Source: Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) Will Have 1.5GHz Dual-Core TI OMAP 4460


A few more juicy bits of info regarding the Nexus Prime have fallen into our laps, once again thanks to a reliable insider with access to the soon-to-be-announced Verizon device. According to statements issued to the moderators over at Android Forums, the device our source has personally used was running a dual-core 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4460 processor. This is in contrast to earlier reports that pegged the device with a CPU clocked at 1.2GHz. There is a definite chance that the pre-release model our insider handled was simply running an overclocked chipset for testing purposes, despite confidence that the 1.2GHz spec is erroneous.

The final clock speed could settle back down to 1.2GHz, and that might not be such a bad thing considering another bit of info that was verified by the same person. Lining up with earlier reports, the battery life of the Nexus Prime is said to be rather disappointing. This comes with the caveat that the phone was seeing heavy use with the screen set at full brightness, inevitably making battery life a concern when considering the massive 4.6-inch 720p display size.

Also of note is the fact that Google and Samsung are said to be rather protective of how the phone is unveiled and the marketing surrounding it. Apparently Verizon is having a hard time getting their voice heard or having a hand in the launch of the phone, further confirming that exclusive rights will only last for a limited period of time. Samsung and Google seem to be prepping the phone for a much wider release and have a very specific way they want the phone represented. The whole back and forth is causing some tension behind the scenes, especially with invites to a new device announcement event set to go out any day now. Just don’t expect the new event to fall on this Friday.

[Android Forums 1, 2]

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  1. when are they going to make battery life better?

    1. When there’s a paradigm shift in battery technology and someone has a brilliant breakthrough. Such things cannot be predicted however, so ya… “hang in there” is the best anyone can say.

    2. When they quit obsessing on being the thinnest phone in the world. It’s quite maddening to me that they make the phones thinner every year instead of keeping the phone the same size with a bigger battery in it.

    3. When they find out some amazing new screen and/or battery technology.

    4. They most likely never will. Not in our lifetime anyway, but with car chargers and spare batteries wtf is the problem. People are so pampered these days they just like to complain about the stupidest shit.

  2. I might be more inclined to go with a Krait device.

  3. To be honest, this launch is kind of turning into a cluster.

    1. Damned right! Just let it end already!

      1. Nexus Prime has long been rumored to have OMAP 4460, which TI specs indicate *upto* 1.5Ghz. According to my Android friend, Google/Samsung will use that processor but runs at 1.2Ghz to reduce battery usage. It makes perfect sense. It also gives third-party ROM customizer to give user the ability to overclock.

    2. Because the OS seems to be a cluster. From all appreances, poor design. Blue on Black? Really dude? #smh iPhone5 it is then.

      1. You’re already talking about the iPhone 5??? Seriously??

        1. I hear (from an inside source) with the iPhone 5 you will be able to call Steve Jobs in Heaven

      2. iphone5 huh? when does that come out? And wouldn’t that actually be the 6th iphone?

        1. 7th I believe

        2. Eh wha? I thought it was the iPhone 4S. -_-

          Did they update the software again? Will my iPod 2G I won work with iOS 5? LoL!!

      3. I wouldn’t buy an iPhone if it came with free hookers.

        1. brian c would if they told him to get on his knees..lame

        2. Dont they have a no porn policy at apple still? You might get free nuns with an iphone… Maybe a old lady in a burka as a secondary choice…

    3. No matter what G&S say or do or how they reveal the Nexus Prime, it will not disappoint anyone one-one hundredth as much as the Apple iPhone 4S event did. This is a win-win for the Android community.

    4. That’s what happens when you have 10 different rumor sites with conflicting information that all claim they have “insider” sources.

  4. What is new the battery life sucks. I mean they make larger screens, hd screens, higher clocked processors yet stick with small batteries. Might as well wait until the 2nd gen lte chips come to help with battery life.

    1. No kidding. I don’t need a sub 10mm thick phone. Put a damn battery in it that will actually make it through the day for a change.

      1. Agree idk what the big deal is with making phones super thin. Give me a big battery that I dont have to use an extended battery. I like having a phone that will last the whole day and making it super thin to prevent that I’ll pass.

        1. Because it has been proven time and time again that people will buy a super thin, sexy phone over a thicker one with more/better features.

          1. If you want a fat phone then buy a fat fucken phone this is Android not Apple with they’re one size fits all ignorance.

    2. It’s not an iphone. Just buy the aftermarket bigger battery and cover, they usually come out right after the phone.

  5. Did the source confirm vanilla ICS on the Verizon version, or will it be bloated with crap and TW?

    1. It’s a Nexus phone – no garbage apps, no TW.

      1. I understand, but there’s been much talk about the possibility of Verizon getting this phone as the “Droid Prime” – complete with bloatware. At this point, every day it’s something different, so I wanted to know the latest on what Verizon would be receiving.

        1. Insiders referring specifically to the Verizon version have said it is not running any bloat or Touchwiz. Even the leaked software list had no bloatware listed.

          1. Well that’s good news. For what it’s worth, I’m referring to this article:


            This is not the only place I’ve read it.

          2. If it comes out on Verizon first, it will not have any bloat or skin. Google is not going to let an ICS phone come out before their Nexus.

    2. Considering all the control Samsung and Google are allegedly maintaining over this device, I doubt they would let Verizon put any of their crapware on it. It wouldn’t be a Nexus if it wasn’t vanilla android.

      1. They aren’t going to let you tether your phone for free. This will be turned off or controlled by Verizon. Other than that the rest of the phone should work the same on every other network.

    3. All of the insider reports and leaks say it is not running anything but vanilla Android. No Touchwiz, no bloat.

      1. i have a feeling is VZW brands it as a Droid.. it will get the usual verizon treatment, unfortunately. VZW doesn’t seem to care much about what we want.

    4. Will it have a unified inbox? I like to have one app that handles all my emails from all my sources (gmail, exchange, hotmail, yahoo).
      Will it have a unified contact app that will handle all my contacts from all my sources.
      Will it have a unified calendar app to handle my gmail and exchange calendars.

      1. One can only hope! Its not a business oriented phone yet. They will get there though

      2. My Evo shows both Google and Exchange calendars on the stock calendar app.

        It also shows all contacts in a single stock contacts list (Google, Exchange, Facebook).

        The only beef I have is that I have to run the Gmail app for personal email and the stock Email app for Exchange push support.

      3. K9 mail and smooth calendar apps already do that.

  6. yeah when wil they learn all this power with no battery life is useless .

  7. I’m not too worried about battery life.
    For most popular Android phones you can go over to AndroidCentral.com and get either (a) slightly more mAh battery that is the same size; or (b) a larger battery w/new back cover that is like double the mAh. I did option (a) for my G1 and my Nexus One and yay having the old stock battery plus the new higher capacity battery made it so I never worry about battery run-out if I’m out and about using my phone heavily. And yeah, I have chargers in my house in three different spots, heh. You could say I’m sort of obsessed with my phone never running out of juice :-)

  8. “Lining up with earlier reports, the battery life of the Nexus Prime is said to be rather disappointing.”

    Although this sentence makes me extremely weary – let’s not judge anything until the official unveil.

    1. …especially when the person said they were running full brightness with the screen on for 4-6 hours. My battery wouldn’t last long with that use either, especially if it had 4G, which the person also said they were constantly using.

  9. I’m sad if it is 4460 on all carriers. The SoC for 4460 shows SGX540 as the GPU and while it may be clocked higher than last year’s SGX540 it is nothing compared to the mali 400 gpu or even the SGX543MP2 in the iphone4s. Sad if true :(

    1. Iphone 4 uses SGX535 and is more buttery than anything else in the Android world. Software optimization is everything.

      1. I believe you mean an app launcher OS that doesn’t run very many processes is everything. Of course it’s buttery smooth, it’s scrolling a grid of icons and launching one app at a time.

        No widgets, no live wall paper, extremely restricted processes running the background, etc.

        1. How do I launch multiple applications at once on my Android?

          I don’t have widgets or live wall papers in my Android stock browser, and I don’t have stuff in the background consuming cpu, yet web rendering occurs at frustrating low FPS despite having dual-core Cortex-A9s under the hood. And the same goes for the gallery

          Now if I can’t use the phone for proper web browsing or viewing photos, why care about performance in games?

          1. There are performance issues in the Gallery app for almost EVERY phone. Google did a shit job with optimization. But web browsing and gaming are two different things. My computer can play most, if not all games on max at buttery smooth framerates, but it still lags occasionally in Chrome.

          2. ICS should be better for multiple cores

          3. What kind of phone do you have? My Thunderbolt is great at web browsing. With web browsing you also have to take into consideration the network connection.

      2. Hate to say it but you have a point. Sometimes we have to get out of the benchmark world and live in the real world.

        For the most part you dont see too many complaints about the Bionic and Blur. Blur is better and it shows with that so called weaker cpu, gpu. Look at WP7 phones and those old ass Snapdragons. I would argue that WP7 phones are the smoothest phones out.

        If the phone can play all the games you want it to good, if videos play good, if the UI is smooth…forget about benchmarks ppl. Or better yet, dont use benchmarks as an end all be all.

    2. I agree, I’m sorry but it’s not a “prime” phone if the processor is one that has shown time and time again to be even slower than the exynos processor. I think I am going to wait for the Galaxy Note…if it ever gets here.

      1. Hard to say. The Tmobile Hercules (SGSII) has the 1.5ghz S3 snapdragon which bests the exynos in business apps by a wide margin. Does it beat the Mali-400? I dunno, i haven’t seen those benchmarks or real life comparisons.

  10. Battery life will increase but only when a breakthrough takes place. Computers used to be the size of my living room. Cell phones used to be the size of my computer. Inventors and engineers are working on these things every day and will figure it out eventually.

    I would think another 5-7 years and there will be major breakthroughs in this arena. Not just with cell phone batteries but with batteries in general.

    1. Soon cell phones will charge from heat radiated from the body and absorbing sound waves in the air. If that is the case, my wife’s hot air will keep my phone charged for decades.

      1. They have watches and flashlights that charge through movement – magnetic energy or something. This is a HUUUUGE area for researchers because the implications (and patents) can be worth billions. Cars, toys, cell phones, tools – essentially anything that needs a battery will be improved.

        They’ll improve the current tech (baby steps forward) until the day someone reinvents the entire thing (giant leaps forward).

        1. I remember what you’re talking about. I learned it in Physics class. Imagine a slinky and getting a metal magnet rod and put it through the slinky. Have the rod go through constantly and about in an hour you can light a light bulb for about 1 second if you’re lucky. Oh and make sure the rod DON’T touch the slinky or you lose all your gained Watts. See how complicated that would be in a phone? You can’t make something like that small enough… yet.

          Oh and normally the rod is a circle so it can go through constantly without stopping.

          And the movement one is kinetic energy. I think it makes the magnet bar move to build up energy.

          The answer is obviously a phone with a solar powered back to get energy. That’ll save a lot of energy. LoL!!

    2. Get 2X Batter app, and stop fucking with your phones all day … = all day battery life.

      1. or… ‘stop fuck*ng with your phones all day’ = better battery life for the day. :)

    3. I think the battery problem will be solved by moving data intensive processing to the cloud, e.g. Amazon’s new tablet with SILK browser. What will need to increase, which is decreasing in price is storage to facilitate this even better so we could in fact see a phone with 128gb or more of storage but only a dual core processor connected to a cloud based service for not only browser tasks but all sort of process intensive tasks. – just a thought

      1. Put the processor in the cloud? Eh wha!? o.O

        Oh, and cloud based service is only good if you have connection. Though I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem unless you travel… a lot. I kinda like that thought. But what about the amount of bandwidth that will bring up since EVERYBODY will be using data? Hmm…

  11. Just a question. If this is indeed a Verizon “exclusive” (or timed for that matter), is there any chance it’ll make it to Canada or would it be exclusive in North America to Verizon at launch? I badly need a new Android and this is the phone I want! (If the specs and rumors are true). I don’t want to buy the phone outright. (Yes I need a contract… In Canada… It’s 3 years of my soul again…)

    1. Why on earth would you WANT a contract? you get a $300 discount on the phone, but end up paying for 15 phones during the 3 years. That’s how those douchebags get you … they make you THINK you’re saving money while they overcharge you.

      1. On Verizon here in the US we don’t get a break on the monthly plan price if we buy the phone unlocked. So why not get the phone for $250/300 if you know you’ll stay with the carrier for 2 years.

      2. It’s just like gallery69 said below.

        I’m pretty much gonna be stuck on the carrier for a couple more years. So the discount is a better option to me than buying outright. (Yes, I know it probably sucks. But I’m okay with it. That’s why I’m deciding on a phone that will last years. Android wised.)

  12. Ridiculous… Mess like this is why this Nexus will be a fail. Why talk about it a whole year ago and til this day its not even released. I don’t like the iPhone but apple does it right, they announce the phone and then a week later its available for preorder, don’t have us wait forever and a day.

    1. Actually no one from Google’s or Samsung’s camp even mentioned this phone until maybe a day ago or so. That’s why nobody has locked in a solid name for this device or devices. It’s not their fault speculation on the next nexus device began almost as soon as the nexus s came out. Besides, it seems this device has been slated to come out in late october/november all along as far as I’ve ever heard. I’m sure that never changed. Whenever they choose to make the announcement won’t make it come any sooner…

    2. I agree when they announce there new iPhones you hardly see any setbacks. Since I’m wit sprint I’m not flocking to this device just curious how the new os will be.

    3. Did Google make an announcement a year ago about it? Pretty sure it was just everyone speculating on it for a year, in which case there were over 9000 speculations/rumors for the iphone as well. Have to keep it straight which are just speculation and which are real leaks/announcements.(which is tough considering how many “trusted sources” are made up)

    4. i disagree. If we didn’t know about it ahead of time, I would be stuck with a Droid Bionic when this phone comes out.

    5. There were a lot of rumors about the iPhone too and everyone knew Apple was coming up with something (which didn’t live up to the hype). This is the same. Everyone knew there will be another Nexus this year, Andy Rubin just confirmed it during the I/O … not like it was a huge secret. The difference is: This isn’t going to the same pig only with lipstick on it.

    6. Yes, if you believe every rumor (and I’m guessing you do from you post) than this is a mess or a fail or whatever you want to call it. Not trying to be a D head but so far the only thing we know for sure is that the announcement has been pushed back from last Tuesday. That’s it. While I don’t believe the VZW exclusive rumor I do believe that Verizon would have issues with Smmy and Google. They are trying to take away control from a carrier in the US and we all know that is a no no when it comes to big red. I want this phone as much as the next guy. I was set to pull the trigger on the GSII until the Prime was rumored sooner rather than later. Toomuchgame you must have some great sources because I didn’t hear about the Prime until it was said there was no GSII for VZW. If you heard about it a “whole year ago” then great for you. As far as Apple goes, what has Googs done different? They didn’t announce it and then push it back. All of these stories are based on rumors. Remember the iPhone 5 rumors? They were wrong just like some of the Nexus rumors will be wrong. I think we all need to take a deep breath be glad we aren’t the ones excited about an “S” being placed at the end of the name of our previous phone.

      1. There was an S placed at the end of the last nexus phone, heh, sorry i had to (yes i know they’re different phones from n1 to ns)

    7. What you’ve described is pretty much exactly what will happen with the Nexus. I mean, Apple announced and showed off iOS 5 back in June, and it’s finally being released today!

    8. The Nexus S wasn’t even released a year ago.

    9. you know what? I think you love the iphone and a troll..(well maybe anyway)..you know another way iphone users charge their phones?,atleast its a new way for the idump4s..its to stick it up their fudge tunnel…because they figure thats where most of their users get their ideas anyway.

    10. You’re kidding right? Apple ppl were talking iPhone 5 for 16 months and then still didn’t get it. There were a few rumors back in April on the Nexus but it didn’t really get announced until this past summer. So its been a few months, 4 or 5. Your facts are skewed. It hasn’t been a year. And when its announced, it will be available about a week later, just like the Apple. Take a nap or something.

  13. Does anyone know the material build of the Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime)? I’ve looked around but no mentions of it. I hope it’s a premium build. I’ve had plastic already and I think I want something with weight and more of a feel.

    * But from looking at the pic above, it’s kinda hard to determine.. But it looks to be plastic? It’s also from Samsung so I guessing they want to keep it light and slim…

    1. The profile picture implies and some reports I’ve read have said it’s an HTC-esque aluminum construction

      1. I would really love anything other than plastic. I want that more premium feel.

        Aluminum would be very welcomed!

  14. Every day that goes by, I care less and less about this device.

    1. I am the exact opposite. Until this thing is in my hand I’m going to care more and more about it every day, can’t wait, this is like my dream phone.

    2. Are you kidding me? How? Why? :O

      1. Yeah for real!?! Its a freaking NEXUS on VERIZON with LTE and ICS! Not to mention every other spec is badass, need I say more! Some people are just so jaded…

        1. Well, for starters, I like phones with keyboards, but I was willing to consider the international version of this phone because it doesn’t seem like manufacturers care about people who like keyboards anymore. And, since the manufacturers show me no love, I figured I’d just show Google some instead (yes, I am aware that Google itself doesn’t make the phone.) Unfortunately though, it seems that Google/Samsung care more about Apple than they do about the people who have been waiting for some real information on ICS and the next Nexus device for so long.

          Perhaps now there is concrete information about the specs, release date, and announcement date – i don’t know; there’ve been soooooo many rumors and misinformation that I can’t be bothered trying to filter through the noise anymore. By the time they finally announce this thing I’m sure there’ll (finally!!) be some okay-ly specced device with a nice keyboard announced that I can spend time waiting on instead.

          This, unfortunately, seems to be a trend with Android now. Spend forever waiting for a device to come out, only to find out that it under-delivers in some major way. In this case though, Google and Samsung have 1-uped everyone by not just making them wait for the device, but wait for actual (correct) information on the device!

          If getting tired of waiting for INFORMATION on a device, so that I can make an informed choice about whether or not to buy it, means that I’m jaded then so be it, I’m jaded; I can live with that. But to sit here and fawn over a device being put out by two companies that are pretty much just playing with everyone at this point makes many of you just as sheepish as you like to call the majority of Apple fans.

          At the end of the day, I’d rather be called jaded than spend my time praising and fawning over a device that truly know absolutely nothing about! Besides, the rumours that I’ve seen aren’t even all that exciting. And, from what I’ve seen of the appearance of ICS, i’m not that impressed.

          P.S. Wow, that ended up being pretty long. Lol.

          1. HTC cares about you.

            G2, MyTouch 4G Slide, Evo Shift 4G… Plus the Moto Droid 1/2/3.

            Keyboards aren’t dead, just lower priority.

          2. I have a Motorola Milestone 1. I’ll save everyone from having to read a long post again by making this response short.

            Motorola after how they treated people who bought the Telus Milestone can fall out of a tree and land ass (hole) first on a fence post! They are a disgusting company and will never see another cent from me.

            Even if I didn’t hate them with a passion, the new Milestones don’t meet my requirements. Seeing how hard it is to get a decent keyboarded phone, my next one will need to have a good amount of RAM, should I need to manually provide updates for a while.

            As for HTC, I find their phones to be ugly. It is my opinion that they don’t put the same amount of love into making their Android handsets as they used to do when making Windows Mobile devices. I also could do without Sense.

            Hmm… it’s getting long anyway, hehe.

          3. lol……. keyboard……….

          4. ya lol i wonder what its like to be a barbarian who still enjoys hardware keyboards haha

          5. I’m on you when you say Keyboards. I was just kinda gonna wait until a dual core keyboard phone comes out, though the MyTouch 4G Slide seems like my kinda phone. IDK though.

            I kinda wanted to go back to touch screen, but there’s no search button and I actually USE the search button.

            I think I should just wait a til this Dec. to leave my G2. for the MyTouch 4G Slide.

        2. I NEED IT NOW!! also, my wife wants my nexus one

          1. Really?? My wife would be pissed if i got a Nexus Prime, and she didn’t… I told her that the new htc had a cute dangly thing to stick out of her purse that glows, and was small for her little hands.. She didnt say a word, just gave me the “look”… >:o(

    3. I’m more so starting to get really annoyed, i was tempted to buy a phone today.

    4. not another troll

    5. why?

  15. The battery life sounds perfectly fine. The source said 5-6 hours with the screen constant, 4G surfing, highest brightness, etc. That same battery with normal (i.e., you and I) useage, and it’ll last all day, no problem. I don’t think it’s anything to get wound up about.

    1. If that’s the case then that’s amazing battery life but I don’t think that’s right. That’s what I got with my Droid X with constant use, my t bolt gets about 4 hours of constant use (2:30 before custom roms)

    2. That is true. For starters we don’t have max batter life, or at least I don’t, so that’s like an extra 3 hours. I mean the screen just kills your phone at max.

  16. What abt can ? 8/5 MP ?

  17. So no PowerVR GPU and piss poor battery life then? I’m disappointed. This was Androids chance to leap past the iPhone and they are going to drop the ball.

    1. How do you leap past something when you’ve already finished and won the race? The iPhone 4S has tech from 2010. No matter what the NP comes with, it will already be 18 months ahead of Apple’s best, er, least.

    2. Leap past the iPhone? I am pretty sure that Android controls approximately double the worldwide market share compared to the iPhone.

      1. I’m sorry but that’s not a fair comparison. We’re talking about a single phone with a single os…..vs Android powered feature phones.

        Didn’t Samsung have to PAY people to buy their phones vs $200 people waiting in line for the iPhone?

        Also, I DON’T see Infinity Blade on the Android OS. The companies fight to much with IN their own realm. Tegra vs Snapdragon, etc.

        Yes, apple may be behind in terms of raw power. But it integrates it MUCH better until Google gets strict.

        1. The vast majority of Android phones are $200 or more. They only decrease in price when they reach end of life, which is exactly why you can get a discounted iPhone 4 right now.

          Plain and simple, more people go to the store with the intention of purchasing an Android device. The Galaxy S2 sold what, an average of 2 million units a month for the first 5 months. This, when most people in the tech community knew to expect a Samsung made Nexus device in 4th quarter. Also keep in mind that the Galaxy S2 wasn’t available in the US until the last month of that analysis. Apple users obviously save their upgrades for the version, whereas the Galaxy S2 was released around the release of other competing handsets.

          As for games, Android has plenty of big titles. I personally could care less about Infinity Blade.

  18. “Apparently Verizon is having a hard time getting their voice heard or having a hand in the launch of the phone”

    GOOD! Maybe Google will put their collective foot down and keep bloat-ware away.

    1. Haha, I agree…limiting Verizon’s involvement surely is better for the quality of the phone. However, I am delighted at the prospect of having a Nexus on Verizon and if Verizon leaves this encounter feeling snubbed, say goodbye to our chances for a future Nexus on Verizon. That would be a very sad outcome.

      1. They can pout all they want. If this phone turns out to be successful, they can either shoot themselves in the foot not releasing the next one or whine again next time.

        So I’m not worried for future of verizon nexus as long as this current one is gonna kick butt. And I’m confident it will.

  19. There doesn’t appear to be any nu battery tech coming down the pike any time soon. Will probably see gradual improvements with more efficient internals. Gone are the feature phones with 10 days of life but personally I’m not that concerned with battery life. As long as home, work, and the car is covered I’m fine. Maybe an extended battery for all day outdoor excursions.

    1. Stop being so reasonable! This is the internet!

  20. does anyone know if the picture is legit?

    1. The pic is from a video leaked a few days ago. It’s real, just don’t have any info other than what we see the person fumbling with.

  21. Its Ice Cream Sandwich is what I want im not to bothered about the Samsung Nexus, Love samsungs AMOLED screens but not much more.

  22. “Verizon is having a hard time getting their voice heard or having a hand in the launch of the phone” GOOD, keep their grubby hands off this beautiful phone.

  23. The only thing that disappoints me about the Galaxy Nexus is the Verizon exclusivity period. I want it for T-Mobile ASAP lol. Guess I’m putting CM9 on my Sensation for a month or two :X

    1. There’s nothing concrete saying that Verizon is getting Nexus Prime as an exclusive for any period of time. What we do have concrete is the FCC filing supporting T-mobile bands.

      1. Amen. Don’t you love rumors with nothing to back them up?

      2. This is true. I guess we’ll find out the 19th.

  24. Verizon’s Control Freak tendencies are showing like the slip of a floozie out on the town…

  25. I really wanna know if this thing has a micro SD slot?

  26. “Samsung and Google seem to be prepping the phone for a much wider release and have a very specific way they want the phone represented.”

    Great! maybe this will keep Verizon from stamping one of those stupid droid commercials on this phone. The 2030 futuristic sci-fi type crap they use to advertise the droid phones. Love you Verizon, but those commercials are horrible!

    1. I don’t think they understand what was so compelling about the OG Droid commercials and why all the new ones suck.

  27. I hear the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus has a direct neural interface. Cool.

    All kidding aside, can’t wait for my very own Galaxy Nexus. Battery life will be at least a better than the first 4G phones like the Thunderbolt, I’m not at all worried. Super AMOLED screens don’t need the brightness turned way up anyway. I am also OK with underclocking the CPU to 1.2 GHz if it improves battery life, as long as there is no lagging, lagging sucks. either way I will be happy to retire my original Droid on Verizon. BRING IT!

  28. If you like the ICS wallpapers I found a cool site that has them plus a ton more http://www.freedroidwallpaper.com

  29. All these unsubstantiated rumors and counter-rumors are pushing me closer and closer to #iDontCare status… Especially the ones saying the GSM version isn’t coming out this year.

  30. I think the battery will be fine,that’s what these dualcore processors are for. And I’m on tmobile, we don’t have LTE to help with that battery drain lol so I’m definitely still going to buy. It just sounds like too good of a phone to turn down. I keep thinking about that screen :) its going to be sick

  31. I would think ICS would have been written to address battery life issues of past Android releases. Hopefully it was.

    1. This is not an OS problem. This is an LTE radio issue that until LTE features are included in ARM CPUs will not be completely addressed. Why do you think Apple kept the iMaxiPad4s’ on the same old networks CDMA/Wimax/GSM? Is because these networks have been around for quite sometime and they are technologies that no longer need a separate chip to handle all the signal processing. Everything is embedded into the chip. Until LTE comes to a A15 chip, you will still get horrible numbers like the one posted.

      Pic thanks to Anandtech.com

      1. Thanks for the heads up.

        FYI there are no Wimax iPads from what I’ve read.

  32. The reflection of the photographer doesn’t appear to be distorted, like you would expect from a concave glass screen…

  33. Mabye if we all google GIVE US THE PRIME ALREADY at the same time they will release it. 1,2,3,

  34. i hope there is a 3g version, i don’t want to pay 50 dollars extra for 4g

    1. there could be.. it seems that VZW does not like to release many phones that are both dual core and 4G. other than the (overrated) Bionic… Verizon makes you choose one or the other. pretty stupid.

  35. Can it run the THD apps I own? No? Moving on…

  36. you realize google are just doing what apple do every year tell everybody nothing about the device what so ever and let the rumours run wild then announce an awesome device to huge fanfare and sell truck loads it is going to be an awesome phone no matter when they announce it the reason the held back the announcement was because the crapple 4s was a flop not nearly as good as people expected so they can spend more time making ics/nexus better

  37. Where have all the Trackballs gone?

  38. I’d like to see some hard specs on memory. I’m concerned this device may not have an SD slot (the Nexus S was lacking). If it doesn’t have an SD card option then 32 GB of internal memory are a must or specs = FAIL.

    My phone has become my media player. < 32 GB is a fatal flaw in the 21st century.

    I'm hoping… I really want a stock android device.

  39. “Also of note is the fact that Google and Samsung are said to be rather protective of how the phone is unveiled and the marketing surrounding it. Apparently Verizon is having a hard time getting their voice heard or having a hand in the launch of the phone, further confirming that exclusive rights will only last for a limited period of time.”

    Hrmm… sounds to me like Verizon wants greasy fingers in on it. “Please Google and Sammy, let us just put 1 maybe 2 (thousand) of our apps on it. Please please please!”

    Google and Samsung: “No. We actually listen to the consumers regarding bloatware and your crap is NOT going on our flagship device.”

    Verizon: “But but but but!!!!! No fair, we want our name on it too!”

    Samsung: “It’s only carrier exclusive for a short time. Branding it when we’re sending to everyone else would be costly and a waste….”

    Verizon: “So! We have to get our name out.”

    Google: “You’re currently the number one cellular service in the US, your name is out there, believe me… it’s out there.”

    Verizon: “Well, poo.”

  40. Awesome, cannot wait for this to come out on sprint!!.. The less involvement the Carriers have the BETTER. All they do is screw the phone up by either changing the design and installing there bloatware that NO one wants….

  41. Yeah, I gave up on it. I don’t know why they postponed it….which caused me to preorder the iPhone 4S. Also, I think I wanna stay away from Samsung phones. I loved my vibrant, but it still gives me issues this date (damn gps and lack of updates). Of course, the phone hasn’t arrived yet……so there’s hope!

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