Verizon’s Sign-up Page For Galaxy Nexus Goes Live – Confirms Verizon Exclusivity


Awwww, snap! Here we go, folks! The sign-up page for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus by Samsung is now up and ready for… signage. All you have to do is make sure you’re at least 13 years of age, enter you email address and you’ll be one of the first to receive information regarding the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

And thanks to one of our commenters, I’ve included a shot of the banner ad that displays when you search for a Samsung phone on Verizon Wireless. May I draw your attention to the “Exclusively from Verizon” part. How does that sit with you guys? Either way, the SGN should be arriving any day now! You guys hyped?

Thanks, Steven!


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    1. I remember when T-mo had these exclusive sign-up pages for the Nexus One and Nexus S, oh wait they didn’t so T-mo/AT&T Galaxy Nexus here I come.

      1. I wish i could switch to t-mobile but cant get service in southern il:( and at&t speeds here are all edge

  1. This is what I have been waiting to see!!!

  2. Y’welcome. :D I just had a coronary. G-nex, here I come, baby!

  3. The ad confirms Verizon exclusivity! :D

    1. >:/

      1. Perhaps you missed the giant “Galaxy Nexus” words in the banner ad…

        1. I noticed but phandroid didn’t let me edit it sooooooo screw it

          1. You mean Disqus. =p

          2. Lol sureee their to blame i know how devious moderators can be :P, I kid.

          3. ok its changed now

        2. I still doubt the exclusivity though sure verizon will get exclusive in store but I doubt online as well.

          1. what this guy said.
            they’ll sell them un-subsidized online for other carriers is what i’m thinking.
            @Brian, i agree. it will be exclusive for a bit and i think they’ll always be the only carrier in the US to carry it subsidized.

          2. I hope so I’d gladly pay out of pocket for a t-mo variant I did that for the sensation and sk4g but if I can get a subsidized price for t-mo best believe im jumping on that. I hope in store exclusivity is only a month at most I got my last nexus S dec 17 i don’t mind getting a new one same time though.

          3. I honestly still think that it will be exclusive online and in-store for a short period of time. We are talking weeks here. They are making up for the GSII, and doubt Verizon would agree to settle for an in-store exclusive only.

    2. Why would anyone be happy that this is a verizon exclusive?? I get that you’re happy that a nexus phone will be finally on verizon, but google is really dropping the ball by not making it available on all carriers from the start.

      1. Exactly! This phone needs to be available to everyone. I thought that was the idea behind the Nexus brand.

    3. This is incredibly disappointing. My guess would be “limited exclusivity”. It’s also incredibly lame on your part to be happy about that.

    4. your kind of a dick to be happy about it being exclusive for verizon… this only PREVENTS others from enjoying the android awesomeness, be happy its on verizon, but you should be UPSET that the leading phone for openness is “exclusive”

      ~ not a dick (i like freedom)

      1. Nexus was always exclusive on one carrier for a period of time. Get over yourself quit whining.

        1. Not true, my N1 was unlock so I could put it on any GSM carrier.

          1. What country are you in? In the USA there were 2 versions of the phone, one for T-Mobile and one for AT&T.

    5. It’s wrong to be happy about exclusivity. When i got my N1, i was sorry htat it was only on tmo at the time because i wanted my friends to get it, but luckily it at last went to att.

  4. Signed up, hoping it is out very soon.

  5. SIGNED!

  6. Thanks! YeeeHaw! Now if we could only get some remaining specs confirmed LOL

    1. What other specs are you wanting confirmed?

      1. For sure on the glass situation – what the heck is “fortified glass” that seems sketchy to me. Almost any display has fortified glass of some sort – my pyrex is made of fortified glass :(

        And what’s the final deal on SD card and storage. I still am reading conflicts on 16 vs 32? Can you pick a version?

  7. signed up, can’t be long now! Nov 10 is looking good! I don’t think it will be too long before it is on some other carriers. For once, I get the primo phone on Big Red FIRST! YEEHAWWW!

  8. Hype is not the word.

  9. subscribed and patiently waiting….

  10. Great. Cant wait to see the GSM version follow soon! Getting close =)

  11. JUST what I was waiting for!!……err of course other than the device itself ;)

  12. I’m praying for a T-mobile (in-store or online, doesn’t matter) release at this point

  13. So fucking tired of exclusives. As if carriers have issues getting customers on their own merits.

  14. Dude this is not going to be a verizon exclusive. They will probably be selling the gsm version online as soon as possible. Verizon will probably just have it in stores first and have ads for it for a few days or a few weeks. Google would be nuts to alienate others.

    1. You guys are forgetting… the GSM version is the only version that has passed through the FCC already. Why would they send a device through the FCC (USA) a month ago, if the CDMA LTE version was going to be exclusive for very long? The better question is when the heck is the CDMA version going to come out of the FCC???

  15. My complaint is that I brought a Bionic 3 weeks ago and now Motorola is coming out with the Razor ( Same company as Bionic ) and now SAMSUNG with the Nexus.
    When will these Phone companies going to stop the price break for only new 2 year contract and allow anyone who wants to buy a phone to allow them to get one at the 299.99 price.Technology changes all the time.Allow us. To get a new phone when we want do not penile ize us like this.
    Unhappy Phone Customer

    1. When will YOU realize you SIGNED AND AGREED TO THE TERMSand now you want to go back on YOUR AGREEMENT?
      Sell your Bionic and get the Razor!
      Companies coddling consumers needs to end.

    2. How can I do that.

      1. eBay or craigslist. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Bionic will sell for much because it was very down level when it launched and there is almost no demand for it.

    3. Because the phone actually costs just shy of $600. They’re not going to give you something for nothing.

  16. My complaint is that I brought a Bionic 3 weeks ago and now Motorola is coming out with the Razor ( Same company as Bionic ) and now SAMSUNG with the Nexus.
    When will these Phone companies going to stop the price break for only new 2 year contract and allow anyone who wants to buy a phone to allow them to get one at the 299.99 price.Technology changes all the time.Allow us. To get a new phone when we want do not penile ize us like this.
    Unhappy Phone Customer

    1. You get the 299 price point because YOU SIGN A CONTRACT!! If you don’t like it then pay full price for the phone ($600+ usually). Why do people always act like the company owes them something? You sign a term of agreement and then you get mad because you didn’t research enough and got a total flop of a phone? Makes no sense.

      1. What was to research.Three weeks ago their was no word of any of these phone was to come out.

        1. ya there were words on them, I actually been waiting on them for like a month and half. Also by the way if you got your droid through best buy, you can still return it, and get your upgrade date + the money back.

          1. Got them directly with Verizon.

          2. Enjoy your Bionic. It was the best phone VZW had for 3 weeks. Uninformed buyers deserve what they get. I bet you bought it on launch day too!!! The funniest thing is that it was selling for $0.01 3 weeks later. A fool and his money are soon parted.

        2. You need to pay attention. Verizon Galaxy Nexus rumors have been very abundant for more than three weeks.

        3. While phone carriers don’t seem to mention specific phones/release dates till the last minute, you could have done research more than three weeks ago to get an idea of what phones would be available in the near future to figure out what phone you would get. For example, there was an engadget article in August discussing the possibility of ICS showing up on the nexus prime in October (and many other articles since then).

        4. It must be your first time here. There isn’t a page from now till July that doesn’t mention the nexus. RAZR was a little more sudden, but we knew for the past month.

      2. If you were a regular of phandroid.com then you would know that the RAZR and Galaxy Nexus were dropping sooner then later…I feel no pain for you!

    2. The price is for signing a contract. That contract is $1800 over 2 years with the phone purchase (give or take on the plan). You do not have to get the discounted price on the phone. You can buy it out right for ~$600, sell it, then buy the next great phone when it comes out.

      This comes down to the wasteful spending of we Americans. I will only get a new phone if it benefits me, all my bills are paid off, my 401k and IRAs are funded. After all of that, if I have the money, I will upgrade my phone. Luckily, I have a good enough job to allow me to do that. I will get this phone for ~$300, use it for 2 years, and then upgrade if it is within my financial goals.

      I think you need to change your desires a little bit and decide where you can splurge. Trust me, Obama is not doing anything to help you. No one in government is. They want you to be so far in debt that you depend on them. It only makes them wealthier.

      1. Really? What was the purpose of bringing government into this?

  17. I signed up when Verizon had the Droid Bionic page like this and still haven’t got an email from them letting me know it’s out. Hope it’s not the same with this page.

  18. For those of you looking for the sign up page (like I was), the URL is:


    I don’t know how anyone else got to the page, but I ended up having to do a Google search for it since it doesn’t seem to be linked in the article or from the Verizon site directly.

  19. Verizon exclusivity is either temporary or for a specific model of the device. If it were permanent and nobody but Verizon could sell it, why would Samsung put up a Galaxy Nexus signup sheet listing 7 US carriers? While inclusion on the list doesn’t guarantee any of those carriers will get it, the fact that the list exists indicates that some other than Verizon will carry it.


    1. Samsung had Verizon on the list when the Galaxy S II signup page went live, and that never came to Verizon, so there’s no guarantee that the phone will come to any of the carriers on their list. Although, based on this phone’s specs, it probably will come out on most.

  20. I couldn’t type my email address fast enough! I was so giddy that I messed up like three times! Whaaaaaa!!!!! SOOOOOOO excited!!!!! :)

  21. I think Verizon will get the LTE exclusive version and then in 30 days ATT/Tmob/Sprint, ect. will get theirs for the holiday season

  22. So… I’m on Verizon and I’m not really excited for this phone, waiting on rezound announcement, but why isn’t this page mobile friendly? Lol

    1. Ugh, I tried 3 different browsers and couldn’t use the drop box menu for personal use!

    2. None of the 3 phones are impressive. You would have figured that one of them could have done everything right. Each skimped in some way or another. Its too bad. At least I will be able to see all 3 next to each other to make a decision on my own.

  23. Waiting on the pre-order page! Whoo!

  24. ” I opened up the window and I caught a sudden breeze. Jizz in my pants!”

    I love how I got the RAZR pre-order email today too.

  25. Who else is pissed? I’m on At&t and I am so angry right now. I want to punch a wall. WTF GOOGLE!?!?

    1. It will be available for AT&T, you’ll just have to get it unsubsidized as the world variant.

      Like the Nexus S, I’d imagine it’s only going to be exclusive for a little while and then the rest of the carriers will be able to offer it =)

      1. Yeah the unsubsidized $1,000 Amazon world variant.

    2. Yeah, you’re pissed it’s not on AT&T for now. How many of us on Verizon were pissed the N1 and NS never came to Verizon?

  26. Guess I’ll be ordering it from overseas. No big deal – savings on T-Mobile will cover the extra in a few months.

  27. So for the first time Android is behind iPhone in spec, and now Google is giving exclusivity to one carrier on top?

    What kind of bizzaro world am I living in?

    I’m going to pretend this didn’t happen and patiently wait for a Tegra 3 phone to be released.

    Hopefully, the Photon 2 will be exactly like the Droid RAZR with a Tegra 3 chip instead.

    1. Lol android is not behind in any way when speaking of specs in comparison to iphone lol its bizarre that verizon of all carriers is getting an exclusive be that it maybe for a short time im betting 30 days at the most

    2. If Tegra 3 is anything like Tegra 2, you can have it.

  28. I’m glad verizon finally gets something. I’ve been waiting forever for the Galaxy S II and well that didn’t happen. I still have an original droid waiting for something that made me happy.

  29. Sucks balls. Burn in hell Verizon

  30. Looking at the page at http://smartphones.verizonwireless.com/nexus/ right now it appears to not have the “Exclusively from verizon” part above Galaxy Nexus any more, could it have been a mistake? or am i simply not delving deep enough.

    1. Here is the “Exclusively” part people are referring to.

      1. Ah, thats a shame. Thanks for point that out for me

        1. Yeah I’m bummed. I’m on at&t. I have a dying 3gs. I’m thinking about getting the iPhone 4S, and using it a month or two until the Galaxy Nexus either A. Comes to at&t. Or B. the unlocked version is a little cheaper. Then I’ll get it, and give my wife the iphone 4s (which she’s been wanting).

          I’m a little annoyed with At&t btw. I live in Dallas (one of the places at&t actually has LTE service) and yet they still (after weeks) have no LTE phones… Tired of hearing about their LTE network that can only be used by tablets and hotspots, WTF is that mess?

  31. Doesn’t. Sit well a-tall being a T-Mobile customer. International version here I come.

  32. Verizon having exclusivity on this phone is exciting cause I’m on Verizon. If this phone is not released to other carriers for the holidays then Samsung will probably update the variations of the SGII to ICS. I’m sure that will satisfy the masses.

    1. I’m pretty sure that won’t.

  33. “Oh shaith”

    -Group X

  34. Yeah…only for the big V…makes sense…like isaid before. Everyone else gets, GS2 and so have no room for bitch ing at all. GS2 are badass phones as well…so yeah stop the bitching…those who are bitching how its not fair and such…just shut up shut up like that old Black eyed peas song said…

    1. I think you should take your own advice idiot.

    2. There is no such thing as an “old” Black eyed peas song.

  35. I think im in love:)

  36. Why is everyone saying Tmo is cheaper. I’m looking at their plans online, and my Verizon is cheaper. I have unlimited everything for $90 a month.

  37. Yeah you guys need to quit complaining. This is the first decent dual core offered for VZW, you’ve all been getting dual core goodness while VZW has been getting jewed with only the bionic..

  38. This sucks!! I need some kind of word on a Sprint version before I explode!!!!!!!!

    1. Don’t hold your breath.

      (From a fellow frustrated Sprint customer.)

  39. signed up! Hope its out within the next couple weeks… in the back of my mind i cant help but think they will hold out till around black friday…

  40. Verizon’s got it figured out for the holiday season getting three ridiculous phones all right around the same time: Droid RAZR, Galaxy Nexus, and HTC Rezound.

    Let’s go Sprint, not everybody wants an iDevice.

  41. exclusivity could easily mean just a day lol but they passed on the gs2 so no real surprise

  42. This is great :) not because only Verizon gets it, at least to start, but because there were so many of you saying that it would never happen and if Verizon got it they wouldn’t get it first. So from all of us happy Verizon customers… told you so :P

  43. dont worry usaers if it doesn’t come out on att you can buy the canadian rogers version

  44. Google really missed a major opportunity to launch this across multiple major carriers, right before the holiday season kick-off! I think they still have butt trauma from the Nexus One fiasco. Thought the third time would be the charm but I’m starting to have doubts simply because in a way I feel Google has not put the proper energy behind this product. However, I hope Verizon gives it the exposure it gives it’s DROID series.

  45. It’s amusing how over the last 2 years Verizon was considered the closed-minded carrier that wasn’t sensitive to the development minded consumer with things like locked phones / bloatware, etc… but now they are actually opening up with a true Google device and nobody can be excited for what this could possible mean for the future of all carriers. If Verizon can take a leap like this, anything is possible.

    Other carriers had the opportunity to pick up other Nexus devices, but never once did I see as much complaining from Verizon users that it’s unfair and that Google is missing opportunities from not spreading the love. It’s just a spoiled little kid syndrome that comes off as petty since you can’t be happy that other people get to experience what you’ve had the opportunity to.

    The phone will come to other carriers, it’s just a matter of waiting. Verizon users have waited TWO YEARS for this experience as opposed to the few months at most which you’ll have to wait. We even watched for months thinking we would get the SGII to no avail. Believe me, that isn’t fun, especially with everyone raving on how amazing their device is.

    I for one am looking forward to getting this phone and I hope that it and ICS end up being as good as (or even better) than imagined. When the phone drops on other carriers, I hope everyone has the same good impressions.

  46. That ad no longer says exclusive on the site :O

  47. The “Exclusively from Verizon” banner is now removed, someone must have jumped the gun on that one……

  48. I am no longer seeing the “Exclusively from Verizon” part when on the Verizon website??

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