Motorola RAZR Gets a Makeover for Chinese Debut


Does this look like the RAZR Motorola announced a couple weeks back? Not at first glance, but the phone carries all the same specs. Known as the Motorola MT917, the handset is headed for release in China thanks to its TD-SCDMA radio. The overall feel of the phone remains the same with a slim design and kevlar back cover, but the angular edges found on the RAZR headed to the US and elsewhere are absent. From the front, the phone more closely resembles the Motorola Atrix.Interesting that Moto would go with a different design for the Chinese release, but don’t expect to find it anywhere else.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. This one is ugly.

    1. I agree. I’m sooo glad this isn’t the American version

  2. That’s kind of unfortunate. Sometimes it seems like Moto is the only android OEM producing distinct looking android hardware. And it looks like in China they’re just reverting to a generic rounded rectangle.

  3. I hate those ugly angles

  4. The unstyled Chinese generic version appeals to me more than the high styled U.S. version. However, right now I’d settle to have either one in my hands. Why is it so hard to coordinate an announcement with the physical release?

    1. I agree, it has a more streamlined look to it, and the biggest part is the camera bump makes a lot more sense on this version.

  5. That shit looks like a KIRF, are you serious. Way to mess -up a beautiful piece of hardware. Hey everyone, its the Metro PCS Droid Razr. That’s the equivalent of the cosmetic damage in my opinion.

  6. The good thing it is not all black!

  7. In my opinion not that it means anything, this version looks much better than the Verizon variation.

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