Cut the Rope’s “Toy Box” Now Available


Popular (and highly addictive) puzzle game Cut the Rope has gotten a new update. It’s the first of many promised from the developers. This one is called “Toy Box” and it brings with it 25 new levels. They’ve even brought new game mechanics so throw any and all reservations about familiarity out the window. Find the update in the Android market today.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It was free yesterday in the Amazon market. I used to check the market daily for the free app. But Amazon has been having some really crappy free apps for the past few weeks. So I stopped checking it as often. Glad I snagged it yesterday

  2. Amazon apps are great and it doesn’t mean they are crappy just because they don’t work on your device. I check it everyday and I have the app reminder that works great as well. I don’t understand people complaining when something is free and I’m sure some of them may not appeal to you.

    1. Actually, Joy.

      It IS pretty crappy when something doesn’t work on your expensive toy… just saying.

  3. Completed the new box in ~20 mintues, perfect score. That was waaaay too easy. I want Cut The Rope Experiments!

    1. as did i, it was way to easy, hopefully there will be more on the horizon :)

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