Nexus Prims Teaser Updated, Tags Phone as “Ahead of the Curve”


Samsung has updated their CTIA Unpacked teaser ever-so-slightly, but don’t expect a more revealing look at the Nexus Prime. Instead, a new “perfect combination” has been added and a stinger has been tacked to the end of the video, one referencing both the device’s curved design and it’s state-of-the-art technology. The latter most likely taking a slight stab at yesterday’s announcement out of Cupertino. Check it out above.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Why does Samsung get all the Nexuses? While they’re constantly under fire for copying Apple, I wish they wouldn’t copy the fact that Apple has crappy radios. I’d like my phone to actually work as a phone.

    1. My guess is Google really wants a successful Nexus, and so far Samsung (with the s2) is the only manufacturer that has actually been able to approach Apple’s sales. Not that other manufacturers don’t make good phones, they just don’t come close to selling like iPhones.

      1. Or google just likes amoled screens.
        The first nexus had a amoled screen, although it had been replaced by lcd later on to keep up with the demand.
        The nexus S had a amoled screen.
        And now with the nexus prime we get a amoled screen.
        Maybe the next nexus will go to LG, because they started making amoled panels too.

        1. Plus maybe HTC doesn’t wanna change their relationship with Qualcomm. What HTC phone DOESN’T use a Qualcomm chip? Serious question.

          1. Well HTC might be wising up. They announced the other day a new phone in China with at Sony chip. But you are correct, Qualcomm is keeping HTC down.

          2. Well, that doesn’t really explain why google went with Samsung for a second time, does it? :P
            There probably a lot of other manufacturers that would also want to produce a nexus device.

          3. There is a bidding process in order to select which company will be providing the hardware for the next Nexus phone each year. In Andy Rubin’s words : “What we do is select, around Christmas time each year, a manufacturer that we work very closely with to release a device in that timeframe, and that includes also some essential companies and all the components that go into the device. And essentially all the teams huddle together in one building, they jointly work and these development efforts go on for 9-12 months, and ultimately at the holiday season or right before it the devices pop out that are based on this effort.”

    2. Considering the first three Google phones (ADP, G1, Nexus One) where made by HTC, it’s not really surprising to see Samsung produce a second Nexus phone. Considering Samsung’s flagship phones have been ahead of every other brands lately, Google is going with whoever can provide them with the best phone. Plus, since the process is started almost a year before the release, the Apple court bullying hadn’t started when the choice of manufacturer was made.

      1. g1 wasn’t really a “google phone” (not that any of the nexuses have been either)

        1. Sorry, I meant the HTC Magic (whose developer variant was simply dubbed the ADP2)


          That’s what happens when responding to posts from work while doing twenty other things at the same time. LOL!

  2. Love it and can’t wait. cant wait cant wait. My OG Droid is getting really sucky

  3. Interesting that they switched the logos – Google was first in the previous video…

    1. Interesting indeed…I’ve been wondering if the Verizon release of this phone maybe slightly different than the rest. I believe one of the reasons the other Nexus phones were not on Verizon was in part because Verizon requires it’s own logo in the front of the handsets. That may have started to change with the release of the iPhone though…who knows. But I get the feeling that this phone will get a different name on Verizon, hence all the different name rumors…which could explain the the logo switch, if this phone is not marketed primarily as a Google device on Verizon, but instead as a Samsung.

      1. I’m currently on att, grandfathered in on unlimited data. I’m not opposed to the idea of switching to Verizon if they get the exclusive simply because they just launched LTE in my area; but I don’t like the idea of Verizon mucking with things. I do not want a re-branded Droid Prime or something. Hopefully they’ll resit the urge to try and take the spotlight on the device – leaving that to Google & Samsung.

        1. That would suck! But t’s hard picturing a phone on Verizon without their mandatory logo in front. Also notice how there’s been no rumors regarding exclusive reseller, like they did with Best Buy last year…this phone may be on sale everywhere.

          I’m intrigued!

          My bet is “Galaxy Nexus” on Verizon, hence the reason they’re not carrying the actual Galaxy line, and it would make sense, what with the Samsung part of the branding being the first part of the name and the logos having been flipped.

          Then probably Nexus Prime or whatever they want to name the phone on other carriers.

  4. I’m so excited for this. All of us who bought OG Droids are finally reaching the end of our contracts. It’s upgrade season, baby!

    1. Haha… You’ve been patient.

    2. Heh, I’m an OG Droid man, but have had an Inc, X and now a Thunderbolt under my original contract. The prime is the first phone I’ve seen worthy of using my contract renewal for.

  5. Take that Apple.

  6. Am I the only one that noticed the title saying Nexus Prims?

    1. what’s a prims?

      1. prim is the expression on Tim Cook’s face when he sees this phone

      1. Yea, I didnt notice it….until he pointed it out…lol

    2. No. I just didn’t care. Phandroid posts are not being made from a hyper-curved screen Android (yet), I can forgive wayward thumbs.

    3. No, I noticed it as well. Prim and proper? Some of the typos on this site are pretty funny. Especially some of the writers who think that every word that ends with an “s” should have an apostrophe. :p

    4. Didn’t you hear, the rumors were wrong all this time, it was never Prime. Nexus Prism is official name at launch. Title was just a typo.
      Edit for /s

    5. Nope, I noticed the same spelling error.

  7. Once samsung has the holy grail: s-amoled+, bigger screen AND higher resolution than I think we can finally put this iphone out to pasture.

  8. That’s a pretty bold move by Samsung and Google. The Prime must have some killer specs to flaunt it like that! I love it! UP YOURS APPLE!

  9. Hurry up and release this on AT&T. I have been sitting on an upgrade forever, but I won’t wait past late November/ early December for this.


  11. I think the curve on the nexus s was fine, this one looks to be overly curved. Might not be the best form factor for texting and everything else that uses the keyboard. But I guess only time will tell.

  12. Think you can still use Bubble Level with it?

  13. Not really worth a new article for, perhaps just update the other and bring it to the top.

    Either way, I think I am more exited about the new apps ICS might bring than about the specs of the NexusPrime

  14. I am addicted to Nexus news like crack! I keep checking Google reader compulsively hoping for more updates. You’d think I’d be satisfied with today’s “official” news… but it just makes my crave worse!!

    I NEED this phone – I’ve never had such device lust

  15. i can’t wait for the nexus prime!

  16. I got to admit. Although the Nexus Prime is the obvious candidate for this event, the teaser trailer leads me to believe a bit more is coming. The whole video is talking about combination and something BIG coming. I’m hoping to god they’re talking about Samsungs combo of phone/tablet because it is BIG @ 5.3 inches of beautiful super amoled screen. Here’s to hoping they announce a US release date for the Galaxy Note!

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