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If learning of the quad-core HTC Edge yesterday wasn’t enough to make you second-guess your next smartphone purchase, just wait. BGR has a follow-up to the story that broke yesterday with some additional details. The 4.7-inch 720p display is now said to an S-LCD 2 panel with optical lamination, resulting in the sort of clarity and pixel density comparable to Apple’s Retina display. Other design notes place the phone at 8.8mm thick (no RAZR, but with twice the cores the extra girth is excused) with a microSIM slot, 8MP backside-illuminate rear camera with 1080p video recording, and a 720p front-facing camera. Beats Audio, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and an 1,800mAh battery round out the rumored hardware. A microSD slot is absent but the Edge is said to have 32GB of on-board storage. Quite the cutting-edge device…HTC you make these puns too easy!

[via BGR]

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  1. It’s not even christmas shopping season and I’m already geeked about CES this year

  2. With an expected release date of Q3 2012?

    Sounds a bit too early to have those kind of details.  I question the source…

    1. not for Q3, for a q3 2012 device i HOPE they have at least these specs

    2. It’s not completely impossible.  Consider the fact that BGR had a source that nailed the specs for the Galaxy Nexus 5 months ago.  We’re only 7 months and 3 weeks away from 3rd quarter, so those devices are certainly already being developed at this point.

  3. If it’s one of the first Sprint LTE phones I am very interested.

    1. Same here. My og Evo is starting to show its age, but I dont want to upgrade until its to an LTE phone, and I dont plan on leaving sprint. Unlimited FTW!!!

      1. I really hope this is Sprints first Lte phone because i would jump all over that…but i dont really like the way it looks…i think my evo 3d looks better. but the specs are amazing!

        1. that evo 3d does not look better than this.

    2. I thought yesterday they said HSPA+, which would mean AT&T.

      1. ….Or T-Mobile.  T-Mobile is more HTC friendly.

        1. yeah i can’t help but think it looks like a sensation in a few ways. probably tmobile

  4. Sounds sick, the big unanswered question is which carrier lol, of course these are obviously very early rumors

  5. Please be anything other than Sprint. Wimax would be such a waste for this device. I’m leaving Sprint very very soon. Dropped calls more often. And slowing data speeds. Things are only down hill from here.

    1. Sprint will get LTE devices starting 2012 because they are switching from Wimax to LTE also fixing their 3G network… Hang in there I know I am it will pay off.

      1. HaHa…Sprint stinks!

      2. Dude, Sprint loses almost a billion a quarter… not a year, a QUARTER.  They talk about LTE now, but what exactly have they done with WiMax?  Wasn’t that the tech they were committed to?  Where exactly do you get WiMax service today?  Say what you will about what’s 4G and what isn’t T-Mobile 42mbps HSPA+ is innovative and it’s pretty much everywhere, Wifi Calling is awesome too.  With them you pay less and you get more.  I would like to understand what exactly Sprint does that’s better than everyone else?

        1. A billion a quarter??? You should check your facts.

      3. You’re funny Craig.  Sprint still does not have 4G in Detroit.  Even Metro PCS has 4G in Detroit.  I was considering going to Sprint over a year ago.  They told me that they would have 4G in Detroit by the end of 2010.  It is almost 2012 and I am still waiting.

        I will not switch to Sprint until they deliver.  Their track record the past couple of years is pretty bad.  I really would like to switch to them because my beloved T-Mobile is being bought by evil AT&T.  I hope the merger fails.  I had considered Sprint as an alternative but their lack of execution of 4G in Detroit really makes me wonder if I am stuck with either Verizon or AT&T (neither are desirable since they are both too expensive). 

    2. Switch to T-Mobile, it’s cheaper than Sprint now, you get faster data speeds (especially on 42mbps hspa+ devices), and Wifi Calling gives you the most reliable reception and uses less battery life.  What exactly does Sprint do that’s so innovative that it’s worth holding out till 2013 when they probably will only have five lte advanced markets up and running?

  6. who will the carrier be?

    1. not verizon. They dont use micro-sim cards. They use LTE sims.

      1. this is the european version, things will change obviously when it comes to the states

      2. Verizon does use Micro SIM cards. I believe it started with the Charge, or Bionic.

      3. Actually, the Tab 10.1, Razr, and Stratosphere all use micro-sim.

  7. Nothing special to a 720p front camera. It’s not even 1MP.

    1. The MP count doesn’t relate to the video capture resolution. Most of the 1.3mp cameras (& even the GS2’s 2mp camera) can only do VGA (640×480) video capture.

      1. I don’t care what mp it is it just needs to be good because all the front facing camera there are out there except…..the iphone sucks..

      2. this is purely a software limitation. If the camera itself is 2MP than it can record in 1080p just fine.

    2. 720p is .9MP and its a front facing camera. What do you plan on doing with a front facing camera?

      1. Nothing, I just don’t think that it is worth putting 720p in bold as if it was a revolutionary feature

  8. If BGR told me what my name was, my birth date, where I live and my favorite color — even if they got it all right — they’d still be wrong and I wouldn’t believe them.

    Anyway, this phone isn’t coming out until Jan-April, 2012. We’ll hear lots of rumors and variations between now and whenever.

    1. I actually went BACK to Engadeget and discovered Phandroid because of the ineptitude and biased reporting over at BGR.

      1. “biased reporting”. Where you expecting like 60 Minutes type reporting on a tech blog?

        1. No but following the rumors on BGR are red herrings. They were the ones that adamantly announced, without a shadow of a doubt, the new iPhone would have a completely different “form factor”, the list goes on and on…

      2. I agree, I stopped reading BGR a couple months ago b/c of that.

  9. OMG no way 720p front camera? Kind of sounds like the one the Droid RAZR has.

    1. LOL you like the Razr

  10. These specs seem dubious. First quad core phone, best display you can imagine, a front facing camera that outshoots my Galaxy S, rounded out with Gingerbread…. and since when does HTC use 1800 mah batteries?

    1. since they become reliable to use for OEM’s, HTC usually has pretty large batteries for what is available

  11. I’m putting all bets on this being the EVO 2. Think about it, the first one was amazing because it broke the 1ghz mark and had a huge 4.3 screen. Now that these are common I’m sure this beast will take the rains once again AND as the successor to the OG EVO. FYI Sprint is in the process of an LTE upgrade.

    1. you know when someone says ‘not trying to be a dick, but…’ you know they are really being a dick… so without saying, not trying to be a dick…

      the word you were looking for was ‘reins’ rain is something it does when there’s water falling from the sky. the phrase ‘take the reins’ is synonymous with leading a horse via the reins, and is an idiom for taking control. ‘take the rains’ as you wrote it means absolutely nothing.

      the more you know!

      1. seriously? lol!

      2. Thank god you came along on your white horse and pointed that out. 
        I was about to throw my computer out in the rein over this atrocity. 
        The funny thing is that you people that do this kind of crap are the type of people that a room full of people dread as you walk in and celebrate when you leave. 
        The kind of people that others would describe as, “socially awkward”. 

      3. You even thought twice about being a dick before actually being a dick. 
        That makes you a coward. 
        If you are going to be a dick at least walk in the room swinging your dick in your hand instead of being wishy washy. 

    2. im really hoping for an EVO LTE from this. 

    3. The Nexus One and Incredible broke 1 GhZ before the EVO.

  12. Sense is completely optimized to run on Qualcomm SoC’s. Why switch to Nvidia?
    If it runs Ice cream sandwich, why physical keys?
    If it has Beats audio tech, Why isn’t the logo on the back of the phone, like every other HTC handset that has it?

    Smells like a huge fake, to me. (not that I wouldn’t love to see it released…)

    1. Cause Qualcomm sucks..

      1. That’s an opinion. Still, recoding the entire Sense interface sounds like a nonsense to me. HTC has always been with Qualcomm, and I see no particular reason that would lead them to switch to Nvidia. 

        1. While sense is optimized for Qualcomm chip sets, I have a feeling that with the hardware acceleration of gui (which was supposed to be in ginger bread), they could keep the fluidity of sense, combined with much better overall performance.

      2. It’s true that the S3 chips are not as efficient as Cortex A9 at the same clock speed but they’re very overclockable so it balances out. You can get some crazy benchmarks with custom kernels on the Sensation.

  13. Now THIS looks like a game changer! Too bad it may be 6 months before we can actually get our hands on it:-( prolly still gonna have to go with one of Verizon’s “Big Three”. Leaning towards the G-Nex.

  14. no microsd slot?  Really?  I guess this is how Android manufacturers are trying to take profit back from us now… by upping onboard RAM to 32GB and matching the iPhone 32 GB price.

    1. its not RAM, its storage, there is a huge difference, 32 gig of RAM is just now possible on PC’s

  15. Looking at these kind of specs from afar phones are finally getting into the realms of laptops in many senses yet with portability of a phone and obviously the phone part ;) Amazing stuff ! :D However ICS seems a little too small and doesn’t appear to completely show the devices potential…. don’t get me wrong I love ICS a stupid amount but with these specs a more ‘full desktop’ experience but optimised for a small screen seems more appropriate **cough*windows 8?*cough** I hope Google ups their game to cope with the amazing new potential of mobile devices in 2012, because I would hate to have to turn to windows or an equivalent :(

  16. I really don’t like where Android is going with killing sdcard..

    1. with cloud storage and LARGE storage spaces (32gb!) the sdcard is just becoming obsolete, i wish it weren’t cause its nice to carry around more storage incase you use it (music/videos on one, apps on another) but if storage size is going to be 32gb then im not going to worry about the sdcard going bye bye, especially since 32gb is only going to get larger in the future

      1. capped internet makes reliance on cloud storage painful, phones get more powerful and apps get more powerful = more meat (bigger installs) to them. Lets not forget the ever growing megapixel count on cameras and 1080p video taking up more space. Throw in your music collection and 32gb is a realistic target to hit. Not that a person couldnt manage with it, but i cannot think of one reason of why they wouldnt put a micro sd slot in a phone, its very convenient to add another 16gb or so for 20 bucks resulting in a 50% storage increase.

        1. i will agree with you here, i will always prefer an SD card, as it seems you will too, but i guess i just understand WHY they are shifting to internal storage rather then SD cards. because for the common user, 32 or 64 or 128 or whatever will be more then enough for the average consumer, on board memory is finally at a time where it has caught up to the demand of users

  17. microSIM or microSD card?

    I’d ditch the EVO 3D for this when it comes out. Hopefully it isn’t out for a while so I don’t just crumble and waste money like I usually do needed something new. 

  18. More features more moneu

  19. I will be getting the Galaxy Nexus no matter what. With the upgraded line I have available in December I will have to sit on it and see what comes out in Q1 next year. The Galaxy Nexus may be my keeper for 2 years and I let my wife actually choose what phone she wants instead of getting my “old” phone. No matter what we both win. She gets a great device while I get the next cutting edge device. I am thinking that waiting for the next developer friendly quad-core is where it’s at. 

  20. No replaceable battery, no thanks. I don’t care how beastly the specs are, I want to be able to replace/use a spare battery or extended battery.

    1. especially on a HTC phone, my EVO barely gets used anymore just so i can make it through the day, its a shame

    2. Where are you guys reading the battery isnt removable?

      1. According to androidpolice, which got it from BGR, it has a unibody design: ie no replaceable battery.

        1. Aren’t the Sensation and Nexus 1 unibody,?

        2. Most of the recent HTC phones have what they call a “unibody” design and they all have replaceable batteries. Check the Inspire or Sensation for example.

  21. NIce phone. What? It’s HTC? Will the battery last 4 hours?

  22. This article says it has a microSD slot and then later says that it does not.  We’re at war!  Pick a side!

    1. no, you fail at reading, it says it has a MicroSIM (notice the SIM in MicroSIM) slot and DOESN’T have a MicroSD (notice the SD, its not SIM and SIM is not  SD) 

  23. I have a gut feeling this is bound for tmo…. Nothing concrete to go on, just a strong feeling.

    And for those ripping on HTC for battery life, my Sensation gets 12to 15 hours with moderate to heavy use…. Of course the Beast of a ROM Im running might have something to do with that 0_o

    1. G infinity?

  24. If the render is true to size…it is much thicker than 8.8 mm.

  25. “…quite the cutting-edge device..” that does not qualify as a pun. Sorry.

    1. Why not? 

  26. Looks like the new G3 to me

  27. no sd slot = no purchase. 
    I’m really beginning to get ticked off at this no sd slot trend starting up….

  28. I was so excited about this phone until I just read that it will not include a slot for a memory card.  I was looking forward to being able to use my 32GB card along with the internal 32GB memory included in the phone.  Now I don’t care how fast this phone is supposed to be.  Whatever!!  Guess I’ll just have to wait to see what comes out after this one.

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