Rumored Quad-Core HTC Edge Pushes the Envelope for All Smartphones


PocketNow has apparently heard it from a credible source that HTC is set to introduce a new smartphone called the “HTC Edge.” We’ve gotten used to this by now, but what we aren’t used to is hearing that it may have a quad-core processor inside.

They’ll be using NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 to take on the task, a change of pace from the norm as HTC usually goes with Qualcomm chipsets. We imagine they chose NVIDIA as competing vendors’ quad-core chipsets are not yet ready for production.

The processor will be clocked at 1.5GHz and that alongside 1GB of RAM is needed to power the 4.7 inch 720p display we’re being treated to. There is a chance we’re also getting 32GB and an 8 megapixel f2.2 HD camera sensor with a flash, as well as a front-facing camera.

With these specs we wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be HTC’s first device to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, though we still don’t have a release date for the public release of Android 4.0 so we can’t imagine Gingerbread isn’t the driving force with Sense 3.5 on top. What do you folks think?

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  1. Hoping to see the Tegra 3 in a lot of phones at CES. I am kind of wondering what you would use all that power for, other than powering full tablet/laptop docks.

    1. Gaming. My old P4 web browses with no problem. I have a new desktop with a 2nd gen Core i7 because that’s what crunches through Battlefield 3.

  2. WOW!!!

    The picture must not be of the device.  Would you need physical keys if you were releasing a phone with ICS?

    1. OEMs have the option with ICS

      1. Or maybe the phone is already in development, and since ICS is still relative new, the changes haven’t made it into this render.
        The render does probably NOT represents the finished product.

        1. I might be the only one, but I think that ICS’s virtual keys detract from the look of the device.

          1. If I have 4.65in of screen real estate why would I choose to waste it on nav buttons???

          2. If the common android phone resolution is 800×480, that means the common aspect ratio is 1.667. If we take out 80 pixel rows for ICS virtual keys, that leaves 1200×720 for the home screen, which is also 1.667 aspect ratio. So technically no screen real estate is being “wasted”. Don’t forget that Android’s native resolution is 800×480 (WVGA) and most current games and apps are built on that aspect ratio. That’s why apps and games on qHD phones like the Sensation look a little skewed even though no one notices it because the apps in 800×480 are forced to fit 960×540.

          3. I agree, I don’t think that the graphical style of the virtual keys is a positive at all.

  3. Single flash on the edge, no beats logo and capacitive buttons? Hmmm, wonder if it’s fake…

    1. Sorry but Beats Logo, is only on the ‘Beats Special Edition’ versions of HTCs Handsets, which are always released after the actual phone. And capacitive buttons…. the HTC Sensation and the HTC Wildfire, among others have Capacitive Buttons….

      As for the flash, Well spotted! But the other two are no relevant, sorry :)

    2. Hopefully they put the Beats tech in all of their phones even if they don’t put the logo on there.  

  4. man, this looks awesome. more info about this needs to come out, and hopefully it’s for tmobile. 

  5. A 1.5Ghz, quad core beast and they want to name it the most dreaded word to smartphone data connection. Any one stuck on edge knows that just implies slow as snails.

    1. They’re reaching for the Edge on the other side of the speed spectrum, haha

    2. I believe it was given the name because the screen seems to hug the edges of the device on two sides(left and right). Maybe…

  6. As long as HTC keeps putting in 1600mAh batteries in their phones its crap. They’ve already proven they can’t get a single core right with proper battery life yet they want to bing this monster to market? So lets see charge phone, power up, use for 3-4hrs bead battery. Sounds about right.

    1. well, I haven’t had problems with my Evo 3D’s battery, I have read about lots of unsatisfied customers.  All I will say is that if this phone were better than its competitors in every other aspect, I would simply buy a better battery.

  7. I get the feeling that if this phones run the current version of Sense that it still won’t be smoother than the Galaxy Nexus, well at least that has always been the case for the last 3 years.


    Thought of getting the GN, but this looks awesome.
    However there are a few minor details.
    Capasitive buttons with a 720P 4.7″ screen. Please remove them.
    Large side bezel


  9. HTC + Quad-core processor = 12 min battery life.

    1. This processor is much more efficient than the snapdragons the other HTC’s use

      1. Oh, hes sorry, he meant 20 minutes…

    2. I love people who have zero understanding of the power savings one receives from multi-core processors.  There’s even a fifth core optimized for power efficiency. 
      That being said, the industrial design of this phone rules.

      1. I love it when someone makes a joke about the fact HTC is known for releasing phones with not so great battery life and some people have to ruin the joke with facts.

        1. what facts?

          1. the fact that my evo can do 3+ days on standby…

            as i type my battery is at 71% after 1d 8h 11m 18s…

            and i cant charge my phone bcuz my usb port is broken… (i use my hero to charge and switch batteries)THOSE FACTS!

            p.s. running CM7

          2. So your hardware sucks? OG Droid with solid hardware after almost 2 years of use. 

          3. OG Droid yo… the facts.

      2. That’s irrelevant when HTC uses the most underpowered batteries they can get away with. 

      3. I love people that quote other sources as gospel on the interdatawebz

    3. wow I cant believe a post this ridiculous received so many “likes” multiple cores + power saving “fifth core” equals better battery life…lotta drones with droids out there lol

    4. i agree with you, they always put small battery in their devices.

    5. :DDD Yes! 

  10. I just can’t wait for that quad core goodness, no matter who makes it as Asus is bringing the first quad tablet.

  11. Sprint terminated me for excessive data.
    Guess I’ll have to get 3 pack of galaxy nexus for the family. We had a good run with the HTC Evos.
    Time to move on now we’ve gotten the boot.
    Phone and mms dead- but I guess the data still running til I turn 4g off?
    Ah well
    Wheres the Verizon store?

    1. I love stories like this and when you peel back the layers you discover only half of what is stated is actually true

    2. How much data did you use??

  12. inb4 phone ships with 1400 mAh battery.

  13. they might as well make a quick hinge on that battery door and send it with 4 extra batteries and chargers so we can keep it going.  sounds awesome but at that thin they will never get it to run more then two hours per battery. 

  14. I was interested until I saw the “With HTC Sense” inscription.

  15. Bring it to tmo, and it will be rooted and senseless before you can say “Whaa happened????”

  16. They will probably announce it in Europe then release different versions for the US. But I want it…..no a big fan of how it looks.

  17. Yay another HTC phone!
    now seriously i’m waiting for the next generation of smartphones(quad-core) with pure google experience, no skins, or at least not buggy like sense. I’ll have to wait for more info. on this or wait for the GS3

  18. I think is sad that the flagship android device looks like a piece of crap compared to these specs…

    I see no reason for the galaxy nexus to have anything less than tegra 3, and 8mp at f2.2…

  19. I din’t know.. HTC has been a pretty good customer of Qualcomm.. perhaps they have ramped up a bit to get their quads out a little earlier,

  20. No, what would push the envelop is someone to create a slim battery that lasts 3x longer than current with a 2 hour re-charge.

  21. … I would be the first to say I would love to see a phone of this magnitude, but lets be real folks… We the first dual core came out this april… Which I currently own. Now quad core. Lets get dual core flawless first before moving on. Also I don’t believe this is real trollololololol

  22. There will be another devices announced more powerful then this one in about 5…4…3…2……….

  23. Give me fast data speeds and at better cost and i would be happy. 

  24. It’s awesome…..come out soon…..

  25. well im never buying a games console again if it has a mini HDMI and mini USB port that is compatible with my TV and xbox controller….

    :D :D :D

  26. Let me guess it’s either going to Verizon our tmo? I can’t imagine att getting the highest end htc phone. And if att does get it will it be priced like the htc jetstream or whatever it’s called.

  27. Come on sprint you can do it get this phone my evo needs to be replaced.

  28. Holly mother of all cows. Will this thing last 15 mins on the battery? Lol

    1. Actually, if the transformer prime is any indication, the tegra 3 sips the battery quite efficiently.

      1. Do you know what size a battery the Prime has? We are talking about a phone verses a tablet and of course on top of that we are talking about HTC. The Incredible is the only phone I’ve seen that has been a great phone from HTC, ok and probably the Evo 4G.

  29. Ohhhh baby! quad-core CPU (with 5th core drinking from the sippy-cup) with a 12 core GPU? This thing will DEVOUR games AND should be silky smooth with ICSs’ default hardware acceleration!

    If they released this on TMo I’ll squeal like a like a schoolgirl !!

    1. Anybody else hear the squeaking up in here? 

  30. I wonder why they don’t go with 28nm Krait S4 snapdragon instead. Tegra3 will be more battery hog than Krait S4. Also I think Samsung will crush this with 2Ghz quad core Exynos in SGSIII soon.

    1. It won’t be exynos they’ll have a new name for it.

      1. where did you hear that? I don’t think they will change Exynos name on their phone processor line.

        1. Nowhere its just what they do note how hummingbird and exynos are in relation to terms

  31. I hope this isn’t like the Glacier which was rumored with all these crazy specs and then released like almost a year later as a decent but not all that great phone.

    1. Valid point.

  32. Too big and HTC is known for small battery.

    1. Agree. There’s “big and useful” and “big and cumbersome”. This falls into the latter. I reckon 4.2 / 4.3 is about the sweet spot

  33. Such an awkward time to be buying an android phone. I wish nvidia could have stayed on schedule with Kal-El and had it out for August. I know whats going to happen I will get the Galaxy Nexus and then phones with Kal-El will come out and that little evil gear monkey will be on my back poking me making me want the quad core goodness and I will just end up selling the Galaxy Nexus. Problem is I don’t have a phone at the moment and need one. Arrhggh dam you technology! ; P

    1. Actually, I was thinking that the spec increases seemed to be slowing down lately.  I may actually be able to be ok with my Evo 3D for the next year. 

  34. Hopefully that’s 32GB internal + an empty microSD slot.  

    1. Do you need 64gbs? 0.0

      1. I don’t “need” any of this stuff, lol.  I love gadgets though and would like to have the option to have 32GB internal plus a 64GB card.  I like having lots of music on the phone itself.  

        1. There’s not even a card that holds 64gbs in microsd size

          1. Sandisk makes one that’s MicroSDXC.  AndroidNZ confirmed that it works in quite a few phones, even if it’s not officially supported.  

  35. This is an amazing looking phone, and if the specs are true – especially the internal memory, which was the reason for my leaving HTC – it may just be enough for my brand loyalty to shift back to HTC.

  36. A HTC phone coming with decent internal memory compared to the competition???? Not a chance going by their track record compared to the likes of Samsung. More likely most of the 32gb will be an SD card plus crap internal memory available for apps like most phones by HTC. But am sure they will spend more on sense software than the hardware.

  37. I don’t know whether it’s real and if it is when it’s coming, but Boy-Oh-Boy do I LOVE the looks of that phone! Actually It is the very first touchscreen phone that I Find attractive for it’s looks. I mean my Desire HD looks O.K., but this… Big WOW : D

  38. Bring it to Sprint!

  39. What about this phone attracts me? Nothing. It’s plain. Doesn’t push my nerd love buttons. Just like all other HTC phones. What’s the last stock Android phone HTC made? I can’t think of one other than the Nexus One. Someone enlighten me. Also, it just seems HTC is mad slow on the software updates. I mean the Thunderbolt is still trying to get 2.3 which is just unacceptable. 

  40. Tmo G2 is the last stock Android HTC smartphone.

  41. I laf at the Nexus phan boyz but seriously, there is some awesome hardware coming out in the next couple of months and I will hold on to my TB till the first “super phone” gets MIUI then my TB goes bye bye.

  42. Tegra 3 phones can suck ma tities and I wont budge. Waiting for big.Little A15/A7!

  43. Nice screen size…to go with the quad core…if its real.

  44. Apple: are you fucking serious? How long will it be before this crap stop?

    Samsung: caution, hater on board

    HTC: he’s mad because he can’t keep up with our fast paste

    Apple: I got standards

    Samsung: and that’s what set android and iOS apart. We don’t have any limits

    Apple: is that why all your damn phones are handicapped?

    Motorola: how dare you. Don’t you ever bring that piece of shrimp phone to this dinner table. You will be eaten alive

    Apple: you wanna go you robo piece of shit?

    Motorola: don’t talk to what you can’t handle. Remember you are using some of my patents. I got strings attached to yo bitch ass

    HTC: oh snap. Now what iPhail?

    Apple: you got a lot of balls there H, you want me to get your pimp Windows? I heard you owe em 5 bucks

    HTC: I got more balls than a Chinese ping pong tornament. Lets go

    LG: whoa. Testosterone

    Apple: well if it isn’t Optimus Prime

    LG: please don’t make me drop you

    Apple: do it! I can take on all of you!

    Samsung: this Guy doesn’t give up do he?

  45. im excited to hear bout what HTC is doing and the road that there taking to be considered a phone to get .and as for ics i think its nice os and i had the chance to have it on my nexus s and if this is whats in store along with the power of the htc i have to say when this phone comes out i will be getting , but until then ill keep using the ics sdk and Waite to test the full os when its done  

  46. Jizz. HTC makes the best phones.

  47. At the rate most of these phone announcements vs. release times are moving, we’ll wait for months before we get to see this out for retail. Meh.
    I am so tired of waiting for “the phone”.

  48. im so sick of htc phones they all have that stupid design common htc bring out something new for christ sake

    1. The irony is that I can find dozens of posts exactly like yours.

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