Second Coming of the Motorola XOOM Slated for November?


Images of several new Motorola tablets have surfaced over the past week or so, and while specific details are scant we could be seeing at least one model launching in time for the holiday season. A report from digitimes suggests Motorola is developing both a 7-inch and 10-inch model, while a leaked image gallery suggests we might also get something in the 8-inch department. All are running on Android Honeycomb and it seems there is no plan to get the tablets up to speed on Ice Cream Sandwich at launch. While hardware specifics are unknown, the tablets are said to be super slim. Right now buzz is picking up for a November launch of the 7-inch model, which is being manufactured out-of-house by Compal Electronics. The manufacture of the 10-inch model will be handled by Motorola directly.

[via AndroidCommunity]


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  1. If that is the finished product, it is very unattractive. I like the look of my Xoom 1 better.

    1. true its ugly and it looks pretty heavy

  2. If these idiots put the headphone jack opposite the power connector again they need to be shot.

    1. the thing that bugs me most is the power connector is on the bottom if your charging it and want to stand it up you can because the damn thing is in the way so it suckssss..and the tab is a bit heavy so it does get annoying at times

  3. The question as always is $$$. If these are in the price range the first zoom was they’re going to faceplant.

  4. I hope that means the original drops down to 199 cause you cant have 2 10inch tablets in the same year competing with each other and have the same specs just a different design. That is unless they wont be updating the original zoom. Come on Black Friday. I got 800 to spend and I want a tablet and a new nexus device.

  5. So what about the 4g upgrade on the original……it seems to be the joke of the year.

  6. I like using vertical so the charger would be om the side for me.

  7. We can haz 4G upgrade for teh originalz plz? Kthxbai.

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