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If you’re the type who likes to apply new wallpapers from new versions of Android, listen up – our friend P3Droid has come through the clutch again with another leak from Ice Cream Sandwich. We’re getting wallpapers, and while wallpapers may not be as big as, say, an app, they are just as exciting for us.

Iknow I’m using the dark rainbow of colors you see above personally. This one’s a .APK file – just install it and they’ll be in your wallpaper chooser. Not great for flexibility (you probably won’t want a ton of wallpapers you aren’t going to use) but if something here interests you give it a look-see. Check the rest out over at MyDroidWorld where you can also find a download link.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Static images or live wallpapers? I am only interested in the live variant

    1. Looks like just static images for now.

  2. Thank you

  3. i have to register me..

    1. http://downloadandroidrom.com/file/apk/wallpapers/ICSWallpapers.apk
      if you don’t want to register to get an apk.

      And open that apk with winrar or other archive utility to extract jpegs if you don’t want to install an apk

  4. Boring! OE wallpapers stink. The best wallpapers on the net are from some dude at this website most of them are free to download but you have to donate for the HDs. Enjoy


    1. interfacelift FTW.

  5. edit: wrong place reply

  6. Here are the wallpapers extracted from the APK and placed in a .zip folder. Simply extract and go…


  7. Yeah are there any Live Wallpapers here?

  8. nice wallpapers. i have been playing with photoshop making my own wallpapers. working with the animation tools to make live wallpapers and even blender/maya to make some 3d stuff. still new to making live wallpapers, but i’ll get the hang of it. maybe put some on the market if i think they are good enough.

  9. You can get the wallpapers here too. It’s a nice site thats formated for mobile and they have a ton of cool other wallpapers. http://www.freedroidwallpaper.com

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