Rumor: Best Buy Discounting HTC Flyer to $300 October 6th


PhoneArena has heard it from someone they believe is reliable that Best Buy will be offering the HTC Flyer to consumers starting October 6th for just $300. The 6th is not a Sunday (where Best Buy usually posts temporary price cuts) and PhoneArena didn’t mention anything about it being anything other than temporary.

Yesterday’s big announcement by Amazon for the Kindle Fire likely drove this change, they believe, as their new Android tablet (which is hardly Android at the surface, from what we can tell) will come in at just $200. Simply the joys of good competition. We wish carriers would respond to each other in this manner.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. At 300 bucks I’d definitely consider buying it. Price point is most important to me, which is why Amazon hit the nail on the head with their 200$ price tag. I never really considered Amazon until I read into all the services you would get with the Fire if you purchased the 79$ a year thing.

  2. except its running Gingerbread. no way, no how…gotta be running HC to get the tablet apps. And thats the thing with the Fire, there are ZILTCHO tablet apps for it.

    1. Aren’t they working on HC for the Flyer as we speak? I thought it was close to being done? As for the Fire, I don’t think it’s goal is to be like every other tablet on the market. They’re not interested in widgets, they’re interested in people who don’t want to spend a lot of money and want a great user experience with what Amazon has to offer. I saw one article claiming how the Fire is going to hurt Netflix terribly because of the movies and TV shows that will come with the Fire. What the Fire lacks in software, it makes up in with it’s various Amazon offerings.

    2. They are working on Honeycomb for the Flyer, plus if you’re into rooting and flashing roms, there’s already been a 3.2 rom that leaked for it. You can get it and a custom 3.2 rom over at XDA. I’m thinking about picking one up and doing just that.

    3. I want someone to explain how Honeycomb is such a vast improvement over A2.3 on a 7″ tablet; particularly with the Sense UI overlay that HTC uses or the skin that Amazon has placed on theirs?


  3. And so it begins. The Kindle Fire heats up.

  4. Well well look at what we have here I guess people shouldn’t have spoken so soon about about how that HTC got the price it right the first time.

    Fanboys you gotta love them.

    1. if released at this price, i wouldve bought it instantly. Amazon put everyone on notice.

  5. Once tablets stabilize around $100-200 I predict Android to see the kind of marketshare that Windows enjoys in PCs. Price is a big selling factor.

  6. If they do I will be picking up one of these but I really wish I could get the Jetstream but i don’t have ATT and don’t want to dish out 850

    1. I agree. Give me the Jetstream for $500 w/o ATT. Or $300 w/ ATT.

  7. At $300, this might be doable! Sure, it’s single core, but it’s also a fairly nice little tab… at the right price.

  8. Also right now the playbook is 200 cheaper so maybe the flyer will follow that.

  9. I really liked the Flyer when I got a chance to try it out, but a big part of what makes it great, at least for me, is the stylus.

    $380 with stylus is still almost as much as buying a Kindle Fire and also a new $200 cellphone. That’s still a tough sell for me.

    But the handwriting bits still make it tempting….

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