Oct 4th, 2011

Battery technology has long been the subject of criticism toward OEMs. Battery life simply isn’t where we need it to be. Feature phones can go days with moderate use without needing to be charged. That’s the thing, though – we’re all into smartphones here. And these phones are just way too powerful to last more than a day with any real use.

This problem has been attacked for a while now, but NTT DoCoMo in Japan decided to go the another route: instead of finding ways to optimize battery life, why not shorten the time it takes to charge a phone? It won’t even take half an hour to charge a battery, they’re proposing – a quick 10 minute juice-up can get you going for the rest of the day.

This isn’t all that new. Other firms have shown prototypes of batteries with this functionality for a while, but NTT DoCoMo appears to be closer than the rest with a market-ready solution. Fears are that batteries’ overall life will die far sooner than they currently do and that the technology will be expensive (and unwieldy for use on the go).

Still, it excites us, a generation who moves around a lot and rarely has time to sit down and charge a phone for 2-3 hours in the middle of any given day. Bring it on NTT (even if other parts of the world likely won’t see it for quite some time). [Engadget]

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