[Update] Nexus Prime Release Coming Nov. 3rd, Says Verizon Inside Source


We’ve got some thoughts on Verizon’s Nexus Prime from a trustworthy insider (we’ve been able to confirm their legitimacy, though we can’t disclose through which means) via AndroidForums.com. Our friend and esteemed moderator Steven58 was the one who interfaced with them and this is what they had to say regarding the Nexus Prime (there is also a bit of commentary in there regarding the Moto DROID RAZR).

The idea I’m getting from official testers is that the screen and user experience is much better in the Nexus device, and the overall advantage is the presence of Ice Cream Sandwich (I’ve personally noted this to be true). But I’ve also been told by those who have tested it that the RAZR is very fast, smooth, and has a great battery life. The screen, although not quite up to Nexus, is a big improvement over the Bionic for those who didn’t like it. Verizon is very, very excited for both devices. I don’t get the feeling they’re “siding” with one over the other, but I can tell you that they never had a lot of confidence in the Bionic having a lot of staying power. Their decision to release the Bionic as is was more of a contractual obligation than a real belief in the product. They are much more invested in the RAZR.

He goes on to say that we should definitely expect to see this thing announced on Nov. 3rd. And if we know Verizon, we’re sure the actual device will be available very shortly after that. We’ll circle that date and be on the lookout. In the meantime, we’ll be drooling over any and all information we can get on both the Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich. Grab a napkin and join us! [Thanks Steve! AndroidForums.com]

[Update]: Looks like our source worded it wrong. November 3rd is actually pegged as the Prime’s release date, meaning we should be seeing an announcement much sooner than that. Huzzah!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Grrrrrrr….I hate trying to remain patient. But on big red, there is nothing out there that interests me in replacing my Droid Incredible with. Bionic has issues, TBolt is good but battery life is horrid, what else is worth looking at???

    I’ll try to wait for November to roll around.

    1. Next up is either the Prime or Razr or Vigor…. Vigor has me interested purely on HTC alone.

  2. Awww. I have to wait another three weeks to start impatiently waiting for ICS to be released? Wait, has it already begun?…

    1. I really hope this isn’t totally accurate. I understand why they said it would be delayed but that just let the iphone 4 sheep follow through and not see a real phone get released.

      1. More Ice Cream for us!

  3. ?? I thought that was the day it was supposed to be available, not announced.

  4. Well It’s a bit of a wait, but well worth it.

  5. NO!!!! Why Verizon?! every other Nexus device has been released for T-Mobile and At&t…. Wut had happened?

    1. OG Droid was technically the first Nexus device. It is now one month away from being 2 years old. It is time for them to launch the replacement.

      1. Don’t rewrite history. The OG Droid got updates when Moto felt like it, and is thus does not have the Google-upgrade-purity sufficient to be called a “Nexus” phone.

      2. Then that means the OG G1 was the first “Nexus”

        1. it’s almost as if google should have made it simple for everyone and made a device called the Nexue One, that way people knew when the first one started, ya know?

        2. Did you not read what Aaron Berlin said above or what?

      3. You cant be serious?

    2. 3 Letters. LTE

  6. Ahhh! I can’t keep waiting. I have to stop checking these blogs because it only makes the waiting harder. I’ll just go back to my OG and try to pretend the screen is not broken and it has lots of RAM and internal storage….

    1. hillarious, i am doing the same thing and i have a slow and laggy og droid. with all the use i gave the og, im acutally impressed it lasted this long. I WANT THIS PHONE NOW, PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEE

  7. The waiting is killing me. Why o why did you have cancel tomorrow’s unveil Samsung?? iPhone 4s is still launching as scheduled – you don’t see Apple delaying things out of respect.

    Hopefully we’ll at least get a steady stream of leaks like we have been from now to then.

    1. I agree with you Joshua, Apple isn’t delaying the iPhone 4S launch. Personally I’m about fed up with Samsung and their never ending product delay excuses. If they haven’t released either the Galaxy Note or Nexus Prime in the U.S. by October 27th I’m going with the HTC Vigor (I’ve had great luck with the original Incredible and have no issues sticking with HTC).

      1. Koreans are known to give respect to fallen enemies and allies alike. A delay of a battle caused by the death of a head of house isn’t unheard of. Never did they state that the product was to be delayed, mostly cause there was no official set date for release, only the announcement. But sure enough, Samsung is at war and still prepping for battle. TBH I’d wait for the Nexus device over the HTC any day of the week.

        1. Silly Koreans. S. Jobs would never pay any respect to a competitor.

        2. Too bad Apple and the late Steve Jobs never shared that same sense of honor.

      2. lol…..Vigor….

    2. the iphone 4s was disappointing to most people so samsung and google have more time to polish their final product before they show it off

      1. If by disappointing you mean has over 1 million pre-orders then yes it is very disappointing.

        1. steve jobs effect….

          1. There were a LOT of people who never upgraded because of antennagate as well. I wouldn’t buy a defective phone that the CEO told me to “hold it right” and buy a rubber band to fix the reception problems- would you?

        2. There is no cure for stupidity. This is still a 3G phone that people will be stuck with for 2 years. I bet all the people that bought it still use dial-up.

          1. My wife ordered one (4s to replace a 3gs), but I am waiting for the Nexus Prime. The data speeds on the AT&T version of the 4s are fast enough (14 Mbps theoretical, we’ll see how fast it really goes), and the specs on the processor, camera, and battery life are a significant improvement. She could wait for the 5, but just for higher data rates? True, we have unlimited data plans on AT&T, but I don’t see the draw of the highest data rates – eventually AT&T will drop those that are grandfathered, and who wants to burn through your data plan before you realize it. And LTE isn’t that much higher than 14 anyway – I don’t think people will see a factor of 2 – maybe, but I don’t care anyway. I’d rather have a bigger screen, more memory (TB), more smarts (10x processing power and better language recognition), and a better camera (something to spank the N8) before I care about any increase in data rates from a real world value of say 8 Mbps.

          2. LTE is a lot higher than 14mbps. Definitely more than a factor of 2.

          3. Actually Rogers Canada said their LTE speeds are right now a theoretical 75m/bits (which means they are about at half that in reality) and they are planned to open it up to 150m/bits by 2012, so it is very fast. But as you mentioned the problem is that you go through your data fast at 75 m/bits it takes less than one hour to blow through your 9GB data plan (which costs a whooping $90 per month for only data)

        3. Didn’t the pre-orders only go that high because of the huge launch all over the world? If I not mistaken the 4s has sold less in pre-orders in the us that the 4 did? I could be wrong so don’t go crazy on me

          1. I heard about that too i heard that 200,000 were pre ordered not 1 million

          2. The 200,000 was just the first day on AT&T.

          3. AT&T had 200,000 preorders within 12 hours. The 4S is a great product, but there are definitely better devices out there. But considering that most people barely know how to turn their TV on, then there is no surprise that the iPhone shines, it’s very easy to use, Apple tells their users exactly how to use their phone, there is only one way. They even told you how to hold the damn thing LOL.

        4. That’s becasue a iPhone 4S is better/faster than 4G… zOMG!

    3. they say they are giving respect to jobs but the real reason is the apple is getting a lot of press time cause of jobs death. i really can’t wait either for the prime but i think it was a good move from a business point. The media will be giving a tribute to jobs so why let that steal the thunder. After the mourning past it will die down and the prime gets all the attention.

      1. you are right. Plus the actual launch date didn’t likely change at all, just the announcement was pushed back so that it wouldn’t be lost amidst on the memorials.

        1. Agreed, it was smart. Gives time for everyone to collect themselves and Samsung has hinted launch won’t be delayed anyway.

    4. that’s exactly why that’s not the real reason. It makes no sense to let the iPhone release with no competition. I think they are trying to wait out the iPhone media blitz. But in doing so you probably just lost a lot of fence sitters. There are a ton of people coming off contract now and they should at least know that you have a device launching soon because honestly, on Verizon specifically, the options suck right now and if you don’t read tech blogs like us, the iPhone is the best option available as far as mindshare is concerned. Lets go Samsung, I am so frickin fed up with waiting.

      1. Well respect is just one aspect, the other is marketing and press coverage. Not all people follow tech, for most people is the press and adverts that sell.

        And you wont get much press now, every single news agency is talking about SJ death. That press buzz works wonders for iPhone4s but would most definitely work against any other phone.

        Its a very sensible move and no-one said it will affect phone availability, most probable just announcement.

        1. i don’t think you fully understood my post because that was exactly my point.

          from my post:
          (referring to delaying announcement out of respect)
          “that’s exactly why that’s not the real reason…..I think they are trying to wait out the iPhone media blitz.”

          “There are a ton of people coming off contract now and they should at least know that you have a device launching soon because honestly, on Verizon specifically, the options suck right now and if you don’t read tech blogs like us, the iPhone is the best option available as far as mindshare is concerned”.

          i understand they didn’t delay the device, just the announcement of the device but my point was that they are going to allow the iPhone 4S to launch unopposed. if they announced the new Nexus today, like the original plan, with maybe an accompanying commercial and/or ad campaign, people would at least know that it exists and maybe they’d want to hold off on that iPhone preorder. outside of the blogosphere, this phone basically does not exist and people can’t pick something that’s not an option.

          1. ahh sorry man I was fast-reading :) anyway I still think that was a good move. The second news in tech industry after SJ death is Samsung postponing its phone launch. So there you go, Sammy is using the buzz smartly ;)

    5. Samsungs delay out of respect is a load of BULL! Somethings happened? What we will never know!

      1. BGR is now reporting that this could be a lie – that the actual reason is for patent issues… dum dum dum…


  8. Sounds like those on verizon’s side have some nice stuff coming their way.

  9. Hey Quentyn, it would be awesome if you could try to get some info from a trusted At&t source. I’m really excited for the Prime, and would love to know any information about the At&t version. You have no idea how much I would appreciate it. Please let me know. Thanks.


    1. I agree

  10. I think there may be some confusion. I cannot see Samsung and Google waiting 4 weeks to announce because of Jobs’ passing. I think they will announce in a week or so and launch on Nov 3rd. That is just my opinion.

    Poor Cryonic owners. This mirrors exactly what I was saying about it several weeks ago.


    1. Just remember, good things come to those who wait. ;)

    2. what sucks is this is my wedding anniversary. i’m going to be more focused on wanting to get the phone that day than doing the typical anniversary stuff

  12. I love the idea of a coordinated anouncement and immediately opening of sales! Something I always have thought Apple nailed.

  13. Can’t wait to get my Galaxy S II on Wednesday…

    1. Not going to wait to see when the Google announcement is? We’ve both wanted to see the Prime on T-Mo asap

      1. Nah I’m gonna go ahead and buy the GS2 cuz I know I’ll be happy with it. This waiting drove me nuts and now I’m satisfied with upgrading this week. I’m kinda curious as to what Samsung with cook up in their ICS update more than I am stock Android.

        Plus, my brother has an upgrade in July and my wife in Nov 2012. I will probably want to upgrade from the Prime by then anyway to something like the GSIII.

        1. Good deal! Let me know how it is ;) I’m planning on waiting for the Prime (At least for the release date announcement… if 2012 is mentioned, GS2 for me)

  14. Since my contract isnt up until Nov 23rd I can hold out for a Nov 3rd announcement with a initial launch on Verizion for a month. Hopefully allowing all other carriers to receive the Nexus just before Christmas. If anything this or the SGS 2 will be my next phone.

    1. just for the record they will allow you into another contract if you are buying a phone through them.. you do not have to wait till Nov 23 they will wave that if you resign.

  15. thanks for lovely and positive update :)

  16. Take. My. Monies!!!!!

  17. I’m beginning to think the cancellation of the unpacking event, where they were unveiling the nexus, was not really due to Jobs’ death. Maybe they are having bionic like issues and the device is being shrewdly postponed. With all the badblood between apple, google and samsung. As well as, every news outlet regurgitating the surprising success of the iphone 4s. Is it really likely they would hold off on announcing the nexus and potentially stealing a huge market share of iphoners on the fence.

    These companies are in the business to make money and they are losing millions while the iphone 4s is the only choice this month. Personally, I think that since they didn’t directly say the delay was due to Jobs’ death, but as it was an “inappropriate time,” they’re letting the media make the connection for them, because that would imply that the phone itself is ready for launch at a near date. Rather, if it was known that they were having issues with the phone itself, many would probably feel another bionic like delay was coming, and go ahead and settle with the iphone4s. Makes sense doesn’t it?

    1. The idea that the phone is delayed due to a problem is, IMO, insane. The phone’s coming out party was postponed in honor of a tech legend. The phone will still launch as planned, just with a smaller announcement to shipment window, which isn’t a problem by any means.

      1. i believe it’s also because Google wants media’s full attention…

    2. The fact that Steve Jobs died isn’t why they are delaying it I think. The fact that it will be talked about and to release a product at a time when people are talking about it isn’t the smartest. The situation isn’t ideal, just like Steve Jobs dying when you release your next product that you delayed for months(iPhone 4s) is less than perfect. Yes, its bad marketing either way but with a 33% listening efficiency you want all the attention you can get. In the minds of consumers which is more important: the guy who revolutionized the tech world as we know it or a awesome phone that will kick the iPhone 4s’ ass out of the water? It makes sense if you think about it from Samsung’s perspective as well. I don’t believe the phone is going to be released later, i just think the event showing it off is. Hopefully Samsung decides to show off the phone a little more with maybe a mock up and more official dates like they did originally.

  18. I apologize to my friend Quentyn, to Android Forumites, to phandroid, to my source and to the internet world. Perhaps I confused Quentyn in relaying the info. My source always said 11/3 was the availability date. He didn’t make a mistake, I did in the translation, so I wanted to set it straight.

    Thank you Guys. :)

    1. Thanks Steven. Great info regardless. I’m so glad i didnt get the bionic, i had a fealing they just pushed it out because of CES

    2. If it’s not out on the 3rd, I won’t be buying a Samsung. I never have, and would like to try them, but I’m not waiting until Christmas for a damn new phone. I have an og droid and am getting very impatient.

      1. I’m right there with you. I can’t stand to wait much longer. I’m 80% committed to the Prime, but if I can’t get a confirmation soon, I’m willing to look at the iPhone 4s. This waiting is getting goddamned stupid. What’s with the idiotic rumors. JUST ANNOUNCE THE DAMN THING.

        1. Color me Eris’ed and waiting right there with you guys.

          1. me too…mine is about half dead but I am holding out for the prime. keep it up eris i know you got at least another month left in ya

        2. hey, apple cheerleader, do us a favor and go buy the i4S and STFU !

          1. What are you talking about? The fact that I considered the iPhone4s is so offensive? Tuesday can’t come soon enough. I hope that the Nexus Prime is everything that it could be and that I can get my hands on one ASAP.

      2. samsung hasn’t set a release date for the Nexus…they only said the unveiling will be delayed…the device itself is not late since they haven’t anounced a release date…

      3. I’m with you Joe, I’m still waiting a minute+ for my OG Droid to recover the home screens every time I exit an app :(
        I was stoked for the Bionic but that fire died out LONG before it finally got released so for now I’m stuck in a holding pattern awaiting ICS and hopefully it’ll be a ‘clean’ OS without all the crapware carriers like to bundle in. I just hope Samsung can make a phone as ‘solid’ as Motorola.

      4. ditto. I have the original droid and it is DEAD. My friend has an extra iphone 4 she let me borrow until the prime is released. I am a huge apple fan ..have ipad, imac, notebookpro, ipods etc. but not at all impressed with the iphone. For one, my 40 yr old eyes cant even see this TINY screen. Hurry samsung. Business is business..Steve Jobs would let nothing in the way of progression!

    3. Thanks for posting the info. It also confirms what the Panda has been saying.

      I can’t wait for it to be released. So tired of waiting for updates that don’t actually come for my phone…

  19. Right on MY B-DAY

    1. Mine too.. Happy birthday to us! New toys!

  20. nov 3rd release date…..hmmm Hope it gets a Europe release soon or at least have an unlocked GSM variant up for importing!

    1. Damn.. Seems like it’ll be another phone, if that’s true.

      1. hahahahahhahahahhhhaa

    2. just as the Galaxy2 arriving late to the USA same will happen with the Prime in Europe.

  21. I think my ice cream just melted in my pants.

    1. Why do you think he said to grab a napkin?

  22. For the first time in awhile, I’m pretty excited to be on Verizon. Even though I’m not due for an upgrade until February, it’s nice to know there are some pretty fun options coming down the line.

  23. Can’t wait to upgrade the N1. Hope this comes to T-mobile soon enough though. Question: Is it just me or do the back/menu/home on-screen button in ICS look like a train wreck? Everytime I see a screen shot of the damn thing I just try to imagine the lower edge containing those on-screen buttons to be black bar. That stuff right there is straight up unsightly. I really hope it disappears and only appears after a swipe up or something

  24. AT&T Plox!

  25. I don’t care if these leaks are true or not, I just like hearing about the Nexus :)

  26. October 27 = Announcement
    November 3 = Verizon release

    Edit: I think it was supposed to be announced in Paris now…or maybe it was London, no I think it was Paris, wherever there’s an event on the 27th.

  27. Why are people for ATT even discussing this phone. You will just drop every other call anyways….

    1. ATT iSucks big time.
      i use to have it and dropped calls all the time.
      got t-mobile now and very happy.

  28. Still have a year left on my contract should I either go for Prime/Razr or wait one year later for the end of my contract to buy a new phone

  29. It will release the same time for Verizon, Att, Tmobile under two different names, Droid branding for Verizon hence “exclusive” and Nexus on Att and T-Mobile since its the same phone anyway. FLAME SUIT ON!!

    1. your comments are not true i work for Att and nothing about the Nexus is in our system, so most likely it will not arrive till December..

      1. Since when, besides on Sprint has any Nexus device ever been in a carriers system? It hasn’t because its not sold in carriers stores.

  30. Blackmanx said November 3rd in his poem a few weeks ago

  31. Can your source verify if the Prime has a sd card slot? I’ve heard some rumors that it doesn’t have one. That’s a deal breaker for me especially since I just bought a 64 gb microsdxc card. I’ve built up a lot movies and music over the years that I like to have available at all times. I’d have to go with the Vigor or maybe the Razr and flash an ice cream rom once available.

    1. I didn’t think they had 64GB MicroSDXC yet. Where did you get it cause I wants one!

      1. sandisk.com it’s $225 but if you register for email updates you get a 10% promo code

        1. I cannot believe you paid 200$ for that. Learn to stream bro!

        2. and that will work in an Evo 3D? I thought most phones only support up to 32GB. Either way I’ll be hitting that up for sure. Streaming never gets you good quality music. I’ve tried every app there is.

          1. mspot is the best streaming app I’ve used.

  32. The Razr is being announced and released without a special release presentation at a convention with Google holding Motorola’s hand (I know, they practically own it now, pending government approval), so they had their chance to announce Ice Cream Sandwich properly, and since they decided to 86 that to honor SJ, then just Announce & RELEASE the damn phone ALREADY!!!

  33. Steve Jobs is just an argument to reveil the real agenda and this is the fight in court against the claims of the company Steve Jobs worked for.

  34. 1 Mill iphone 4s is a lie,they just want people to think that everyone is buying one which is NOT true….

  35. Looking forward to both but please Motorola can you release the razr quicker to the UK & not 4 or 5 months after America.

  36. Fags,
    Lets assume the event DID take place today. It was a “reveal” event. You would have never got chance to get your hands on the phone. That’s because they were just going to unveil the OS and Phone, which you have already seen through leaks (or at-least some parts of it). They were NOT going to LAUNCH the phone. The launch date is 3rd November (as quoted by Phandroid). That means you can’t BUY or GET YOUR HANDS ON the phone before 3rd. So no matter when they announce the phone, you can only buy AFTER 3rd November. Sheesh, stop complaining so much -.-


  37. Anyone heard anything else in terms of whether or not there is going to be a Verizon version of Prime and a TMobile/ATT version of Prime?

    1. no soup for you.. Verizon gets it first simple as that.

      1. Haha, if you think Google isn’t going to release a world phone before giving Verizon Exclusivity I have some really awesome beach front property in Kansas I’d like to sell you

  38. Well… looks like im getting the iphone4s :D

    1. Good more phones for us..

  39. Samsung should release the Galaxy S3 in October next year. They release a new Galaxy S every year in the summer time. I’ll be getting the Nexus Prime for my next smartphone only if it comes with a 1.5 Ghz Dual-core Exynos processor. I hope Motorola and LG release Android 4.0 smartphone’s also in Nov./Dec.

  40. dammit i want this phone for sprint!

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