Samsung Confirms November 17th Date for European Galaxy Nexus


We’ve been circling a few different November dates for the Galaxy Nexus’ arrival, but Samsung has confirmed which one is correct. The device will ship in Europe starting on November 17th, Samsung has officially mentioned. Word of this was dropped during an unrelated event they’re holding, the Samsung Galaxy Note World Tour. There’s still room for Verizon’s version to launch before then, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’re just happy it won’t be too long before folks the world over are able to purchase one of these. [Twitter via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. didn’t they say the us would get it first? so then that means that we’ll get it before the 17th.

    1. so….16-Nov….5:59 CST….it pops up for the US 1 min before UK time. LOL

    2. I don’t believe so…

  2. Ok now the HSPA+ US date.

    1. Yes !@$#ing please.

  3. Will the HSPA+ work if you were to import it and use it on AT&T?

    1. Far as we have heard so far, it should work on AT&T and T-mo 3G.

      1. Great to hear! Thanks for the help! Now if Amazon UK would just list the 32GB Unlocked version, I’d be able to pre-order.

        1. The only 32gb versions i’ve seen listed are Verizon only. :-) Check all the listings on Ebay.

          1. I hadn’t thought about 32GB being a Verizon exclusive…I sure hope that’s not the case.


  5. Yes…the speculation and my addiction is getting out of control with this phone! I am helping out phandroid with my 200+ page updates every day – just waiting for the next tidbit of GN news that I can suckle on.

    Please announce it so I can get back to work!!!

    1. I know the feeling. I check a few different sites multiple times a day. Where as before I would look at them once a day or so. It would be nice if the Nov 10th date was spot on. The speculation that some have is that the US is supposed to get it first. I am OK with that.

  6. Expansys UK are offering the 32GB and the 16GB versions. http://m.expansys.com/mp.aspx?i=224348

    1. i made that point a while ago…starting to doubt expansys…they list a lot of phones for AGES that never seem to appear.

  7. FINALLY! a release date…now do i get this or the RAZR, which is nearly £100 less? I love the look of the RAZR and with the same chip on a lower res screen it’ll probably perform better, and no amoled plus on the nexus, and a likely update to ICS soon with google owning moto mobile….which do i get?! when will phandroid have a review of these phones? it’s going to come down to the review i think, if you need me to do the reviews, send the sample phones my way :D

  8. You guys are just like isheeple, a phone is released with with slightly better hardware (with its own shortcomings) and an updated OS with slightly different look and a few new widgets and everyone is going nuts over it.

    1. First with a HD screen. Its a big jump. I’m no Android FANBoy however Comparing this to iPhone? please don’t even go there

    2. “an updated OS with slightly different look”? Are you kidding me? Get this guy out of here.

  9. And with the realease of the Galaxy Nexus…comes the realease of… ICS source code I think!

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