Verizon Galaxy Nexus Launching A Week After UK’s Nov 17th Release?


The Telegraph is reporting they have received confirmation from Samsung that the Galaxy Nexus will be launching on November 17th in the UK but that’s not all. Apparently, the US version of the device (currently headed to Verizon Wireless) wont launch until a week after the UK launch, at the earliest.

This is the first time we’ve heard this kind of news, whether rumor or from our own inside sources, so we’re filing this one under “highly suspect.” Keep in mind, Verizon recently backtracked and removed the “exclusive” title from their banner ad of the Galaxy Nexus a few days ago. Adding to further speculation is a thread from our very own Android Forums in which a Verizon inside source claims the device was put on the back-burner as it wont be coming bundled with the usual “Verizon bloatware.” That source also claims the device will see the previously rumored Nov. 17th launch date but for the US as well.

What do you guys think? Perhaps we could be looking at a worldwide global release of the device? Would you be upset if the UK does in fact launch the device a week before the US? Will you continue saving yourself for the SGN or will you be swayed by the charms of the Motorola Droid Razr and/or HTC Rezound?

[Via TelegraphUK | AndroidForums]

Chris Chavez
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  1. As solid as the Droid RAZR appears, if I could upgrade at the moment (not til February.. *forlorn sigh*), I’d still hold out for the GN. I’ve waited too long for a stock Android experience to jump on another device.

      1. I’ve got an upgrade (maybe even a new every 2) all lined up, I’m just short on extra cash. So I wouldn’t mind it coming after Nov. 17th. That just means I have more time to save money to be ready for the release date.


  2. the new Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket is looking better and better. The marketing campaign or lackthereof for this phone is depressing. i’m tired of guessing and estimating when this thing will finally launch….

    1. I don’t know. I wouldn’t hold it against anyone — at least not Google/Samsung/Verizon. The only reason this device is “getting old” is because of all the sites (even this one) reporting every bit of news/rumor/leak we can find on it.

      While these “delays” are a bit depressing, I wont grab another device simply because I can’t get my hands on a device I’ve been lusting after for months.

      That’s like leaving your fiance cuz there was a delay in your wedding. Waiting shouldn’t make you want this device any less =)

      1. true. perhaps thats why i’m getting so frustrated. I’m just tired of waiting with absolutely no sign to the end of that waiting. i wish they would just come out with a date and be done with it.

        1. Just close your eyes or go into a deep sleep! xD

          1. it also helps to not read these kinds of sites on a daily basis. I seem to read every bit of news I can about this daggum phone and it just makes the wait seem longer. I may have to go on a phandroid fast for now, but dont worry my traffic will be back eventually

      2. Just think of how all us orig Galaxy S users felt waiting for Froyo to drop….not fun!

        1. Did Samsung even say if the OG Galaxy S phones were getting 4.0 because the Nexus S has the same processor.

      3. Unless you’re waiting to consummate your relationship, then any port in a storm will do, depending on the length of delay. :P

    2. I’m with Chris Chavez on this one: Patience is bliss, my friend.

      1. “Ignorance is bliss; patience is a virtue.” =p

        Still with you =)

    3. If there’s an exclusive with Verizon that could mean we don’t get a Galaxy Nexus on any other carrier for the holidays then that’s sad. If they have a specified amount of days they get an exclusive then it looks like Verizon customers have a great holiday and the rest of us don’t. I will forget about replacing my phone and just get the Asus Transformer Prime.

      The point is there is a lot of other cool things out there and all of us will start to look to those things. Consumerism at it’s best.

      1. Then again, the “source” could have easily been speaking of the HSPA Galaxy Nexus launch, and not the LTE version. That could easily be the reason for the miscommunication. After all, when was the last time a Verizon MAP doc didn’t match the actual release date?

  3. They don’t want it to compete with the RAZR or Rezound in sales. Expect the Nexus no earlier than 2 weeks after those two devices are released.

    1. if the dicks at VZW don’t want it to compete – then they should not have the phone first. you don’t give the exclusive to the dicks at VZW who are going to sabotage the process. WTF is Google thinking? i thought Google was run by a bunch of straight shooters – but i’m getting tired of this guessing game. tells us who and when will have the phone. this is ridiculous.

      1. While Google has proven to be my “favorite” corp (whatever that means). Remember, Google is a multibillion dollar corporation just like all the others. They want the same thing every corporation does: more money.

        1. i agree but IMO exclusive deals limit reach. if iPhone was not exclusive with AT&T upon introduction – perhaps many of us here would be using one – once you buy into an ecosystem – it’s hard to leave. IMO exclusivity hurts reach. if i am Google i want REACH. i want to get as many Nexus phones out there to the masses of customers and developers asap. i want everyone playing with and using NFC for payments. i want everyone to be using Google mobile search and services. i want developers on all carriers developing for my ecosystem. it would be short sighted for Google to take money from Verizon. Google DOES NOT NEED THE MONEY. rather – they would be wise to FORGO any short-term profits and focus on long term profits by getting this phone out there and even FURTHER accelerating their dominance. Google has done a great job so far but as a customer and a business guy i am perplexed as to the exclusivity and opaqueness with this new Nexus. THE WHOLE POINT of the Nexus is DO NOT LET THE CARRIERS CALL THE SHOTS! get the phone out there to everyone asap and the money will follow! Google will get a pay toll for every transaction!

          1. Yeah, I don’t pretend to know what the hell is going on in Google’s mind.

            All the billions have made them go mad xD

  4. I don’t think I’m getting another LTE phone until Qualcomm’s S4 is running it. Until then, my Thunderbolt will do.

  5. money reserved for SGN

    1. thankfully this article went away from GNex….SGN is much better. I could foresee a huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday culmination happening, but the article is probably spot on – “the device was put on the back-burner as it wont be coming bundled with the usual “Verizon bloatware.””

      one of my friends from VZW said that the RAZR isn’t worth it.

  6. RAZR looks like a very good device(based on rumors that it will get 4.0 within a few months of release, though i do not buy into any promises anymore as my Droid Charge still has 2.2….). Not so happy that they did not up the screen size to at least 4.5 and didn’t get rid of the capacitive buttons which will be trendy with 4.0. Also never been a fan of qHD on Motorola phones but since it is super amoled qHD it could change my opinion. I refuse to buy an HTC phone for many reasons and I dont think the rezound will even be something to look at when in the shadow of the RAZR and GALAXY NEXUS. I think it would be a very bad choice to not wait a week or so for the GALAXY NEXUS as it will be, in my opinion, the best Android phone until the introduction of quad-core processors for mobile devices.

  7. If Sprint gets it before Verizon, I’m switching.

    1. i’m on a month to month. i’ll probably be going to whomever gets it first.

    2. If Verizon gets it before Sprint, I’m switching o_O

      1. If Verizon gets it before Sprint, I’m staying! =P

    3. There hasn’t been a single hint of a WiMax version, and clearly Sprint’s LTE network is far from ready.

  8. i’m hopelessly hoping that att will beat verizon to the punch…

  9. I wouldn’t be so mad if I didn’t feel like the sole reason for the U.S. delay is because Verizon is trying to be “strategic” with their big 3 launches. Fine, but as someone else pointed out, don’t let them have exclusivity if they’re going to play these games. Also, my OG is literally becoming more unusable each day. I now have about 10 seconds of usable screen time before the screen starts activating random buttons on its own. I NEED this phone to come out!

    1. My OG is doing the same thing. Drives me absolutely crazy. I have a few apps that I cannot use because they don’t stay open long enough. Really need a new phone!

      1. buy a cheaper phone on craigslist, thats what I did.. My OG was doing the exact same thing until it finally quit working all together. Got on Craigslist and bought me a droid incredible for $75 to hild me over till then.. Ill be able to resale this thing for $150 its in such good shape..

    2. Same here, I’ve had the ghost touchscreen problem since July and it’s getting worse all the time. I’ve toyed with the idea of replacing the digitizer (I may anyway) but the chances of breaking it are high since you have to take the entire phone apart from the back. So I’m settling for a 1/2 working phone and patiently waiting for the GN.

      1. same here, friend. I’m usually pretty patient but having a messed up OG Droid is really just testing my patience for the GN to finally release.

      2. I was having all these problems and was very frustrated with the OG to the point of barely using it since it was was trouble than it was worth. I just flashed miui and so far I have had none of the problems come back. I haven’t installed alot of the apps back cause I am just happy to be able to text and make phone calls again lol but maybe you guys should try it out. don’t forget to wipe dalvich cache and data first. Going to wait it out for the Gnex now that I got some life back into my phone

        1. I actually am running MIUI right now, CyanogenMod before that and didn’t make a difference what rom I was running. Maybe I should just block off a Sunday and try to fix it. If it breaks I’ll just tell everyone to call my Google Voice and I’ll answer everything through Talk.

    3. Isn’t it a coincidence that a LOT of people with the original droid are all starting to have the same problem when nearing their 2 year renewal date? I think Verizon pushes out some type of virus or something to your phone when your close to end of contract to urge you to buy a new phone. I have 2 OG droids and and Eris all due for renewal in september and all three started having problems in July/August.

      1. I have a rooted OG and it has constant memory/heat problems. I doubt VZW is sending out bombs b/c if they did and get caught the company would be put out of business. I think its just the hardware wearing out. I love my OG but the G-Nex will be my next phone for sure.

    4. I was having some issues as well with my OG Droid. I rooted it and installed Cyanogen Mod7. Overclocked the CPU to 800mhz and problems and lagging gone. I don’t know if it will work for everyone but mine is a much better phone now. I did it to tide me over until the GNex is out, but I wish I did it a lot sooner.

      1. I wish that would work for me. I was already running a ROM, the problem wasn’t with performance (although that was frustrating), the nail in the coffin was that the screen went from non-responsive (and hence my use of the keyboard) to acting possessed and activating presses, etc. that I wasn’t pushing. I could have tried to make a back up and flash a new ROM, but this becomes incredibly difficult when the screen goes where it wants to go and not where you tell it to go….

  10. Don’t care anymore, why announced something if you don’t know how, when and where we can get it. It’s been almost 2 weeks and we still don’t know what is going on.

    1. Thats exactly how I feel. Why announce it and all of its features if weeks later we don’t have a definite date or even if it will be available to other carriers…

    2. At the same time, people were getting pissed that Samsung/Google WASN’T announcing the device and threatening to move onto something else unless they gave details.

      I’m not knocking you for “not caring” anymore but I’m just saying if it’s not one thing, it’s usually the other with people.

      Granted, I feel like Samsung/Google could have handled the launch a little better but I’m sure there were outside factors involved (like Apple’s legal team and/or Verizon) making things difficult.

      But what do I know. I’m just a kid. =p

  11. Verizon: Annoying People Everywhere. Bastards

    1. Verizon APE?

      1. Yep, “give me my nexus you damn dirty ape!”

  12. Verizon should not have ANY CONTROL over when this device is released. Ive come to believe that all there smart phones are shit droid or otherwise. I loved my original droid but only because it was a google experiance phone. I hate OEMs that put all there shity UIs and bloatware on android phones. Still waiting for SGN so i can get ride of my pos year old DX thats screen is riddles with dead pixels.

    1. Exactly. Why should the carrier have a say over what phones runs on their network? Why can’t manufacturers and distributors make all of the decisions? … Because we wouldn’t be able to get discounts for buying a 2 year contract. We need a better pricing mechanism to take control away from the carriers. Let’s get the 99% to bring this up too.

  13. No!! This totally isn’t cool. My contract ends on the 21st, so I was planning on upgrading on Black Friday (or Saturday, if there aren’t any amazing deals on Friday.), but I was hoping it would be out for a little while so I can be sure there aren’t any major flaws. If it’s not going to be out, I won’t be able to upgrade again until Christmas, since I don’t have a car on campus, and therefore no way to get to a VZW store. :(

    1. Why do you need a VZW store? There’s a little something called the interwebs that allow you to purchase said items via VZW online store, Amazon, etc. Give it a try, it really works!

  14. I think its rediculous how some people are getting mad about all this!!! There cannot be a “delay” if no one has anounced a release date!! Yes, I am anxous, Yes, I will wait for the SGN, but i’m not going ot loose sleep or make threats, or even bash a company for improving their marketing. Its a business that they are in for profit! and again, we come right back to the fact that there has been not official date for release on ANY carrier here int he United States. and if it does get released in another country and you just have to have it, then order one and quit your griping…. end rant.

  15. Verizon: Delaying the phones you want, because we know best

    1. Verizon “Ruling the Air. . .and cutting off your supply.”

      If this is a global release and sprint happens to get one, so long verizon. If not, it’s between this and the rezound. I will never say “Hello Moto” again.

      1. I honestly think the only reason they wanted this phone is to try to kill it off. Now that they’ve “put it on the back burner”, it makes me wonder even more. Verizon is all about bloat and control.

  16. I don’t think they would release it on Thanksgiving, why would they try to release it on a national holiday in the U.S. ?

    1. When just about every store is closed. If anything it would be Black Friday. Still hoping it is sooner than later

  17. The Note looks prety cool.

  18. I just want the Ice Cream Sandwich source to drop! I definitely am getting the Nexus when it comes to TMO because come on…ANDROID BEAM MOTHER FUCKERS

    1. Hahaahaha! That was F!@#$%^ SWEET!!

  19. I’ve been ready to buy since the first rumors were announced but, I can wait another month or more. My Nexus S is performing fine, there is no hurry for me; though the moment the SGN his the shelf I will get one!

  20. Buying the RAZR, then returning it within 2 weeks and grabbing the Nexus. Then Google gets to claim 2 activations! Yay! 8D

  21. Why does the link to the Rezound go to a placeholder page with no info?

  22. hmmmm if its true thats sucky

  23. the U.K. gets everything first..so i wouldnt be surprised or upset..its routine by now.

  24. The device is delayed because Samsung is working on an Ice Cream Sandwich version of TouchWiz.

    I keed I keed :)

  25. I hope this doesn’t delay the source drop.

  26. Why would they launch the phone on Thanksgiving??!! Idiots better hurry up or I’m going to give another carrier my money.

  27. This date range makes some sense. What is the return policy, 14 days? That way the first day RAZR buyers are SOL.

    However, I anxiously, un-patiently wait for the SGN release on Verizon.

  28. I just don’t get why Google would not want to release this thing on all the carriers it can. They wonder why the Nexus line is never that big of seller. IDK, maybe it’s a supply issue.

    1. It probably hasnt sold well cause It hasnt launched on Verizon before. Big Red does a kick ass job at marketing its products..

  29. SSo vzw idiotically said no sgs2 and then not even launch the Galaxy nexus first? Stuuuuuuupiiiiid

  30. Verizon will still get the G-Nex before the other U.S. carriers (otherwise we’d have seen AT& T/Sprint/T-Mobile leaks by now) even if the UK gets it first. The U.S. has always been the last to get the new Android toys (well, most of them, anyway) so this is nothing new. Also, as stated in a previous comment, I highly doubt that Verizon would miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  31. Glad Im with ATT at least they announce their phones.

  32. My feeling (just a guess) is it will go on pre order this Thursday for delivery on or around the 14th. A man can dream, can’t he!

  33. REZOUND!

  34. All these people talking about how junky their OG Droid is. My OG is still way solid. The phone works great still. Must be real hard on your phones. It is just getting a little long in the tooth. GB is usable at best on my OG. Probably gonna roll back to a Froyo ROM.

    I will get this phone. It’s hard to wait, and there might be better looking options out there. However, I know that for a solid year this will be the phone that gets all the latest love. Then at 2 years it will still be getting love. This can not be said for other phones.

    Phones like the RAZR and Rezound will lag behind in software for months. Then, when Google releases Jelly Bean, it will be another few months before an update if at all.

    Look at the Thunderbolt. It’s pretty much old news and dead. Heck, the same thing can be said about the Bionic. It’s like 2 months old and is already dead. How long till the RAZR is also dead. Replaced by the next Moto phone in line.

  35. Won’t be the 24th that’s Thanksgiving

  36. A week after the 17th is Thanksgiving. They’re going to release it on Thanksgiving. Nah.

  37. Maybe it is because a cdma version has yet to pass FCC until it does there is nothing for Verizon to sell

    1. LTE inst CDMA..

  38. Maybe its because there has yet to be a cdma version pass the FCC

  39. it doesn’t have a release date yet because there is no cdma version that has passed FCC as far as i have seen

  40. I’m waiting. This is the phone I’ve been holding out for and it looks like it’s worth the wait.

  41. I will wait as long as I have to. There is simply no other phone worth buying on the horizon. That being said, I HATE YOU VERIZON!!!!!!

  42. I wonder how no one ever gets a hold of these things early. Where are they kept? It’s not like Verizon says, ok we are releasing it next week and they pull 1 million of them out of their ass. You would think a bunch of them have to be already made, packaged and sitting some place for shipment. Just wondering.

  43. i hope they announce it before the 14th, if not then I’m just going to keep my iphone4s, if they do then i shall return it

  44. Dewayne… Have you not heard of the Galaxy phone already out for which ever carrier your with? How people don’t see the nonVerizion Galaxy phones out… Is slightly beyond me… Forreallll.

  45. I really hope this phone is not too long an exclusive for Verizon. I’ve heard that exclusive might mean the phone is only available at the Verizon store and that the other carriers will release at the same time. I want the T-Mobile version. I want it now!

    It seems like our carrier choices are all messes up. Verizon is EVIL! AT&T is EVIL! T-Mobile is not evil, but EVIL AT&T is buying them. Sprint is not evil, but they are messed up (still no 4G in Detroit, Detroit better be a launch city for their LTE service).

  46. “… was put on the back-burner as it wont be coming bundled with the usual “Verizon bloatware.”

    I hate you Verizon!!!

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