Galaxy Nexus Accessories Arriving at Verizon Stores


With anything resembling a solid release date still in question, the road to the eventual launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is being paved with accessories, which are now landing in some Verizon stores. Seen here are a couple of case options, including a hard case with kickstand/holster combo and a silicone cover.

So what will it be? November 17th (sources at AndroidForums still seem confident in this date)? November 21st? Sometime after Black Friday? Or could Verizon even sneak in the GNex as an online only item and launch it as early as tomorrow (this seems the most unlikely)? We still don’t know, but the cases are here now. Maybe someday soon there will be a phone to put in them.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace out Sprint!!!!

  2. Would it kill them to at least give us the ability to Pre-Order!??!

  3. Verizon must really NOT want to sell this phone.  Maybe because they cannot put their services pre installed on it.  Why don’t they just announce a release date already?  I would think most people have already decided which phone they are getting this holiday season.  I don’t want the Razr or Rezound.  Give me this!

    1. I think the buzz is generating pretty heavily without extensive marketing.  Just look… we’re all on here drooling all over our keyboards! :P

    2. if they didn’t want to sell it why pass on the sgs2 that they could bloat up for this? If verizon didnt want to sell it they wouldn’t have like the other 2 nexus. Just saying.

    3. get both. thats what im doing. Thank god for 30 day return policies

  4. side note….i find it funny that everytime i log on to Verizon it asks me if i want to upgrade to iPhone4S or “Select other devices” :)

    1. They do the same thing to me on AT&T.  What gives?  Where’s the android love?

  5. Looking forward to an Otterbox aaaaaand screen protector.

    1. i like Seidio Active X Exoskeleton.

  6. i have a theory – Google doesn’t want to push and market the G-Nex too hard. why? because they don’t want to alienate and sabotage their hardware partners. they don’t want to cannibalize all of the other hordes of currently selling Google phones out there. so Google WANTS a soft, ambiguous launch.

    1. Maybe – but to be honest only people who care about a nexus will get a nexus and they’ll wait.

  7. I have been busy constantly asking the Verizon support staff for a release date. Always sending them emails.  Today the email I got was different then rest in that it said and I quote “Mr. Hawkins, I understand your urgency in wanting to know when the Nexus device will be released. To refrain from setting false expectations, we do not release such information until we are certain that the device meets our standards and we actually have the devices in stock to sell.”  So maybe big V is just waiting for Sammy and Google to have enough product for them to sell?  Who knows.

  8. Hopefully Case Mate makes a Barely There case!

  9. Just release Nexusy Galux!

    1. Galuxus Nexy

      1. Galazee Nessus – drunk talk

        1. Gerrrlexy Nerrrxus – Hick talk

  10. when the AT&T/T-Mo variant drops, i’ll be rocking it with a screen protector only.  will be the first phone i’ll carry without a case.  it’s just too gorgeous

    1. ditto i want to know too….

  11. Yay!

    Now give us the phone.

  12. They won’t announce the Nexus launch date until after they launch the razr. And as a droid x owner I feel sorry for any sucker who can’t wait.

  13. Google continues to show that OEMs and Carriers run Android, not Google. How does it feel to be their bitch, Google?

    1. I’d loooooooooovvvvvvvve to hear Schmidt’s response to that one.

  14. I’m having the Galaxy Nexus go commando.    I used to always buy a case for my phones, but I’ve come to learn that they are more of a burden than helpful.

    1. you’ll regret that move at the first drop.

      1. No regret for me, and I’ve never had a smartphone in a case.  5 smartphones in the past 7 years.  Insurance is $5.18 per month, and the deductible is $99.  Therefore, it would take roughly 106 months of premiums (almost 9 years) and one deductible for it not to make sense.  If you never use the insurance, it would take over 10 years.

        Regret? That is the feeling I would have for covering up the Galaxy Nexus, and assuming I’m going to drop it.

        1. As a counterpoint – i have a friend that wraps his phones up well so he can sell them on whenever he wants on ebay ‘as new-used’ and replace it with anything else he fancies at the time.

          1. In 7 years, I’ve never come out of pocket more than $50 for a new smartphone. I always sell my old phones on eBay, and none of them have ever been in cases.

      2. My other half’s iphone is the only phone i’ve ever seen smash from a drop.

        Mine has plenty of nicks and bumps, but it’s a tool afterall.

      3. I throw my Droid Incredible into the air all the time – usually I catch it, but sometimes it falls.  It might jolt the battery and restart the phone, but it still works the same. 

        One time I kicked it hard and hit a wall (on accident)… still worked.

  15. The wait is pissing me off. 1st i waited for the bionic for 8 months, hated it and returned. Then the s2 i wanted never came to vz. Now i have to watch the iphoners and razrs and probably the rezounders, happily walk around with their choices replacing their og droids that have to have hard resets twice a day. While i just keep getting pissed off everytime some “leaked” speculation of the nexus’ release pushes it back another week. At this rate it probably won’t show until december. And VZ no longer gives a damn because now they have the exclusive razr to cream all over. I hate this shit. VZ keeps fing evryone ovr and ovr. Whether its charging more than any other carrier, switchng to tiered data, throttling people, telling me 4g wont be avail in my area until late 2013, passing on killer phones, hyping crap as if it will be future proof then just letting it fall into obscurity while they change focus on something else, promise us something great and push it back nonchalantly in hopes that the new shiny thing will make us forget about what we originally wanted. I hate vz with a passion, but nothing i can do since i dont want to lose my unlimited data even though its throttled.

    1. I waited for the Bionic too since CES but passed on it once I heard about the Nexus.  I’m sure we will be able to order one on or before Nov 21st.  I don’t like Verizon either but for me its the only game in town with 4g LTE.  I was hoping to show off the Nexus at Thanksgiving and I’m still hoping to.  I have waited this long, a couple of weeks more is okay. 

      1. Yeah I think Brian and I have been on the same boat for the past year almost lol

        ……I’m seriously hoping it’s available on the 17th…….*crossing fingers*

      2. Still using my Droid, after 2 years, contract ends next month, and I’ve been waiting for something amazing. I see this, then a few days later I read about Tegra 3 phones….(sigh)

        1. In the same boat and still wondering if I should still wait as my phone is ok for now.

    2. I am with you. I was very close to getting Bionic, but I had to pass on once I played with it at a local VZW store. The UI was crowded, clustered, and nothing near pure. It is obvious that VZW is milking us 1st gen Droid users into the products that they bogged down with 3rd party apps hoping to generate more profits, but I’d say screw them. 

    3. no one puts baby in a corner?

    4. wow that was emotional dribble

    5. I’m on sprint, and we’re apparently not getting any new phones for the holidays.  I’m still thinking its some kind of joke, and all of a sudden they’ll release phones, but I’m losing hope.

  16. Being a tmobile customer, I am actually excited to see this. Hopefully it means Verizon gets it in store and available to everyone else online same day.


  17. Well between the risk of dropping it and having it shatter before your eyes, and putting a case on it and having it overheat and freeze like the vast, vast majority of Samsung phones is a hard choice.. (mind you it will do that regardless).

  18. Tmobile where are you?? You should freaking be fighting to get this device. Fight for my nexus rights Tmobile, you gave birth to Android and helped raise it but now your letting it get kidnapped by the big bad wolf!! Get your sh@t together

  19. This is the best indication I’ve seen to date that the Nexus is releasing on Verizon soon. All those leaked documents with “release dates ” are crap.

  20. Now just announce a release date verizon!!

  21. Probably the same great sources that pretty much have been saying a possible launch every thursday for the past 2 months. Don’t put to much faith in those “sources’

  22. i used my nexus one with only a screen protector because of ease of operation with the desktop and car docks.  i would like to have a case instead of a belt pouch, but it works.  either way i have chosen to just be super careful with it (meaning “self-insured” and have survived!)

  23. I think we might have another thunderbolt on our hands here :(

  24. Holsters are for f*gs – Brett R.

    1. No self-respecting homosexual wears a holster.

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