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We’re Hiring: Bloggers, Designers, and Developers!


If you didn’t already know, Phandroid and Android Forums are part of Neverstill Media, our growing network of sites that also includes properties such as iSource.com, CarrierCoverage.com, and FootballBeast.com (among others). We need great people who are passionate about their work to help continue our positive momentum moving into 2012. We admit, you can probably tell by the company website that a designer is amongst the opportunites, but see the full list of open positions below:

These positions don’t necessarily relate to Phandroid… in fact, selected candidates might not be working on Phandroid or Android Forums at all. But we’re all one big team, with a passion for tech, eager to put in fun but hard work to take Neverstill to the next level. If you’re up for the challenge and think you can be a great fit, we look forward to hearing from you. So… who’scomin’ with me?

Please read the job descriptions, requirements, and submission process carefully before responding!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. I wish I had talent.

    1. Lol, love the name. But hey, they did alright last Saturday.

      P.S. Have you checked to see if you do have talent? You could always try building something and see how it goes.

    2. Even with no talent, you’re talented at being untalented. The glass is half full, dear Joseph. The glass is half full.

  2. If i didn’t already have a job I would have definitely applied for the mobile app developer position.  **Sigh** I wish I knew about this sooner.

    1. There isn’t a law against having a job and applying for another. If you want it, go after it!

      1. I’ll have to look into the legalities of my contract to ensure this doesn’t violate the “indirect competition” clause.  I’ll definitely take a look. I dunno why I didn’t think of that earlier.  Thanks Rob!

  3. I would so apply for this if i were 18 :/ *sigh* ask me again in 9 months……

  4. I would, but I don’t graduate with my comm degree for 6 months :(

    1. Applied anyways. :P

  5. I’m a great writer and know how to write for blogs (because of writing in the newspaper) but I’m not 18.

  6. Who’s got two thumbs, is a recent college graduate with a B.A. in English and is looking for a job? This guy!  Applied!

  7. So, it says “Proven writing/blogging experience a plus but not required,” and “Copy/Paste/Link (no attachments) 1-3 related writing samples.” I have not ever really written a blog before, so I don’t exactly have sample work and/or a “portfolio”. So I’m going under the assumption that you would just want me to type up some articles about a couple tech topics just so you can get a feel for my style.

  8. Hey Rob, how open is Neverstill to current university students filling part-time positions? I’m proficient in javascript/HTML/CSS/PHP, but I don’t have a portfolio of sites that I’ve worked on outside of web development class projects.

    1. If you’re seriously interested and think you have the skills to help us rock, I’d say apply anyways and explain your situation. It sounds more like an internship type fit but most importantly we’re looking for great people.

  9. busy at work now, but I will definitely be looking at the part time Week-end blogger,  just not sure if its a direct conflict on interest since I work at a VZW retailer.  No harm in trying and asking though!  Best of luck to all those who apply.

  10. This would ROCK if I had the time >.> Yay being a student in C.E….

  11. You guys seriously need someone for the weekend…glad you’re getting that taken care of.

  12. I’m really good with HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP but I have no proof of it :/

    1. Don’t make excuses! Why not use this as inspiration to start a little portfolio? You’ve got to start somewhere!

    2. A lot of people have this issue and create a web portfolio.  It would be a good idea to pick some random topic such as an ice cream shop or something and design and create a working website for it and then use that as an example.

  13. I’ve been called a very good web designer and developer for years by my clients. Too bad I’m still 15.. =/

  14. I applied. HTML, XHTML, javascript, CSS, photoshop, illustrator, writing, got experience in all of it. Really good at creating animated banners and gifs. Even good at 3D modeling, but still practicing on all of it.

  15. Damn. I wish by “designers” you meant “Graphic Designers”.

    1. It is basically a position for Graphic Designers.. that can create templates and read code.  

      You can at least try… if your some kind of epic graphic designer it may out weight some requirements… who knows?  Worst that can happen… you don’t get the job :)

  16. Is the developer post available for off office? I’m in asia so if it’s in-office, I might not make it, PHP/Codeigniter/Jquery Stuff, currently checking out game engines as HTML5 is sweet!

  17. Rob I’m from the NYC…run 2 businesses, have plenty of free time because I have an Army of people working for me, and my phone and laptop are basically attached to me with how much i’m on Android Forums….lol!
    Yea I’m a hardcore blogger and phone whore…

  18. Is there any place to get the specifics on the app development (or should I just apply to find out)?  Would I be working on the Phandroid application or a bunch of different applications?  Also the title says mobile app developer full time, but the link says full time or part time.  It doesn’t make any sense for me to leave my full time development job, but I do put a lot of hours into app creation and could do it part time.

  19. Applied good sir.  Look forward to hearing from you guys.

  20. Hey Rob, no love for international people? (Namely a Canadian who runs a Canadian Android related site with their own contacts to every major WP7/Android manufacturer aka. HTC/Samsung/Motorola/Sony Ericsson) =D

  21. Not for peple outside U.S.A? Not good! 

  22. Hi Rob! I’m from Azerbaijan and not a native English speaker, but I can write pretty well. I live in China for 11 years, so if you need any News about Android from China I think I can help.

  23. I applied, I hope my application is considered :) 

  24. So when exactly do we expect these applications to be reviewed..? I’m pretty pumped about this!

  25. The most important thing is missing: the salary. I will never apply for a job not knowing if they offer a fair payment.

  26. Mr. Jackson, please check your email for something from me. :)

  27. I have a degree in EE and am looking to do some part time technical writing. I do a lot of tech writing for my job but would like to do some on the stuff I enjoy. If you guys are still looking for anyone, let me know and I’ll provide some examples.

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