LG Prada K2 Hits the FCC, NFC On Board


We still have very little information on the whens and wheres of the LG Prada K2, but the new handset is on the horizon. We got a look at the first Android entry into the Prada lineup last month, but a recently-filed FCC report is revealings just a bit more. The LG Prada K2 may or may not see a US release, but it will feature dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM/EDGE 850 and 1900, and WCDMA 1900. Also included is NFC support.

Other rumored specs include a NOVA display, dual-core CPU, and front and rear cameras.

[FCC via WirelessGoodness]

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  1. What? An android phone without carbon fibre, mesh, polygonal corners or an asymmetrical shape?


  2. What radios?

  3. This phone looks ugly as sin.  And I’ve seen sin before, it’s uuuuugggllllyyy!

    1. I bet you also think Rosey O’Donnell is hot af. This phone is awesome!

      1. Considering I’m a 42 year old lesbian trucker who looks like Mean Gene Okerlund, yes.

        1. In that case, I’d like to inform you that from a hetero male perspective, this phones is gorgeous. 

          1. I think what’s making it look bad is the angle.  That lower bezel looks huge.

          2. Yea your right the bottom bezel looks massive. It might be a combination of the angle and the black toolbar on screen

  4. Hmmm, capacitive buttons…do I smell Gingerbread?

    1. Well considering ICS isn’t released, I grant you the Captain Obvious award.
      ICS supports capacitive buttons anyway.

  5. they should bring it to the US and release it as the ipear. just to fuck with apple

  6. Nice basic look, but piano black (if that’s what it is) is really pretty retro at this point.  Also the dead space at the top and bottom is a little too much.  Rather like all the dead space on an iPhone.  Left and right margins also look too big.  But worth a look at the real item.  It does have a nice basic look. 

    I can never keep the frequencies straight — is this good for 3g+ on T-Mobile?  Seems like it isn’t. And does dual-band wifi mean 5GHz?

  7. I think we may see a Nokia lawsuit coming for design patent infringement. Lg seems to be pretty good a making their phones look far too similar to other phone designs. I don’t care if two Android phones look close but I can’t see Nokia sitting still on this one.
    Just an Android lovers opinion.

    1. funny thing..is the biggest theft,,,is from apple..got the iphone look from the original lg prada…weird,isnt it?

  8. Its never going to see a U.S. date. At least not with the name Prada.

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