+1 Your Favorite Products with Google Shopper Update


Google Shopper has received an update to further aid the shopping obsessed in finding the best deals anytime, anywhere. As part of a growing trend with Google’s services, the social ‘+1’ button has been added to allow you to denote your favorite finds, and users now have the ability to save products to a shopping list for further research. Spas and salons have earned their own “pamper” category, notifications have been implemented for Google Offers, and the typical bug fixes abound. You can find the updated version of Shopper over in the Google Market by following the link below.

Android Market Link: Google Shopper

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  1. The +1 button really has the potential to impact things in ways unimaginable if the data was applied the Google’s search!

  2. So what does this mean? Geeks, nerds etc can just add a bunch of designers who use Google+ to their circles and buy whatever they +1 and they will actually be better dressed than the average joe? O_o

    No wait…they still need to combine the stuff…..too bad….Still all in all a nice addition!

  3. Google Everything! The only way to live!

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