Untapped is Like Foursquare for Beer



Foursquare for beer. Need I say more? Untapped allows you to “check-in” to the beer you’re drinking. It also gives you the ability to rate that beer and share check-ins with your friends through social networks. They’ve created a native Android application and it all works really well (although we would have preferred a more native application – this one utilizes webview for the entire ordeal.) Find it for free in the Android market. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Be sure to try RateBeer as well. Another great app that doubles as a good reference without requiring a user login.

  2. Fun! Now I wish I drank more often so I could take advantage of this.

  3. Life is complete!

  4. Make sure and spell it EXACT because if you add an “e” you wont find it from your phone.

  5. I’ve been using this service for a while. It’s really cool if you enjoy drinking different kinds of beers. Plus you get badges which is always fun.

  6. This app couldn’t be any buggier if Zynga made it themselves!! I cant even get through the account creation process on my Bionic. Being a huge beer connoisseur I have been waiting for an app like this! Hopefully they can work out the bugs.

    1. In testing we didn’t see that problem, but we also weren’t creating accounts. Have you reported the issue to the support forum?

  7. Working at a bar that focuses on Micro Breweries… this is a great app, thanks!

  8. its “Untappd”

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