Wirefly Unboxes the HTC Rezound [Video]


The HTC Rezound, Verizon’s forthcoming Beats, dual-core 720p display having device, isn’t set to launch until November 14th but Wirefly has given us the pleasure of seeing what comes inside the box upon first opening.

We were a bit more interested in this one than previous devices considering they’d be coming with Beats by Dre in-ear headphones. Everything else is pretty much what we’ve come to expect. Take a look above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. LOL crazy grandpa Bob

  2. Those damn kids better stay off my lawn – Grandpa Bob

  3. God I hate Sense.

    1. So, let me get this right…. you don’t like having sense(see what I did there).

      1. When you have to explain the joke it defeats the purpose. Let him answer and if he comes out of left field then you have him in your in your hands.

      2. It’s true! He prefers non-sense. Just read more of his posts.

  4. Man…I can’t wait to get the real world reviews of the Rezound, Nexus, and Razr! Decisions, decisions…

    1. I agree.  I can’t make the decision!


  5. Those are antennas on the back cover…..

  6. i thought the headline said wifey at first

  7. Don’t buy this phone expecting good headphones… you can get much better in-ears for the $$… Shure, Brainwavz, Klipsch just to name a few

    1. I can get much better earbuds for the price of free? Seriously, the earbuds are free since you’re paying the same price as other phones with similar specs that don’t include earbuds at all. Those beats have to be worth more than $0, especially with music and call controls on the cable. I agree that if I was buying them at retail, I’d go with Shure.

  8. ICS makes every other OS look dated now.

    1. Not when you’re still stuck on 2.1, lol (me). This will be a moot point in a few months, though, when each of the big 3 have ICS, so I’m not letting it effect my decision.

  9. Klipsch js the best speaker manufacturer around. Toss out the money well worth it.

  10. In my opinion, this phone isn’t worth getting, compared to the RAZR or the Galaxy Nexus. However, people would probably get this phone to get their 300 dollars worth, since Beats headphones are really expensive.

    1. so what does the razr have thats better then this.. ? dont see it. as for the nexus, im not impressed with 4.0 so im happy to stay away from it 

      1. battery life alone should keep everyone away from this phone

      2. I agree. Throw out the beats earbuds and I still might choose this phone. Although Nexus has a certain appeal… Only benefit to the razor is being thin (anorexic thin!).

    2. In my opinion the Rezound is much better than the Nexus. The Rezound screen has a higher pixel density and isn’t a Pentile screen like the Nexus.

      An SD card slot is a must-have for me and the Nexus doesn’t have one.

      The camera in the Rezound is much better, 8MP, f/2.2 aperture, with a 28mm wide angle lens, and the headphones that come with the Rezound will be vastly better than the $1 cheap and nasty headphones that come with Samsung phones.The only disadvantages are no ICS at launch, but I would bet that ICS for the Rezound will be available via XDA shortly after the source is released, and battery life.

      As for the Razr, I don’t need to stop bullets with my phone and don’t see what other benefits it has over the Nexus or Rezound.

  11. I’m buying this phone for the 720p screen!

    1. make sure you got that charger with you cause with that screen and that processor and that garbage battery does not make a good combo

      1. Your probably right…but what LTE device options do we have with any proven battery life.

        1. uh, bionic? maybe extended battery here? That’s all I can think of.

  12. Apple: are you fucking serious? How long will it be before this crap stop?

    Samsung: caution, hater on board

    HTC: he’s mad because he can’t keep up with our fast paste

    Apple: I got standards

    Samsung: and that’s what set android and iOS apart. We don’t have any limits

    Apple: is that why all your damn phones are handicapped?

    Motorola: how dare you. Don’t you ever bring that piece of shrimp phone to this dinner table. You will be eaten alive

    Apple: you wanna go you robo piece of shit?

    Motorola: don’t talk to what you can’t handle. Remember you are using some of my patents. I got strings attached to yo bitch ass

    HTC: oh snap. Now what iPhail?

    Apple: you got a lot of balls there H, you want me to get your pimp Windows? I heard you owe em 5 bucks

    HTC: I got more balls than a Chinese ping pong tornament. Lets go

    LG: whoa. Testosterone

    Apple: well if it isn’t Optimus Prime

    LG: please don’t make me drop you

    Apple: do it! I can take on all of you!

    Samsung: this Guy doesn’t give up do he?

  13. Lol klipsch is a good budget manufacturer. But they’re no where near the best. They have some high end stuff but there are so many manufacturers out there like bowers and wilkins that are superior.. and in my opinion, this phone is superior because of simply being an HTC. Though the razr does look decent.

  14. The thickness of this phone is probably going to be it’s single biggest physical Achilles heel. At .54″, it is thicker than most…and not by a little bit! Throw a good case on this thing and it’ll be a brick! Nexus is looking better and better…

  15. looks awesome

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