Schmidt Speaks: Android Existed before the iPhone, Motorola Won’t Receive Preferential Treatment


Speaking today in South Korea, Google executive Eric Schmidt didn’t face many easy questions. Schmidt fielded two particularly interesting questions, one relating to the recent acquisition of Motorola by Google and another concerning statement’s made by Steve Jobs to his biographer Walter Isaacson. First on the issue of Motorola, Schmidt said,

“We will run it sufficiently and independently, that it will not violate the openness of Android…we’re not going to change in any material way the way we operate.”

This once again reiterates the sentiment that Motorola won’t receive preferential treatment and Google will not be diving headfirst into the hardware manufacturing game. While many still question whether the decision was a wise move, most tend to believe the buyout was a knee-jerk reaction to an onslaught of high-caliber lawsuits. Motorola’s patent portfolio was as much a motivator as anything.

Moving on, Schmidt was queried about this quote from the Steve Jobs:

“I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

Schmidt avoided a direct answer, choosing not to rebut Jobs’ statement out of respect for the recently passed tech innovator. The most he could provide was a fact, one that is hard to dispute.

“Steve is a fantastic human being and someone who I miss very dearly. As a general comment, I think most people would agree that Google is a great innovator and I would also point out that the Android effort started before the iPhone effort.”

Android was founded in 2003 and bought by Google in 2005, two years before the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007. Android and iOS have grown up a lot in that timespan, but neither is completely innocent when it comes to poaching features from the competition. It’s a far cry from the early version of Android pictures above.

My own personal response to the Jobs quote? Apple should save their money. Competition is a good thing, no need to blow every penny out of spite.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Yep…Steve Jobs was an idiot.

    1. How so?

    2. Apple has about 76 billion dollars in surplus and yet Steve Jobs was an idiot?

      Wish I was that dumb.. =/

      1. yeah someone who doesn’t acknowledge that they have a daughter for the first 22 years of their life is an idiot.  I could go on. Money isn’t everything.

        1. you have to admit that Steve Jobs did for speeches what Sir Tim Berners-Lee did for communication

      2. You can be book smart and street dumb. Jobs showed nothing but contempt for his contemporaries, Bill Gates included-yet who was there to bail Apple out when he returned? Gates was. If Jobs truly was the innovator and businessman people seem to idolize him as, he never would have needed help from MS. 

      3. Success has always and will probably always be defined by wealth. Jobs was and Apple still is very successful. Idiot? Unlikely. Greedy? Possibly.

      4. Bernie Maddoff had lots of money right before he got busted. Wealth doesn’t mean 
        a: you’re smart b: you’re not a slime bucket
        c: you’re not a raving lunatic

    3. so phandroid censors me for calling you an idiot but doesnt censor you for the same thing

      1. I did not call you an idiot.

    4. An ass**** perhaps but not an idiot. He was just a whiny bastard who couldn’t stop going all Type A on people if he tried.

  2. I don’t like my sister, and yet, she gets preferential treatment, expect the same for Motorola.

    1. Do you sex your sister? I no understand

  3. Google also had a touchcreen around the same time the above pic was taken.

  4. What are the details of Android prior to being purchased by Google?  

  5. My own personal response to the Jobs quote? Spend all the money you can get your hands on. You will still not destroy Android… Especially from the grave.

  6. definitely agree with you on the last point, competition is essential for growth, otherwise we’d still be stuck with our classic old school razrs and sony w810i’s.

    1. I loved my sony w800 and k810i, only stopped using my k810i last december. good camera, battery for days and great mp3 player…essentially a better ipod/iphone. oh and front facing camera in 2005.

  7. Apple should save their money. Competition is a good thing, no need to blow every penny out of spite. Lol. Nice Quote

  8. I don’t understand why Google buying Motorola and even if they give preferential treatment to Motorola, why would that matter anyways.?

    1.  It matters if you’re HTC or Sammy

  9. Jobs’ statement was a ridiculous rant from a guy that hates losing.. and losing he was.

    All these products deserve to be here, not just yours Steve.. lol … Some of us buy iPones and MOST of us buy Androids so…

    Live and let live…

    Not cry and sue, Steve!

    1. He can’t live he’s dead!!

      1. i LOL’ed, i really did.

      2. Typical android fanboy comment. You’re just another fucked up nerd kid.

  10. I’m not sure how Steve Jobs can make claims like this. Apple has never been shy to take great ideas from other companies. Xerox made the first GUI computer and email and the mouse, all ideas that Steve Jobs added to his first Macintosh computer. And I can’t help but see the similarity between the notifications menu and iOS5 and Android….

  11. No doubt that Google bought Android way before the iPhone but Google was on Apple’s board and may have decided to enter that market knowing Apple was as well. I think that’s really what’s behind Job’s comment. Regardless, Google went their way with an open system while Apple has their closed system. However it happened I’m glad Google did it because I love me some Android. 

    1. And giving it away free so as to avoid patent infringement and let the OEM’s have to deal with that. 
      Sorry but I don’t buy the hippy love feast, “do no evil” granola eating, tree hugging spin put on giving android away free. 
      Google know EXACTLY what they were doing and why. 

      1. True that, but would you have a world with only iPhones, otherwise?
        In any case, Google getting in there is nothing short of a positive to the tech industry as a whole.

    2. yeah..they knew Apple was going to start developing iOS in 2005…so they had some guys start developing Android in 2003…the lack of critical thinking skills here baffles me…

  12. I hate competition, I wish they would revert back to the old school Motorola i700 brick phone… lol.   

    On a serious note, Jobs was frickin’ insane.  The guy was nuts.  Every technology that was better than Apple’s was “stolen” according to him.  I was a great salesman, but he invented nothing.  He was just hell-bent on getting a monopoly on the cell phone market like Microsoft had on the pc side of the industry.  They were succeeding until Android showed up.  Android had a slow start.  However, after a few revisions, it became something I’m sure even google didn’t imagine.  Both iOS and Android are fairly similar in the app offerings, but have their own design, look and feel.  I prefer Android by a land slide.  Jobs is gone now, but for some reason I doubt he is resting in peace as he still wants to crush Android.  I think if Cook wants to lead Apple to a whole new world of greatness, then he should back off on all the lawsuits and let the competition drive their innovation.  Instead of trying to ban all the technology that is better than yours, try to create a technology that will make all the rest look ancient.  They have the ability to do so, they have just been taking the lazy, cheap approach.  Let’s hope Cook acts more mature than Jobs and discovers the true meaning of “INNOVATION”!

    1. Invented nothing? 

      Please.. He has 300+ patents with his name on them. 

      Take a look at this for a nice snapshot:

      I am sure you love your Android and you can thank Steve Jobs for it. Without him Android would still look like the rip off of the blackberry that it was. 

      1. Apple didn’t have the first full screen phone, LG did.  The creation of capacitive touch screen revolutionized the phone world, Apple was just the first to take full advantage of them with their popular following before the rest did.

        Phones would have eventually evolved past the Blackberry style with or without Apple making the iPhone.

        1. Somebody would, probably, have made it across the Atlantic and re-discovered America if Columbus hadn’t done it.

          So yes, I agree that the style of phones might have moved towards larger sets again (up to the iphone, the whole rave was “Make it smaller!”), probably with touchscreens, but the iphone was a kickstart.

      2. a key to you,know what you speak for what you are talking about makes you look like an idiot that you are,typical iphone user i say..nothing is about what they know..shame on you and all apple idumbboys.

        1. Uh.. Your calling me the idiot? Do you actually read what you type before you post? 

  13. [edited]

  14. Reading how you guys are spinning history to suit your agenda is funny to say the least.  Be very lucky that SJ is no longer here to make good on his threat to shell Android into a crater.  No one entity is innocent when it comes to borrowing bits and pieces and implementing it in their own unique way.  However what Google did was do a 180 on Android’s development and turn it from a generic blackberry/button clone into a full-blown copy of the iOS system.  This is more than simply copying a notification system, or a home-screen lock.  You know it, Google knows it, and you support it which pretty much makes logical explanation to you guys useless.

    At least the makers of WebOS and WP7 had the guts and instinct to develop something from the ground up instead of firing up a photo copier.

    1. lols troll FAIL, of your going to troll, atleast read the evidence provided before you post something blatently wrong. i see icons and interactive touchscreen on video WAYYYY (read years) before i see anything iOS… im not even going to say apple stole android cause that is sill, but what i will say is that people finally decided to progress mobile OS’s as the platform got more powerful. do you notice that all the current mobile OS’s have alot of similarities? i think when people have an idea they look for inspiration from similar platforms. the iOS is very similar to a standard PC desktop. so is android (with a few more features ;) so stop bitching and just move on with technology, please…

      bye bye troll

      1. Why do people with a different opinion frighten you?
        Somehow those with a differing view should leave?

        1. you really trying to defend him? okay, well first of all he is not asserting an opinion, he is trying to claim it as fact.

          and i quote, “what Google did was do a 180 on Android’s development and turn it from a generic blackberry/button clone into a full-blown copy of the iOS system”

          how do you steel something when your creating your device BEFORE what your supposed to be stealing from is created? idk magic i guess… 

          and yes, trolls should leave.

          1. Why do opinions other than yours hurt you so much?

          2. Do you have a video of an Android phone that looks anything like the iPhone before it came out? What is the make and model number? 

            If your fantasy was actually true why would Google spend BILLIONS to buy Motorola mobility just for the patents? 

            By the way since Moto’s IP is almost all related to wireless standards technology they probably can’t do much to fight off Apple anyway. Dumb move and really crappy if your a Google shareholder. 

          3. hahaha. you so dumb

          4. you asked, sohere is your video, watch the second half where they show off there full touchscreen phone.

          5. I have seen this video. 

            What is the model number of the released phone before the iPhone?

          6. @stereomax Have you got the model number of the Blackberry style Android phone that was released before the iPhone? 


            That’s because no Android phone came out before the iPhone. You asked for “a video of an Android phone that looks anything like the iPhone before it came out” Covert_Death provided you with exactly that, and the in the way of iFans you then decided to move the goal posts and ask for something clearly impossible.

            Though if you want something I can always give you LG KE850 but that’s old news, and I’m sure you’ve got a something else you can ask for which somehow still makes you “right”.

          7. Like I said”
            Do you have a video of an Android phone that looks anything like the iPhone before it came out? What is the make and model number? ”

            The phone in the video looks nothing like an iPhone or android phone. 

            It looks like a quick interpetation of what they wanted to do to copy the iPhone based off information conveniently provided by Apples exec that jumped ship. 

            Do you really believe for a second that the Android system would look anything like it does now if not for the iPhone?  

        2. its not frightning..can we same about you?yes we can…and its not frightened..its helping the guy not to embarrass himself..about factless before coming off as smart try being one…tech wise anyway.

    2. Rubbish.

    3. hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha..idiot troll alert..braindead,stupid.factless,,i like ios notification alert on the new iphone 4s…nice android rip dumbasswait..andriod has movable icons..not so much for your fruit of a phone..why are you so dumb?

    4. It’s funny you mentioned “photo copier”. Umm, hello, Xerox?

      The truth is, in the tech world, you need to be ready to unveil your innovation knowing that someone, somewhere out there, will improve on it and make it better. That’s how it works, in art, in science, everywhere. It’s the one monumental achievement of the human race; it’s a sign of being civilized–to pick what is best and improve upon it.

      Steve Jobs did not accept that world view. He was hell bent of “protecting” his ideas, for the benefit (i.e. PROFIT) of himself and his company. Of course, it did not make him any less of an innovator. Any less of a civilized being? That, I am not sure.

    5. Because SJ did such a great job of destroying android between 2008 – 2011? maybe that was SJ’s plan, let google take over all the shares away from apple AND THEN pour his billions in to destroy google? Damn that SJ was smart. That would totally show google who’s the geek king.

    6. sorry to burst your bubble but over here in android land we are equipped with needles for those balloons full of hot air you apple fanbois and fangirls like to call heads.

      1. Other than a touch screen the phone in the video looks nothing like an iPhone or current Android device. I don’t think that Apple ever claimed to invent the touch screen so what is the point of this video?  What does it prove or disprove?  

        As I stated if Google had anything relevant with this prototype they would not need to buy a money loosing business like Moto mobility for 12.5 billion just to get access to the patents. They are scared.. That’s why the CEO of Google needed to fly to Taiwan to lend support to all the companies that are allegedly infringing.  How many CEO’s meet with foreign government officials to discuss defending their product from patent infringement claims? 
        As a side note it is interesting how proud Google is in the video using “WEB KIT” for the browser app. Of course that was created by Apple, not Google. Yes the Web Kit that powers Chrome, you can thank Apple.   

  15. So is Steve Jobs calling Google a collection of great artists?

    1. What it sounds like to me as well. So Steve jobs was really complimenting them, how nice of him. LOL

  16. Im so glad apple wants to bring down android.. only makes me smile to know that its never going to happen and as the two os continue to fight android will only get better.. =) gott love it.

  17. That guy’s thumb looks like a vagina

  18. An average phone user knows that Apple was the first. Oh well.

    1. that only proves that the average phone user isn’t that smart…

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