SwiftKey Will Come Pre-Loaded on the XOOM 2


Though it will ship with a vanilla build of Android Honeycomb, the Motorola XOOM 2 won’t be devoid of added software. Following a model set forth by Swype, SwiftKey will come pre-installed as a software keyboard option. Unlike Swype, SwiftKey is available for all to purchase in the Android Market, but the inclusion as a standard option could go a long way to drum up additional brand recognition. Though SwiftKey has not commented, it is likely we will see the keyboard come as an option on other future Android devices. SwiftKey and Swype remain two of the best alternatives to the stock Android keyboard, but we’re itching to see if Google does anything worthwhile with BlindType.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I don’t understand why swype can’t go the same route–have it preinstalled on some devices but still sell it in the market. I want to be able to pay for it but I just have the free beta.

  2. I prefer not having pre-installed software in my devices. PASS. 

  3. This is extremely disappointing. Added software should always be the users choice. The reason I bought the Xoom over nicer hardware like the Galaxy Tab is so I can have the “pure” Android experience, not someone else’s interpretation of it. I won’t be upgrading to the Xoom 2 when it comes to the US… between no Tegra 3 and added bloatware, no thanks.

    1. Let me get you a tissue to ease your pain and dry those tears.

      1. Thanks man, I feel much better knowing I have incredible people like you looking out for my well being.

        1. We are here for you..always

          1. Atlanta wouldn’t be Atlanta, without you

          2. This isn’t about me. It’s about healing you

  4. While I do understand wanting a pure device, I gotta say I love Swiftkey. I use both the phone and tablet versions and it’s pretty damn awesome. The split keyboard for the tablet is sweet, and the predictions make typing way faster. Only need a few letters for full words.

  5. Let the bloatware begin!

  6. Really enjoying all the popups.
    It’s always a good idea to annoy the shit out of your regular visitors

  7. I am sure that added software will render the device completely unusable.
    I think the drama queen bus must have made a stop on thus thread

    1. Yes, it has made a stop on thus thread.

  8. Hated Swiftkey Tablet. No tab button!

    1. no tab button on my galaxy tab. :( what a bummer

  9. SWYPE IS Garbage

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