HTC Rezound Shown off in Promo Video


Want to get another look at Verizon’s upcoming HTC Rezound? Check out this promotional video put out today, which highlights Beats Audio, 4G LTE, and the handset’s 720p display. The phone is fresh off its official announcement in NYC yesterday and will soon be available through Verizon.

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. I think that will be a pretty sweet phone. Be interesting to see how it compares to the new Nexus and the Razor

  2. With how small the battery is you would have thought they would have been able to make it a little thinner.

  3. I wonder if this or the G-Nex will have a better screen. The hands-on preview for each phone say that both are really amazing. 

    1. It will come down to whether you like the contrast and punchy colors on the samoled screen or the natural colors on the LCD.  And whether the pentile matrix display on the Nexus is visible to your eyes.

  4. Oh that’s a phone? I thought it was a brick

  5. Funny thing is, the razr is going to have the best screen. And personally, I prefer amoled but gotta stick with HTC for quality purposes.

    1. Your sticking with htc for the shitty build quality? Dont confuse design/ the use of metal for good build quality. Htc has real shitty build quality

      1. Opinion ^
        And you know what they say about those ;)

        1. Yes we do and in my opinion the fact that he may have had one bad experience (probably kept dropping it) with HTC he is willing to negate the fact that they are still one of the best brands on the market if not the best. Software and Hardware wise. I’ve had all other major brands and so far none of them have come close to the satisfaction I’ve had with HTC.

    2. I too love HTC for quality 

    3. I thought the Razr was only qHD and not 720p?  I know there’s more to it than that, but still.  

  6. OMG why doesn’t verizon learn how to make commercials???? What can the phone do for you… thats what people want to know… It is much better then the bionic commercial (it took a while before they got to the fact that it was a phone) but they are just missing closer rather then trying to be on target.

    1. Do people not know what a smartphone is capable of these days? I think ad agencies understand that people know what a smartphone is and what it does. honestly, a features and/or specs commercial sounds boring to me. Then again, I don’t know what would make a good smartphone ad, but anything that’s visually pleasing w/ interesting music (and is memorable) should work well. That’s what makes Coca Cola ads and the old iPod commercials (of people dancing to catchy music) so effective, I think.

  7. Well I have personally owned the HTC touch, touch pro, touch pro 2, and incredible. Many closefriends of mine have owned the Droid Eris, hero, Evo, Evo shift, and thunderbolt. And the only issues anyone has experienced are the leds in the keyboard in my touch pro started flickering, so they gave be a free upgrade to touch pro 2, and with the thunderbolt they had texts going to the wrong recipients. While my friends with Samsung phones have been littered with problems since the instinct with freezing(among EVERYTHING else that could possibly go wrong with a phone) The epic seemed littered with the same issues( only personally know 2 users of the epic). And the galaxy prevail is probably worse than the instinct with locking up, and reading fully charged then not even turning on.. Motorola wise, the of Droid was solid many friends and family still use it. D2g was littered with issues, aside from that, I worked at best buy for 3 years, I knew a lot of iPhone users, no real problems.. etc. Never seen a vast amount of returns on anything HTC. Samsung on the other hand.. might as well be made by Dynex(a budget best buy brand). HTC BUILDS SOLID PHONES. Samsung, stick to tvs.

  8. So its bad when a phones thick? At least you can remove the battery and do you really want a real thin phone that feels like it’ll snap in two in your hand? Yeah have fun .

    1. Well yeah ,, It takes away your ability to re-purpose your phone as a dust pan.. People are strange,. this phone is not overly thick. It’s one of those “bandwagon’ comments that people seem to jump on… and on.. and on.

  9. Is this dual core?

  10. Dual 1.5, yes.

  11. Thanks Justin. (can’t reply directly. Im using the app)

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