Droid Bionic OTA Update Expected in 30 to 60 Days


Those still awaiting an answer to bugs that have become a nuisance to some Motorola Droid Bionic owners might have to wait a bit longer. While it looked hopeful that patched software would be coming sooner rather than later, a post from a spokesperson on the Motorola Owners Forums reads slightly less promising. An update is in the works, but it won’t be available for another 30 to 60 days. That pushes the date as far back as January of next year, a timeframe that most would have thought timely for an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade, not a simple bug patcher.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Of course….every update on an android is subject to change.

  2. This is why I’m getting the Galaxy Nexus.

  3. Ugggg!!!!!!!

  4. And this is exactly why I got a refund on my Bionic. It was bug-ridden and I had zero faith in Motorola’s fix schedule of “We’ve kinda maybe sorta got a fix, we think, and hopefully we may roll it out some time possibly in November”. Good riddance.

    Now if only Verizon would get their shit together on the Galaxy Nexus.

  5. ha 30-60 days? What have they just been sitting around twirling their thumbs? This is why people want a nexus so they dont deal with this bs.

  6. This is why Droid RAZR is most likely to get ICS during spring or summer of next year, or maybe even later than that.

  7. Go read the rage that is starting on their support site. I will never buy a Moto product again. https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/60849?start=0&tstart=0

  8. Maybe they shouldn’t have dropped those 800 jobs. Sounds like they need more developers.

  9. OG Droid is my first and last Moto phone.  I don’t get the people that defend Moto to the death…need their heads examined.

  10. Verizon and moto should have passed on this phone and learned from it. It’s sad that Verizon keeps releasing devices that have so many issues. I’m happy i’m an att customer. Now let’s hear the hate for att, I know it’s coming.

    1. Most people hate att but others hate verizon and others hate Sprint. So the hate is for telecommunications company in general. I myself am sticking with Sprint and htc. Htc because of regular updates unlike moto and Sprint because of unlimited data and great pricing. As soon as they raise prices and switch to tiered data I will be choosing verizon depending on what phones they get in the next 6 months. Att isn’t that bad, at least you can talk and surf on your phone at the same time. You won’t be able to do that on Sprint or verizon until they upgrade to lte advance.

  11. man being a Moto owner is learning to be patient 6 months for LTE on the XOOM now this? Damn!!!

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