Logitech Revue Boxes Showing it Has “Android 3.1 and Android Market”


Looks like the Android 3.0+ Honeycomb update for the Logitech Revue (and all Google TV devices) is near completion. New boxes have reportedly hit store shelves showing that the Logitech Revue now comes with Android 3.1 and the Android market.

Unfortunately, these don’t actually come with Honeycomb yet. These specially marked boxes were put out prematurely and they weren’t meant to be sold until the upgrade is actually available. But since these are shipping to stores we have a feeling we aren’t far off from that happening. Now might be as good a time as any to pick one up for $99. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Honestly, at 99 bucks it wouldn’t take much for me to pick up one of these, but I do want to see what capabilities it has first

    1. Its a pretty awesome score. Its just a decent set top box but the in-line hdmi makes it so handy. The keyboard is pretty solid and I use it every day. I can’t wait for the update

    2. $99 bucks is beyond worth it. I just bought one, love it.

      1. Totally worth it for me, once the update hits its on like donkey kong!

    3. had mine for nearly a year, worth it……use it every day…..the update will even work on mine….woo hoo cant wait…

  2. Does it only work in the US or everywhere in the world?
    And what kind of internet connection options does it have? Cable/wifi?
    Last but not least, how does it connect to the TV? HDMI or other options?

    I might get one depending on the answers :P

    1. Yes, but you will not be able to search your TV guide outside of US.
      It supports both Ethernet and Wifi.

      It has a HDMI in and one Out, also a digital audio out and two USB.

      I use it in Canada and it remains very usefull and a nice device for the price.

  3. It needs to come out already… If it’s awesome I’ll buy another GTV device with updated specs and move my Revue into the bedroom.

  4. really want one of these. but without an ample cable package–it’s really not that great of an option (for anyone already with xbox or ps3=netflix, hulu plus, internet browser)–until it gets full access to NBC website streaming or the other big partners. until then, i’ll price out a pc tower & hdmi to the tv

    1. I have the same feeling. I own 2 Roku boxes & a PS3. Without GTV becoming a more robust system for non-cable/satTV subscribers, as much as I want to take part in GTV, I’m going to have to continue to pass.

    2. You’re right! I have Dish Network dvr running through gtv and it’s quite amazing. I can use a google search and search my dvr and programming. Without it it’s still good if you’re watching youtube, netflix, amazon videos, and pandora. I wish hulu plus would work with it.

      1. he’s right about what ?? he said he doesnt have a GTV….but yes youre right, i have time warner cable…..its perfect… for partnerships with networks, who cares…i get all my TV free from peer to peer sites…..who actually pays for anything on the internet….anyone that does and claims to be a techie is a poser and a loser.

  5. Gaaaah… The biggest shortcomings with the Revue are it’s horrible processor. Can’t even play 720p YouTube videos without it becoming choppy. The internet browser is super slow in general as well.

    I was really hoping they would up the specs. Even a dual-core Tegra would work better than that Atom they got in there now.

    1. No it won’t, in fact that’s why Boxee turn to Intel for their Box, but with Tegra 3 …

      1. Not true, I play 1080p content all the time never an issue. stream 720p from netflix with no shuttering also.

        1. Not true what?
          That Boxee dropped Tegra 2 platform and choose intel instead because it can’t play h.264 high profile clips? That’s damn true!
          That Tegra 3 is faster than intel CE4100? Again true!

          1. even with a Tegra 3 the revue is still worlds better than BOXEE, no internet, no FREE content…its hardly a competitor to google tv, maybe to Netflix, but not to GTV

          2. You don’t read, do you?
            Chris said that even a Tegra 2 would have been better than the Intel CE4100 inside the Revue, I said no, CE4100 has a faster decoder, that’s why Boxee dropped Tegra 2, Tegra 3 instead is faster than both…
            In case you don’t know the Revue and the Boxee Box share the same processor and saying “even with a Tegra 3” doesn’t make sense, not even, just with…
            Plus what you mean with no internet? The Box has a webkit based browser Flash and HTML5 compliant, very very fast actually, and there’s a wide choice of free contents, but that wasn’t the point.
            I will change my BB for a GTV only when it will have access to the wide selection of apps available on the Market and will be equipped with at least a Tegra 3!

          3. GTV and the revue dont need or will ever get a tegra 3. the lack of speed on revue is a software problem, im sure the honeycomb update will drastically improve it……tegra’s are for high speed graphics, for games… rather pickup an xbox 360 than play games on GTV which seems to be your drift….because tegra is overkill for netflix

    2. I wish Google would have implemented GoogleTV into ICS so we could turn our phones into set top boxes when they are attached to our HDTV’s. Just imagine using our old phones as set top GoogleTV boxes.

      1. They’ve promised to open-source GTV in the future. If they are still planning to do so, then the mod community should be able to make this a reality at some point.

      2. Can’t happen. GTV is meant to tie everything together hence the coax input it has.

        1. I don’t know if you noticed =P
          but, cable and satellite are slowing going the way of the dodo bird. I am sure Google isn’t betting fully on a coax connected future. I am more concerned on their streaming partnerships and 10ft user interface.

        2. Oh, also, GTV doesn’t have a coax input.

    3. It can play other 720p & 1080p vids via DLNA well-enough, though I still use my Samsung TV to play those vids because it’s DLNA browser is nicer than Logitech’s and the codec support is better than the revue’s. It’s mostly the AUDIO (DTS) in some vids that doesn’t play; the video’s fine.

    4. I watch YouTube at 720p when that resolution’s available (hardly ever,) no problems.
      Netflix has plenty of 720p programming and I watch it over the Revue box when it’s something I don’t need to hear in 5.1 surround sound. Also no problems.
      The lack of on-board storage is a negative that I hope the new O.S. fixes. USB memory should be writable (it’s not, now.)

    5. I have no problem watching 1080 YouTube videos or 1080 streams from the hard drive attached to my router.

    6. I have used to to watch several movie trailers in 720 quite nicely, do agree about browser though but dont think that is the processors fault. Hoping HC will bring some much needed optimization

  6. My Revue is a dog – it’s slow, freezes quite a bit, and lacks apps. I would think Logitech is behind this only (not Google). That Atom processor has to go.

  7. The 3.1 upgrade made the Revue look like a Chipotle Burrito? o.0

    1. Hahahaha, good eye!

    2. I was just about to say that: “Why’s there a burrito in the pic?”

  8. Hah – I misread the headline and immediately made a b-line for my TV in the other room to see if Settings>About>Update would show an update, which it didn’t. Then I return to the full article to see that the BOX referred to in the headline was the cardboard box for “new” revues. :)

    I bought this Logitech Review for $99 about two weeks ago in preparation for dropping expensive cable ($150/mo) and going all IPTV + netflix + youtube + dlna vids ($37/mo). I would give it a solid “C” grade as-is, and I’m hoping that the imminent GTV update will bump that up to a B (would need a faster processor for an A, as the UI is a bit sluggish, though not any more so than my also-sluggish java-based Scientific Atlantic 8300 HD DVR that I’ll be returning to Time Warner next week).

    1. Keep checking ;)

  9. if oen an use ‘DIce Player’ aka use any market apps
    then really we can watch anything on it

  10. I got the Sony/GTV at BB the other day for $199, needed the BluRay player anyhow. Haven’t had a chance to hook it up, waitng for my new cable box too arrive. Any tricks i should know about w/GTV?

  11. like the design and logo on the box itself and also the fact that Logitech is moving into the Android market. that is pretty awesome stuff.

    anyone interested in Logitech webcams? check out

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