HTC Rezound to Be Priced at $649.99 Off-Contract


Verizon’s string of $599.99 off-contract smartphones is coming to an end. As is the case with the Motorola Droid RAZR, the HTC Rezound will see a price tag of $649.99 without a contract, an increasingly popular option given the high turnaround rate of smartphone technology. The price increase is inline with Big Red’s increase in on-contract pricing for their high-end LTE handsets. Both the RAZR and Rezound will be $299 even with a two-year contract in place. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will likely see similar pricing options.

The information comes from the Rezound pricing guide, which DroidLife managed to get their hands on. If you want one last look at specs and other details, head over to the source link for the rundown.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. i thought this was incredible 2 

  2. “The Galaxy Nexus will likely see similar pricing options.”…At this rate of no release date, it will see them in 2012.

  3. gotta pay for dem beats, booooooyyyyyyyy!  Dre gots to get paid!!!

  4. These prices are getting rediculous you get a Galaxy S2 for $499 off contract. Verizon already has crazy prices for the plan, now I’m getting dicked on the phone too.

    1. Would you rather pay $10 per month for 2 years($240 total, for those of you who can’t do math) or pay $100 upfront for 4G.

      1. The problem with the math is that the $10 subsidy is not a variable. After the the two years is up your bill doen’t go down $10. 

        1. I was comparing Verizon to Sprint. Verizon ups the prices on their 4G phones, but has no extra monthly payment. Sprint requires an extra $10 per month while the phones are still priced the same.

          1. OIC my mistake.

  5. Att needs to spread their lte so Vzw has competition and lowers phone prices. Maybe get more customers to switch.

  6. Ya phone costs are climbing and climbing. 
    I am seriously debating getting a tablet to use for most internet stuff and cancel the data plan on my cell. 
    I can do most of what I need via wifi anyway. 

  7. Honestly, I don’t care if I have to spend 2 or 3 thousand dollars on contract if I get a phone that is future proof for 2 years. If it is literally the best phone avail until about a month before my contract is up, that’s fine.

  8. Verizon is seriously becoming too expensive. What’s next? $400 for high-end smart phones with contract? Not to mention, the pricing on their data plan is too much, it should just be unlimited for a fixed price. I’m paying $120 per month. 

  9. It’s the price you pay for having stellar and fast service. Where I live its the only provider with any service(though it was much better before they eliminated my Alltel tower, bastards).

  10. AT&T’s still pricing the Skyrocket at $599 off contract.  While I hate the price, Verizon’s price isn’t that out of line with the competition.  I could actually use the Skyrocket since I live in an AT&T LTE area (Baltimore), but the switch isn’t worth it to save $50.  Verizon can get away with it as their LTE can actually be used by many more.

    Carriers can charge a premium for LTE and they know it.  I paid $530 for my Captivate no contract.  With better hardware and LTE, the cost isn’t that surprising.

    It’s sad that I can buy a tablet with no contract for the same price and get similar hardware though.

  11. Of course it sucks that prices are getting higher, but we all (most anyway) see android phones as a better product than the iPhone. That alone should justify high prices when you compare them to the iPhones that start at $650 and come with headphones. So does this. Good enough for me. At least I am getting more for my money with this than an iPhone.

  12. I have T-Mobile w/ 5 lines. and pay 240.. w/ Verizon I get 22% discount, so I would essentially get the same plan for 228 before tax. I will have to sell two sgs2, two vibrant, my captivate, g2, mytouch 4g, to pay off the 1000 in ETF. Should I do it? :o Think it’s worth the trouble?

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