Oct 10th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:39 pm

We’ve got some thoughts on Verizon’s Nexus Prime from a trustworthy insider (we’ve been able to confirm their legitimacy, though we can’t disclose through which means) via AndroidForums.com. Our friend and esteemed moderator Steven58 was the one who interfaced with them and this is what they had to say regarding the Nexus Prime (there is also a bit of commentary in there regarding the Moto DROID RAZR).

The idea I’m getting from official testers is that the screen and user experience is much better in the Nexus device, and the overall advantage is the presence of Ice Cream Sandwich (I’ve personally noted this to be true). But I’ve also been told by those who have tested it that the RAZR is very fast, smooth, and has a great battery life. The screen, although not quite up to Nexus, is a big improvement over the Bionic for those who didn’t like it. Verizon is very, very excited for both devices. I don’t get the feeling they’re “siding” with one over the other, but I can tell you that they never had a lot of confidence in the Bionic having a lot of staying power. Their decision to release the Bionic as is was more of a contractual obligation than a real belief in the product. They are much more invested in the RAZR.

He goes on to say that we should definitely expect to see this thing announced on Nov. 3rd. And if we know Verizon, we’re sure the actual device will be available very shortly after that. We’ll circle that date and be on the lookout. In the meantime, we’ll be drooling over any and all information we can get on both the Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich. Grab a napkin and join us! [Thanks Steve! AndroidForums.com]

[Update]: Looks like our source worded it wrong. November 3rd is actually pegged as the Prime’s release date, meaning we should be seeing an announcement much sooner than that. Huzzah!

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