Motorola Droid RAZR Pre-Orders Shipping Today, Read the Instruction Manual Now


Good news for those with the Motorola Droid RAZR on pre-order. Reports are coming in from all corners that units are now shipping from Verizon, with many scheduled to arrive on doorsteps a tomorrow, a day ahead of the RAZR’s official November 11th release (who was going to wait until 11:11AM anyway?). The ultra-thin, dual-core handset with LTE connectivity is just the first of quite a few big holiday releases from Verizon, and if you are patiently awaiting your order to ship you can pass the time by joining in on the buzz over at Android Forums.

You could also pass the time by taking a look through the Droid RAZR’s instruction manual, which has been uncovered on Verizon’s site. Then all you will need to do is open the box, power up the phone, and start enjoying the speed and beauty of Motorola’s latest darling.

[via AndroidForums 1, 2]

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  1. I’m hoping I can win this baby in that RAZR grab game Verizon has posted… so I can trade it for a Galaxy Nexus =D.

  2. Thanks …but no thank you :)

  3. Although we Canucks got screwed with the memory thing, I love this phone after a day of use. Everything’s so snappy and smooth. And Motoblur didn’t bother me much, as it’s been working glitchlessly so far. Good work, Motoogle!

  4. If anyone was wondering how to hard reboot since you can’t pull the battery:

    Page 55

    “Crash recovery:In the unlikely event that your smartphone stopsresponding to touches and key presses, try a forcedreboot—press and hold both Power and the downvolume key for 10 seconds.”

  5. Fantastic phone I bought one

  6. happiness is commenting from the DROID RAZR in the Verizon store…the phone is slick lght and fast!!!

  7. Cool phone. Not gonna bash it. If the Nexus wasn’t coming (supposedly) so soon, I’d scoop it up. Honestly though, I even like the Rezound better than the RAZR.

  8. for the HTC lovers, next time your in Verizon, compare what’s running in your background to what’s running in the “motoblur” background. I had the incredible 2 for 3 days and it was awful.

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