Android-Based Parrot Asteroid In-Car System to Launch Late October/Early November


Parrot has mentioned to one of our readers that their Asteroid product – which is an in-car media-hub based on Android – will be coming out sometime near the end of October and beginning of November. We’ve covered Parrot’s Android products before but have yet to see a huge commercial launch.

The Asteroid is based on Android but it’s been customized for use on a 3.2 inch in-dash display. They anticipate several apps will be available for it upon launch(though we’re sure the apps won’t be as extensive as phone or tablet apps are).

It’s also being advertised as a hands-free in-car telephone working through Bluetooth to help you keep both hands on the wheel. There’s also voice recognition. Components include a Bluetooth microphone and a GPS receiver that both mount to the top of your windshield, up and out of the way. [Parrot, Thanks Elijah!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Nice, I’ve been waiting for this. I wonder what the price is going to be.

  2. Needs moar double dins

  3. Does it do google map and wifi connection?

    1. Yes it does and you can get a 3g dongle so you don’t need wifi but don’t get too excited there is no turn by turn navigation!!

  4. Wow, the fact there’s no CD player included pretty much kills it for me; which is really a shame, because it’s everything else I’ve been waiting for!

    1. people still use cd’s for their music? interesting!

      1. What else are you going to play your mix-tapes on?

        1. on ur phone or sd card! i havent used a cd since 2010 its 2011 come on ppl!

        2. It’s usually music I get from other people that I’m too lazy to covert to digital, or needs to be portable/lendable. Bah, I hate you all, get off my lawn :(

          1. haha!

    2. whats a C D p l a y e r?

  5. If this had market access I would have ordered one already. Sure, being an in-car thingy, the requirements on the interface is pretty special, but I would still want to be able to install Spotify or Google Music at my own choosing.

  6. It’s supposed to be $349.

  7. Ya that’s what I need… A car stereo that force closes all the time… Pass….

  8. Crutchfield has it avaiable for pre order. Priced at 349.99

  9. Unless I can root it, I don’t want it…

  10. It’s a great idea but the implementation is lame, among many other problems: it has google maps but no turn by turn nav.

    I guess nobody would be interested in turn by turn navigation in a car, what use would that be?

    On a positive the bluetooth integration is really nice as it shows your contact details including photo when you get a call like in the photo.

  11. google images of “O’Car” headunit… hurry up and take my money!

  12. Please please PLEASE do NOT buy this!

    Parrott makes no effort in their products and somehow even less with their customer support and relations.

    Their in-car systems are notoriously buggy and they take months to fix the simplest of things. Own an iPhone, avoid this like the plague!

    I’ve never been so unhappy with a specific company or product. Ugh. UGH.

    Go read their forums, they don’t even notice people ripping on them for not responding. It’s right there to read. Go.

  13. So will it not be possible to install Android apps on this thing? The navigation issue could be fixed by using Garmin’s android app, which would have turn by turn.

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