upgrades.

  15. Boot loader and really stick it to them get I’m there face and scream at them if u have to

  16. Motorola has said they would like to push a lockable/unlockable bootloader out to devices in a future update. Why are you against them doing it if the Nexus is going to be unlocked?

  17. Well I guess most of these questions will not get asked during the Q&A. People need to be realistic about what to ask. I am sure a rep is not going to be versed enough on locked bootloaders. Possible with battery questions, but not knowledgeable about months 12-18 for product failure.

    The questions need to be kinder and friendlier, like, What is the expected battery life for this phone?

    All the questions about locked bootloaders and warranties, people should just be happy with having the choice of 3 possibly 4 new LTE high end phones on VZW for the holiday season. Imagine if you only had one choice and it was like the i%hone. For the 1st time all year VZW will offering a good mix of devices. I will reserve my purchase to an in store hands on experience.

  18. Rob, please make sure you ask the question about the Galaxy Nexus release.  That’s what a huge portion of your readers really care about.

  19. Hi I’m Kyle from Cape Coral, Florida. I’ve got a couple of questions! (8) :p
    1. What new features or applications are in the works specifically for the webtop application if any?
    1.2. If so, how will they operate differently on an accessory like the Laptop dock to the mobile version on the Droid Razr?
    2. Will the Droid Razr along with future Motorola products like the next generation Xoom offer more intuitive compatability between each other then what is currently found on the rest of Android?
    3. I loved the essential bundles that came with the original Motorola Droid X. Will the Droid Razr be sold along side similar packages?
    4. Is there any advantages to buying Motorolas’ Super Amoled Advanced screen to say other Oled competitors in the market? (Samsung) :)
    5. What are some of the most advanced functions of the Smart Actions application?
    6. How will Motorolas U.I for Droid Razr and other smartphones like the Droid Bionic change with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich?
    7. Is wireless charging out of the questions due to the fixed battery setup?
    8. Is there any details about your new partnership with Google you can devulge to the public?
    Thank you!

    1. great questions bro.

  20. Q1: I bought a DROID BIONIC when it was released and bet you are aware of the problems that plague the phone (i.e. data dropping) and a fix is still 1 to 2 months out. There hasn’t been a suitable replacement for the BIONIC until the RAZR. Would I be allowed to trade in the BIONIC for a RAZR given its problems even though I am technically past the 30day mark?

    1. HA!!! Thats funny. I needed a good laugh.

    2. nice try lol

  21. As Corning makes Gorilla glass both with and without the oleophobic coating – can you confirm whether the Razr has this? Or just the Motorola water nano coating. Referring specifically to the screen.

  22. When does Google plan to release Android ICS 4.0 for the DROID Razr?

    Will the DROID Razr come with NFC?

  23. Multiple questions regarding the LAPDOCK 500 for the DROID RAZR:

    1) Which phones other than the DROID RAZR are compatible,VERIZON & non-VERIZON?

    2) Date of availability on-line &/or brick & mortar outlets,along w/pricing.

  24. 1) Does the Razr support USB Host Mode?  Based on the the snazzy HD Dock with USB ports, it must at least support mice and keyboards in some kind of host mode.  My real question is can it do this with removable media; can I get an USB  micro adapter and plug a flash stick into it?

    2) Will Smart Apps and MotoCast be fully integrated into ICS?

  25. How is the Razor better than the, Bionic other than size…thats the million dollar question.

  26. Only ONE question matters, WHY IS THE BOOTLOADER LOCKED??!!!!!!!!!

  27. With the battery being sealed – and Motorola’s propensity for writing buggy UI’s – how does somebody go about reseting the phone once it locks up?

  28. Does the screen pick up a lot of dust? Because i have had a Motorola Defy and it picks up a lot of dust when i use it outdoors (in sunlight).

  29. Will the RAZR be able to support charging the phone while usb tethering 4G to a notebook?
    If not, why would you lock the battery cover…

  30. Would you be able to give an estimate for the Release of the Galaxy Nexus?

  31. What kind of GPU will this phone be sporting? 

  32. How can I put this in a way that will guarantee phandroid acknowledgement- OK.. “VZ quit Fing around and tell me when I can pick up my nexus. No, seriously when?” Phandroid it would be so bad-ass if you disregarded the razr and asked that; you’d be my hero, especially if you got me an answer..

  33. When will we see Second Generation Windows Phones on Verizon? Samsung would be best, but Nokia would work too. Heck, even the HTC TITAN would be better than the current Windows Phone “selection”….

  34. Is the Razr able to talk to GSM networks like in Europe ? France specifically ? Or should I wait for Galaxy Nexus ? :/

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