Google Apps Users Can Now Use Google+


One of the biggest complaints for Google+ has been Google Apps’ users inability to use the service. Previously it was only open to non-enterprise users who signed up for free accounts at Gmail.com. Your administrator must enable Google+, but afterward you’re free to set your profile up and get plus’ing. Forward your administrator this link for help on how to set it up. Good luck! [source, via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Great, but I hope that Google will soon allow access to 13-18 aged people, waiting il soo long :/ …

    1. just lie about your age. i lied about my daughter’s age to set up a gmail account when i got her an android phone earlier this year for her 12th birthday.

      1. right, but i have my account since 2006 and i don’t want to create another one just for G+ :-/

  2. But no migration tool, of course. Get ready for some tedious copying. And I guess everybody will have to recircle you. Thanks, Google!

    1. “For those of you who’ve already started using Google+ with a personal Google Account and would prefer to use your Google Apps account, we’re building a migration tool to help you move over. With this tool, you won’t have to rebuild your circles, and people who’ve already added you to their circles will automatically be connected to your new profile. We expect this migration option to be ready in a few weeks, so if you’d like, you can go ahead and get started with your Apps account today and merge your connections once the tool is available.”

      When you assume…

      1. I heard that rumor. I assumed nothing. There is no migration tool. Just a rumor/promise/whatever. After waiting six months for Apps support, I’m not holding my breath for the migration tool.

        1. gee rich, you sound like a bit of a defensive prick if you ask me, no wait, don’t.

  3. I’m confused… does that mean people will now have multiple G+ accounts?

    1. OH I see… they are implementing an account migration/merging tool. neato

  4. Yeah, I heard that rumor. Given the six months it took to get Apps support, I’m not holding my breath. I assumed nothing.

  5. What is a Google Apps account?

  6. I switched to my Google Apps account for G+ but cannot connect from the Android app. Has anyone with a Google Apps account been able to connect from the Android app?

    1. Ditto that, same problem

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