Oct 27th, 2011

Sometime last night, it was revealed that Verizon was advertising the Galaxy Nexus as an exclusive product of theirs. When searching for any Samsung phone on their site, a Galaxy Nexus “Learn More” banner appears above the results. Yesterday, “Exclusively from Verizon” was spotted in the upper left corner. Today, it is gone.

So the question is – did Google ask them to remove that tag? We know Verizon is likely the only timed exclusive carrier here in the states so that’s why Verizon used the tag in the first place (the device has already been confirmed for other carriers worldwide).

Everyone was worried no other carrier would be getting the device here in the states, but that is highly unlikely. So is it really exclusive to them? Yes… for now. Mounting evidence suggests Sprint and others will also get in on the Galaxy Nexus gravy train. Don’t worry too much about it, folks. [Thanks Mitchel!]

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