Google Will Wait for Day in Court as Oracle Trial Likely Postponed


The pivotal Oracle vs. Google trial could be dragged out even further, as US District Judge William Alsup has stated that it is unlikely the trial scheduled for October 31st will take place. The reason has little to do with either side of the ongoing litigation, and rather comes as the result of a separate criminal trial penciled in for the same day. The dispute, which was filed through a Northern California District Court, could still commence on the 31st, but Judge Alsup sees the date as unlikely.

The news comes as a further setback in Google and Oracle settling allegations of patent infringement that stretch back to Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems and its Java platform back in 2010. Google is said to have stolen elements of Java code for use in Android.

[via Reuters]

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  1. I can not wait till all of this is over…

  2. java is a free language I thought. What elements do you supposedly steal from java when Android is written in java. I could see if Android was its own language, but its not..Maybe I am just not understanding this properly..

    1. I also have a hard time understanding it. If I’m not mistaken (which I easily could be), it might be about the use of some specific pieces of code owned by Oracle. Not code that “can’t be used,” but code that was allegedly copied and pasted directly. So it would be less like me inventing a programming language that someone uses, and more like me writing a program that someone gets ahold of the source for and then copies. Still seems like there would be no proof that it was copied, as it could easily have been written again the same way by someone who had never seen it before… but then again, I might also be misunderstanding the case.

      1. Java, from Oracle, is under the LGPL license.

        Apache Harmony (a Java implementation) upon which Android is built, is under Apache 2.0.

        Oracle is suing over patents. Actually, patents are just the excuse. Oracle is suing because Google is making money and Oracle wants it.

  3. Me neither, then again, by that time, we might have a new lawsuit annoying the heck out of us

  4. Google created an engine based upon specs.. Sun appeared to support the effort.. Oracle wanted license after they bought sun.. no code stolen.. There is identical comments in the code, because it was built by people who were following published standards and by people who used to work for Sun.. Will be interesting to see where it all ends up.. Google is right from their point of view, but there are some licensing issues to be fixed.. and that may cost em.

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