First Glimpse Of The Samsung Nexus Prime Revealed [Video]


I’m trying everything in my power to keep my composure right now but — WE FINALLY HAVE THE FIRST GLIMPSE AT THE SAMSUNG NEXUS PRIME!!! Samsung has just uploaded a teaser video for their upcoming Google announcement at this year’s Unpacked 2011 event being held at CTIA in San Diego, CA. Aside from being overly charming (and cleansing our palates of today’s earlier announcement) at the very end of the video we finally get a side-view of what we believe to be the Samsung Nexus Prime. You can see a Nexus S style curved display (video adds extra emphasis with blue accent) and 3 gold contact pins cluing us in that a dock will also be accompanying the device.

Go nuts. Tell all your friends. Slap yo momma. Something BIG is coming!

UPDATE: Came across a bigger, clearer pic taken from the video for you guys (click a total of 2 times for full high resolution image). I messed around with the contrast of 2 super imposed images of the device from when the shine revealed both the top and bottom of the phone. This gives us a much better look at the Nexus Prime’s form factor. You can see, the curve isn’t as dramatic as the blue line suggests. Much more mild like the Nexus S. I don’t know about you guys, but it looks a lot like a curved Nexus One and to me, that is a very good thing.

[Via BriefMobile]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’m very picky about UI and design and all……and I’m loving how the Prime is looking!
    It simply screams slim, modern, and new! Can’t wait!

    1. Is that a Nexus Prime in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
      also: FUCK YES

      1. LOL, some goofy mod with the sense of humor of a 4-year-old with Down’s Syndrome didn’t change it to [iPhone]?
        Lewis Black was wrong, by the way, “equestrian” isn’t the gayest word in the English language, “phantip” and replacing expletives with [iPhone] has equestrian beat by light years.
        I do enjoy reading most of the articles on this site, but seriously, those are two of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen on this site, and I’ve seen some pretty goofy stuff.

        1. Why are you on this board, iPhone fanboy? Shouldn’t you be sobbing over Steve Jobs(Not to offend, or insult Mr. Jobs, but he did do great things for innovation. That is it.) right about now instead of trash-talking Phandroid’s usage of their own unique terms, not with any affiliation to iPhones? At least they’re being creative. As well, I thought this comment was humorous, the comment I’m speaking of is QuarterwayCrook’s comment, not your gab. Did you insult Chris as well? That’s not very kind of you or polite. Well, you’re not a nice one are you, Mr. Grinch? I think you may have a serious dilemma! There’s a stick up your ass, you better call 911 rush to the E.R. and GTFO of Phandroid’s comment-boards. Down Syndrome is a real handicapping mental disorder, not something for idiotic jackasses like yourself to use a comparison. Secondly, I am not ‘gay’, nor homosexual or anything of that regard, but what if another Phandroid user is? You’re using the term “gayest”. If I am not mistaken, that is offensive. Do go sit in a corner and read a rule book on how to not ooze in stupidity. Thanks.

          1. iPhone fanboy?! LITERALLY LMAO. You are, without question, one of the top spaz-cases I’ve ever seen on this site, even giving _Richard Yarrell_ a run for his money. You call me an (still lmao) “iPhone fanboy”. I invite you to click on my Disqus profile, almost all of my activity has been here, I’ve been reading Phandroid when Rob Jackson wrote 99% of the articles, and a few from Talton Pettigrew(sp) -” Phases” back; if you find a single pro-iPhone “fanboy” comment, I’ll BUY you the phone of your choice.
            Nice try there, but massive fail.
            I made fun of replacing expletives with [iPhone] because it was mildly amusing the first time (I likened it to a 35-year-old calling someone else a “stupid head”), somewhat amusing once, then it gets a bit silly.
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            Again – fail.
            Why would I insult Chris? I congratulated him when he first came to Phandroid, I always enjoy his articles, reviews, and videos, and have even said as much in the past. I even have the guy in my circles on Google+ so I can catch his posts if he comes across something cool in the world of Android that I didn’t hear about yet.
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            If I didn’t like Phandroid, I wouldn’t read Phandroid. Because you like something, does that mean you are supposed to agree with everything? I can see how some of my comments were taken out of context and could easily be seen as “going overboard”, and I apologize to anyone it offeded, but your response borders on a thin line of frothing-at-the-mouth insanity. Relax, it’s only a comment board on the internet. You’re going to give yourself a stroke

  2. Really? Will it be that curved? The fuck?

    1. Is it that much more curvy than the Nexus S?

    2. I’ll repeat my comment from below. It’s not that curvy. If you click on the source link, they have pictures of it in full screen. The blue line and black shadows make it look curvier than it is. It’s absolutely perfect. The only reason I didn’t get the Nexus S is because it was glossy plastic(got the Nexus One on the first day it was released). This video confirms it IS all metal. The Nexus Prime is going to be outstanding hardware wise internally, externally and of course software wise with ICS. It is no doubt going to be the best phone to ever come out and will be for a long while.

      1. I also bought the N1 on launch, but after the internal memory got full and I had to keep deleting apps to download new ones I got the NS.. best decision I ever made! The NS is the most underrated Android imo. Honestly the build quality is a lot better than most people think. I’ve dropped it so many times and it hides it a lot better than the N1 did.

        But Prime ftw!!!

  3. WHOA! That look liked the thinnest, curviest, smartphone I ever seen. O________o

  4. Soo glad i held out on my upgrade for this!!! i hope….

  5. I’ll bet apple still tells the courts that it’s too similar to an iPhone

    1. It is a rounded corner rectangle with a glass front. Apple invented it.

    2. you still get patented samsung crappy audio quality, so long for multimedia device with weak sonical output…(loseless music, dts movie audio…)

      iPhones haven’t been even aproached on this front for 4 years! Sensation came close, and that’s it…all others sound like crap with mono sound (with my high impedance cans)

      btw, I’M android user/dev with westone3 IEMs, but you need to accept excellent build quality of apple hw

      iPhone4S is still an excellent phone, read mobile phone to make phone calls that is pockatable unlike this…

      1. sonical?! o_O

      2. Two words…. CM7 + DSPmanager….

        Or 3?

  6. Thank goodness!!! No more iPhone rumors. Most of us are disappointed. But not this one. Ice Cream Sandwich for the win!! Nexus Prime baby!!!!!!!! Woohooo


  8. O.O

    1. iFail wut?

      1. iPhorgot….

  9. All I can say is WOW!

  10. Sprint! Please!


    1. “Something BIG is [moderated]”
      That would be my [moderated], at the sight of the Nexus Prime

      [So XXX-rated! xD] -Chris

      1. easy man back er down that was gross

      2. I just fucking laughed my ass off that damned sickly yet funny as hell comment! Nice thinking, Mr. Perv. I do say, you made me laugh. But that was just a tad bit uncalled for.. I didn’t even think of this in such a way but now that I have read this.. It does seem very misleading if ya catch my drift.. Chris, y’know you laughed at that. XD!!! I wonder if it was Google’s intent to advertise a motto that could so easily be.. turned into a “that’s what she said”-like joke. I bet someone behind a desk at Google had a great laugh making that pun.. but I doubt that such is the case at all. What’re other reader’s thoughts on this? Is it a marketing scheme with ill-humor?

    2. My momma, she has been slapped!

  12. DUDE!!! if this don’t come out on T-mobile and is a verizon exclusive, I’m going to be so so Pissed!!!

    1. Same here! T-Mobile better not f**k this up for me!!! lol

      1. Get ready to be pissed. LOL!!! I think it will eventually go to other carriers, but Verizon will have it the first three months i beleive..

  13. The glowing blue line is making look more curved that it will actually be (I think/hope)

    1. yeah i paused it at the end and it really doesn’t look that curved i think it is just the blue line


    1. circle jerk

  15. Um, wow? That curve…no. If that’s really it…I’m happy I got impatient and went for the Epic Touch 4G. I’m sure it’ll get ICS eventually anyway. The slight curve in the Nexus S was enough. This…this just really made my WTF moment of the night. It looked like the end of a feminine hygiene commercial for robots…for Androids?

    1. The curved display on the Samsung Nexus S was exaggerated. Most people could barely even tell. I’m sure this will be no different =)

      1. Aw but I was so stoked to use my Nexus Prime to practice my skateboard half-pipe tricks! D:

          1. Ah, heh, I meant using the Nexus Prime as the half-pipe not the skateboard…ya know…poking fun at the people commenting on the exaggerated (but actually not exaggerated) curve.

    2. That blue line is exaggerating the curve, if you look closely below that blue line you can see just a subtle curve to the phone, but it still looks to be a bit more than the Nexus S.

    3. It’s not that curvy. If you click on the source link, they have pictures of it in full screen. The blue line and black shadows make it look curvier than it is. It’s absolutely perfect. The only reason I didn’t get the Nexus S is because it was glossy plastic(got the Nexus One on the first day it was released). This video confirms it IS all metal. The Nexus Prime is going to be outstanding hardware wise internally, externally and of course software wise with ICS. It is no doubt going to be the best phone to ever come out and will be for a long while. You should have waited bro.

  16. I have an upgrade on my only line. Time to upgrade from my Thunderbolt!

  17. Sweet

  18. indonesia please

  19. this better be good, or i’m going with the gs2


  21. OOHHH I so want this phone!!!!!! I heard this phone won’t have bloatware with it either OOOOHHH I am selling my droid 3 when this lands best believe

  22. This would be the perfect time for Apple to announce a revolutionary, ground-breaking new pho… oh, nevermind.

    1. Here is a better look splicing some images together when the light was best.

  23. No matter what I’m still interested in this phone.

  24. The blue line makes it look more curved than it is. In other news…I just wet myself. Gimmie gimmie gimmie. can’t wait!

  25. So after my 12th time watching it I still can’t believe how thin this thing seems to be, especially on the ends.

  26. I’m excited as the next Guy about this but that was like the Sony teaser. It showed me nothing

    1. A teaser is not supposed to show you anything but a glimpse. Hence, it’s called a teaser. This confirms it’s going to have a beautiful, all metal, modern curvaceous design.

      1. That wasn’t much as far as teasers go. That was ankles. I want to see tits.

  27. I can’t wait for the spec showdown between iPhone 4S and the Nexus Prime! This is Android’s big chance to REALLY capitalize on a lackluster iPhone 4S announcement! Here’s to hoping for big things for Android, Nexus Prime, and hopefully coming to Sprint!

  28. that’s gotta be the sexyest curve and slim body i’ve ever seen!!
    and i really like the power button on the right side

    1. really? that’s one thing i absolutely HATE on samsung phones.

      1. When the screen is bigger than 4″… you like it.

        1. OG Droid had it on the right side as well. It took me forever to get used to it being on the left after I got my Incredible. It also annoyed me that the Home/Menu/Back/Search buttons were in a different order. You really do get used to it and like Phil said, If you are right handed then it would probably be better to have it on the right side anyways.

          1. OG Droid has it on the top side towards the right of the phone.

            The Prime has it on the actual right side of the phone.

          2. Ahh, I’m an idiot. Thanks for clearing that up. Guess I need to get out and play with more phones.

    2. I wish it could have been on the top were the N1 power button is. I have limited use of my hands, and the N1s power button is in the perfect place for me to access it. Hopefully I can adapt to find an easy way to press the button to wake up the phone. It’s kind of odd that the power button is on the same side as the docking contact pins. If it docs on its side, people won’t be able to wake the phone while it’s docked without picking it up every time (unless it is set not to sleep while docked).

  29. Anyone download the unpacked app listed?

  30. Oh GS2 how I used to love thee… but when I was ready to commit, you kept me waiting for months… and months… and months. You just never could make up your mind on when you were ready to be with me. Your attributes are still sexy baby, voluptuous and exotic dual processors, a nice firm memory, buttery smooth interface… But I have moved on baby,.. I met a new korean girl, and her name is Prime and she’s got it all over you doll.

    I just couldn’t help myself.

    I’ll just post it here too because DAMN! She is really that sexy. iFlop, meet your competition :)

  31. Omgeezy this is so gonna be mine.

  32. I’m gonna blow ass chunks, all my shit burned a hole through my pants and went all over the floor as soon as I saw the curve.

      1. You 2 need to get a room

        1. A restroom, that is.

  33. I need my precious!

  34. Anybody wanna buy my Incredible 2 so I can buy this phone? Lol jk.

    But seriously…

  35. Wow, can’t wait. I still can’t find the UNPACKED app on the market yet though.

    Also to all the people saying it looks way too curvy(which was me when I saw the picture), put the video in 1080p and full screen then pause at the actual device. The black shadow and blue arc makes it look WAY more curvy than it is once you look close enough.

  36. Something big is coming…


  37. It has feet on the back. That’s kind of lame.

    1. Lol! The one on the left is Samsung’s trademark “hump” and the right is the slight protrusion of the camera. =p

  38. WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. excited for sure

  40. I can’t wait for all of my iPown clones to stutter and get teary eyed when I show them this phone.

    1. And my friends with their old ass (and one new) EVO’s.

  41. The iPhone was also made with metal I believe. That has to be some sort of infringement…

    1. It’s a wash, because Samsung had an “S” phone before Apple.

  42. I just put my Epic touch up to the screen on the updated pic and they are almost identical in length and thickness…cough cough…
    So it would seem at this moment that a 4.5-4.6 inch screen is viable.

  43. I was expecting it to blow me away with its specs.

    I wasn’t expecting it to blow me away on looks alone.


  44. The curve is hardly noticeable, Samsung/Google did a great job exaggerating on that… regardless of that, I LOVE IT.. it is slim as fuck though… I hope that larger bump at the bottom of the device (the left part of the phone from our view) will be able to house the 4G LTE radio considering if its (also) for Verizon… I HOPE IT IS AND I HOPE IT WILL cause god damn it, I dont think I will be able to wait on another device that meets my standards and is 4G LTE able.. because if this phone happens to not be 4GLTE..then it looks like ill be without 4G LTE for a longer while cause ill be getting this device for sure! *Here’s to hoping it arrives to Verizon, and here’s to hoping that it also will carry 4G LTE!*

  45. Someone on the Engadget thread made this one up on a white background. Looks awesomer: (credit to Gyro)

    1. That one is totally inaccurate (but looks very cool). Its not THAT thin. Looks like they shaved a few mm off the back. =/

  46. No one is mentioning what the “perfect combination” might be? Just based on the color scheme, I think they are hinting on

    Gingerbread (GREEN) + Honeycomb (BLUE) = ICE CREAM SANDWICH (TEAL)!

    Yeaaaaa!! i figured that out all by myself!

    1. Google + Samsung, it’s at the very end of the video.

  47. I have been waiting for a google device on Verizon since the first nexus came out. This just made me incredibly happy. I can’t wait to get this shit, it’s freaking crazy awsome!!!!

    1. oh, and the curved screen is fucken cool!!!

    2. Was there an announcement signifying that this phone would be coming to Verizon?

      …please say yes.

  48. No native postcard support = FAIL!

    1. Lol. like it.

    2. haha postcard support FTW!!!!!

    3. LMAO now that was funny!

  49. Awesome, but the anticipation is killing me.

    …also I think my og droid just had a heart attack.

  50. Someone has to be working on a 3d render… taking them way too long…

  51. when this hits sprint, im buying it. ON LAUNCH DAY, AT OPENING OF STORE, IN CASH.

  52. Did no one else notice the power button? Designed for landscape only perhaps?

  53. You are sweet but nuts. Can’t tell squat from that. Bit if it is on Verizon, big and as nice as Sprints touch, you can bet I am biting it. I love ice cream.

  54. They couldn’t have found a more disgusting green if they tried.

  55. I have never liked Samsung phones. They are very light and feel like a cheap toy. I’ll have to actually hold this one to see if I like it enough to let go of my Sensation.

    1. I wish Google had just gone with HTC. I’ll never buy another Samsung even if it’s Google branded. They feel cheap & have poor customer/OS support.

  56. Soooo yesterday’s phone had an LCD and today’s phone is curved which pretty much means its AMOLED.

    With the lack of VZW involvement with this Unpacking, I’m feeling a lot more confident that is NOT a Verizon phone and that TMO could still be getting it.

    One week… one week… I do not want to buy the GSII…

    1. The only thing that worries me is that the SGS2 is also a Samsung phone so why would they want to compete with themselves on the same carrier? If they come out with the Prime and SGS2 at the same time why would anyone choose the SGS2?? That is why I believe it’s going to be a Verizon exclusive and I will seriously think long and hard (like my ____ ;) ) to make the switch… but I’m broke and can’t afford the Verizon pricing so… :(

      1. What about the Nexus S and the Vibrant/SGS4G? A TMO Nexus probably still won’t be in TMO stores just like the last two.

    2. I highly doubt that. Its just your wishful thinking I beleive..


  58. It reminds me of “Memories of green” (cause I’ll miss Gingerbread theme)
    from “Blade Runner”, movie based on the novel with NEXUS ANDROIDS
    by Philip K. Dick : “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?”


    …and you see the iPhone 5 in the video at 2:30 ^^

  59. Its beautiful.

  60. WOA…check this out…this popped up when I went to logon to my Verizon account…

    1. boo: that sign up form is for the “phone” that was announced yesterday!

  61. It’s still a toss up for me between the Prime and the HTC Vigor… I guess I will just wait and see how they both show…

  62. :O OMG.. i wanted the Galaxy S 2 but….. well yknow.. it better come to T-Mobile soon! PLEASE

  63. I was with Apple since the first iPhone…
    I traded my white iPhone 4 for an Infuse 4G a few days ago and i couldn’t be happier.
    Definitely holding on to my upgrade for this!

  64. good replacement for my CURVE 8330 lol

  65. Tech porn! I just had an eyegasm.

  66. Oh my. If that’s really designed after the N1 I don’t think I have much of a choice here. I still think that it’s one of the best looking android phones out there. Hurry up already you damn phone.

  67. I am taking VZW for their word (not that they are trustworthy). They said they passed on the SGS2 because they wanted the next best phone from them. This has to be a VZW release as the Droid Nexus or whatever. If VZW does not give me a new worthwhile phone, I close my account and go else where.

  68. It looks really good. Appears that the back is aluminum.

    Just hope it has a microSD card slot (unlike the Nexus S) or I won’t be interested.

  69. So what are the 3 little gold dots?

    Liking this…give me more.

    1. If it’s like the N1, it’s probably for a car/media/desk dock of some kind.

  70. Wow, so far this is looking really good. Hope that it is released quickly on the carriers after it is announced. I plan to pick this up at AT&T as soon as it comes out!

  71. You know, I’ll admit I’ve been chomping at the bit and have been caught up in the hype and hysteria of the Nexus Prime (as I was with the Nexus One too), but really…There’s nothing particularly *BIG* about the NP that warrants this level of fervor.

    * Its’ 4.6″ Super AMOLED screen isn’t new, Samsung already has other phones that use it
    * 8mp Cam, with 2mp front-cam is nice but hardly evolutionary
    * NFC Chip, I personally aren’t all that jazzed about
    * ICS is just an OS, sure it’s cool the NP will be the first to have it (as it SHOULD since it’s a Google phone! :-D), but day2 of NP release and hackers will have ported it to just about every other phone anyway.

    And unless they announce it’ll have the Quad-Core Kal-El, all the latest phones have dual-cores already too.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be one of the first in line for the Nexus Prime, I’m just saying maybe we’re all getting a little overly excited (kudos to the Google hype machine though).

    1. No, people are more excited because we haven’t seen those features in a pure google experience phone yet, its the combination of hardware and software thats exciting, not either on their own.
      Edit: and even if ICS is ported on day 2 of release, its going to be a buggy port thats more for developers looking to help with progress, AFAIK.

  72. Whoa that thing was built with metal and braun! The curve isn’t that dramatic to me. I’m ready for my close up.

  73. DAMN YOU SAMSUNG & GOOGLE! My wife is going to HATE me. If TMO Radios are present, this will be in my pocket.

  74. Forgive me if I am wrong, but the illustration of this device shown in the advertisement does not seem to match the supposed “First Google Nexus Prime picture leaks” that was leaked on the internet a few days ago.

    Here is the link:


    If you compare the picture in this link, you can clearly see (or at least what I think) is an aluminium bracket, while the device shown in the Samsung advertisement seems to have a plastic bracket.

    Am I correct? I would actually prefer a Nexus Prime with a sleek metal/aluminium frame.

    Any thoughts?

  75. Another useless photoshoped image with the supposed real curve.

    …or not.
    Where’s my pic?
    Oh well.

  76. It’s so good, it makes you wanna smack yo mamma!

  77. I like

  78. Looks PRIME! Forget iPhone 4s, Prime all the way baby….

  79. boy is that exaggerated curve a stupid design.

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