Nov 1st, 2011

Here is a bit of full disclosure for you: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be my next phone. My money is as good as Verizon’s at this point. So why do they insist on teasing me? Why does everyone insist on hyping up the release of the phone only to report it has been pushed back yet again (though how an unannounced date could be pushed back is another question entirely). The latest bit of info comes in the form of a holiday marketing schedule obtained by Droid Life, which clearly shows no plans for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to hit shelves any earlier than Black Friday (November 25th).

So, that about confirms what we already knew. The Galaxy Nexus will launch later than the most recently rumored November 24th release date (who would release a phone on Thanksgiving anyway?). It could launch on Black Friday, but when we’re waiting this long what’s the difference of a few days, anyway?

[via DroidLife]

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