Users Reporting Delays for Motorola XOOM 4G Upgrade


As you may already know, Motorola and Verizon have finally begun the process for original XOOM buyers to get 4G LTE radios inside their Honeycomb tablets. Turn around time – from the time they receive the device to the time they ship it back out – was originally supposed to be 2-3 days, however Motorola has reportedly emailed some users regarding potential delays.

Some have been met with delays of a week or more. While a week doesn’t seem all that long, when you consider the fact that most people paid $800 for this piece of machine you understand why some may react with a bit of unrest. Hang in there guys. [via Droid-Life]

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  1. This is a logistical problem no consumer electronics company I know of has taken on. I’m not surprised there are kinks.

    1. That is mainly because no other tablet manufacturers were dumb enough to start selling a pre-release version of a device that was missing key components…

    2. If only they had had time to plan it.

  2. I can confirm this. I got my email saying my Xoom is delayed last night. As long as I get it by Thursday I won’t bitch too much…

  3. The email in question (I received this as well):

    Dear [name deleted],

    We wanted to let you know that we are still in the process of completing your upgrade. We apologize for the delay and will send you an additional notification once the device has shipped early this week.


    Motorola Mobility Customer Services

  4. I was pretty sure they always said to allow 6 business days, not sure where the 2-3 days were ever mentioned. With today being a holiday in many places an extra day doesn’t surprise me much.

  5. Also received a FedEx tracking number but the unit never shipped, then received an email that the FedEx email was sent in error and another email indicating a delay in processing my upgrade – seems like Moto doesn’t have it act together yet.

  6. Sent mine the Friday after the upgrade became available and got it back the following Thursday. I moved as fast as possible, because I couldn’t imagine that delays wouldn’t happen. No way to have enough techs to handle the onslaught once it got rolling.

    This should have been done as a phased upgrade, although people would still have complaints. Actually, it should have shipped with LTE…

  7. I sent mine on a Saturday & had it back in my hands the following Thursday, so from ship to receipt of upgraded Xoom was 6 calendar days or 4 business days. Guess I lucked up.

  8. i got the delay this morning. however, after 2 hours, another e-mail said it was shipped out already…

  9. It’s been a week and a day for me and still no Xoom. I have a actual Fedex tracking number now! but alas Fedex says they don’t actually have the device yet. Somebody screwed up, they should have rationed out the ability to send them in so they didn’t end up with a huge glut of them the first couple days. I would have been happier waiting to send mine in than waiting to get it back.

  10. up to nearly two weeks without my xoom. But no worries, I am done waiting for an LTE tablet. I went out a few days ago and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 When the xoom finally does come back, I will unload it on ebay.

    I paid $800 for a product that would have 4g “soon.” Then “by summer.” Then “by September.” Now nearly halfway through October and still no LTE in hand.

    What really ticks me off though is the fact that we are 2/3rds of the way through this product’s life cycle. (for those who update annually, which let’s be honest is a whole hell of a lot of us)

    So I paid a premium to go 2/3rds of the life cycle without LTE. Basically it is a kit to paying someone to punch you in the face. “Here my good sir, here is $800 bucks, now please, punch me in the face!”

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