Oct 27th, 2011

What do you get when you cross the design of the Droid RAZR with that of the Droid 3? The Motorola Droid 4, which is already posing for its pictorial debut. DroidLife got the goods, and along with a first look at the device comes a first look at its specs…and they are enough to get any QWERTY lover excited. The Droid 4 will feature a 4-inch screen (possibly Super AMOLED as in the RAZR), a five-row illuminated keyboard, and 4G LTE. No word was spoken on the processor spec, but assumptions point to something along the lines of a 1.2GHz OMAP4430 (like the RAZR). The camera is said to be 1080p capable, but there is no mention of megapixels.

The specs seem about right for Motorola’s recent approach to smartphone design. Moto seems to be recycling a fairly standard set of hardware between their current crop of high-end models, choosing to focus on design to differentiate. We aren’t complaining. Smartphone specs have hit a brick wall for the moment (things likely will remain stagnant until the introduction of quad-core technology to handsets) and the Droid RAZR is a true feat of design, showing that it isn’t always about the internals. But the internals are still pretty great, and the RAZR design language look to continue to shape Motorola’s future lineup. Head over tot he source link below for more images and info.


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