Samsung Selling Galaxy S II for $2 in Australia, Tweaks Design to Duck European Injunctions


While Apple continues their legal assault on Samsung’s portfolio of smart devices, the Korean-based company is finding new ways to launch volleys at their biggest mobile competitor. In Australia, Samsung has set up a makeshift shop down the street from a Sydney Apple Store in an effort to draw away customers from purchasing the newly launched iPhone 4S. How is Samsung managing to distract would-be iPhone owners? By offering the Galaxy S II for a mere $2.00 to the first 10 people to visit the Samsung Music Hub store each day for a week. Not a last year’s Galaxy S or some gimped entry-level handset, mind you, but a full-featured, dual-core Samsung Galaxy S II. The offer has been enough to keep Samsung’s storefront bustling.

On the other side of the world, Samsung may finally be back on track to sell their latest handset in parts of Europe where the phone was initially banned after Apple complained of patent infringement. The Android handset manufacturer was given until October 14th to make changes in design to their Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Ace smartphones. Samsung has apparently completed the necessary tweaks and plans to start selling the phones again shortly.

[via BGR, Engadget]

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  1. *first guy walks in, gets all happy, then a store employee says the first 10 already came and gone* ;-)

      1. My high school geometry teacher makes every class watch that movie every year. I actually kind of like Stand and Deliver.

  2. Samsung never stopped selling the phone in Europe. It is merely updating it with the revised gallery so it can keep selling it after the 14th.

  3. what kind of tweaks i wonder? turning it into a square shape?

  4. Steve Wozniac said that Steve Jobs gave mankind tools unlike any the world ever had before.

    Someone replied: Yes, and they’re called Apple fanboys.

  5. this deal is perfect for the unemployed!

    1. which happens to be the majority of the world right now, unemployed and underemployed

  6. haha, i don’t think “down the street from a Sydney apple store” sufficiently illustrates how bold a move it is on Samsung’s part. Less than 3 months before the launch of Apple’s new phone, they took out a lease on a storefront two doors down from the main flagship Sydney CBD Apple store; (in street view, it is the “Fletcher Jones” storefront two doors to the left) http://bit.ly/osNYpv Then one week out from launch, start trying to divert customers from that apple store by offering this spectacular promotional deal. I don’t own a GSII but I’ll be seriously looking at the Prime…

    1. if you can pick one up for me for $2 and send it to me in New York, I’ll send you my iPhone 4. its still worth several hundred dollars on ebay.

  7. Wow gotta give that shit away huh!

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