Leaked Pics Reveal the Upcoming Motorola Xoom 2?


Here it is, folks! The first leaked pics of the upcoming Motorola Xoom 2 (MZ617). As you can see the device looks very similar to the original Moto Xoom ‘cept this time with more angled corners (ala Photon 4G). You can expect things to remain largely the same with standard rear and front facing cameras, HDMI ports, micro USB connection (thank, Gawd no proprietary), SIM card slot.

Other than that, details remain scarce. Nary a word on processor (which I’m sure will make or break this device for the hardcore Android user) or any other specs could be found. Keep in mind that blue-tint you see in the back-shot is actually the protective film that’s covering the brushed aluminum underneath. So what do you guys think?

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
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[UPDATED] 3 Years Ago Today, The T-Mobile G1 Was Officially ANNOUNCED

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  1. I know a lot of people probably dislike the cut off corner look, but I think they look snazzy even if its a bit jarring at first.

    1. I think I’d like it if the rest of the design was more chiseled. Like cut from a diamond. Then cut off corners COULD work. Still not sure. It’s just so…. different xD

  2. I’m fairly happy with my (refurb cheap) XOOM with Honeycomb 3.2. If they make the aspect ratio more like iPad and fix the screen, which just looks ugh and pale and washed out compared to the iPad, I am all over this.

    I much prefer Honeycomb to iOS, but the iPad screen is da bomb. Give me the best of both!

    1. Yeah, if there was one thing that kept me from the Xoom it was the terrible screen. Washed out and cheap quality. The whole screen blurs whenever you swipe (nothing like the Galaxy Tab 10.1)

      1. I wish the Galaxy Tab 7.7 came in a wifi only version. The screen size/quality and all the other hardware goodies were the things I was looking forward to. But I don’t want to loose my current data plan from Verizon until they tell me I can’t have unlimited anymore.

      2. It’s odd I’ve heard lots of varying reports on the screen so I wonder if different batches used different screens as I have a Xoom and while it’s not quite as bright as my friends Galaxy Tab 10.1 it’s not far off and certainly very comparable to another friends ipad1.

        Also I love the widescreen aspect, my TV, Desktop and Laptop all are all widescreen which I think is fairly representative of most modern equipment so I think it would be better if app/web designers start designing more for 16:9.

    2. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen makes the iPad look like that iCrap it is.

    3. The Tab 10.1 screen is nice, but the 4:3 page aspect ratio is just so much more useful for everything I want to do (magazines, books, comics, manga) than the widescreen (movies) is. Really, An 16:10 or 16:9 is only for docile movie watching. An Android device with a non-widescreen ratio would be a godsend.

    4. They can’t do that. They will be sued.

  3. The tablet outlook looks bad for android, ios will own that market till 2014-15 analysts predict!

    1. The track record of analysts is 0 for 10,000… in fact is more likely for the opposite to happen than what they say will happen… especially when is that far in the future.. my money is on quad-core (actually make it 5-core) Kal-El Tegra 3 and Android 4.0 ICS.

    2. Analysts can suck it. Android will have quad core tabs out well before Apple. Keep in mind what they mean is that compared to other companies Apple will rule. Not OS to OS. If only one company made Android, but had the same availability and a line of devices, game over.

      1. Yes one company makes Mac OS too. I hope their users are enjoying not having any games, enterprise or good open-source media software being made for their platform.

        1. If they own a Mac, they didnt want those things in the first place. Also, the Mac section on Steam gets heftier everyday.

      2. I doubt well before. Apple is well on their way to producing their A6, which is quad core and should show up in iPad 3. Who cares if it comes out first? If it’s buggy, sluggish or unoptimized and no apps to support it it’s useless.

  4. I think it looks good, can’t please everybody

  5. The xoom is amazing and the x2 will be as well. Android tabs just suffer from the inherent issue of a new version with one more core or.25 ghz every month. We wont be satisfied with our purchase for more than 3 months before feeling the urge to upgrade. So basically im pissed i bought the xoom 2 months ago and now this…

    1. That’s technology, can’t do much to stop the advancement of it, theres ALWAYS gonna be something better three months down the road.

    2. “Yeah, remember when that was the funny thing to post- how stupid iPhone owners would buy the new refresh every single year. ‘Ha. What a waste of money. iSheeple!’

      Then, when it became obvious that most Android owners were saying they were buying new releases mere months apart the argument was skewed more to ‘We are tech enthusiasts. We crave the bleeding edge!’ so as to avoid the stark hypocrisy of the situation.


      1. Touche….lol

  6. I wonder if the Xoom 2 will be released before the Xoom 1 gets its 4G upgrade…? Don’t get me wrong though, I’m perfectly happy with just using wi-fi (no data plan).

  7. IF developers would just realize that android tablets exist, maybe one of these android tablets that come out every 3 months stand a chance at success. No Apps=No Sales. I think there were more ipad apps released with IPAD on day one; than exist for honeycomb after bing out for almost a year!

    1. Hopefully the unification that comes with ICS or Jellybean will resolve this issue.

  8. I have confirmation from some Google friends. Moto is going to have the first tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Just so you know I also predicted that Moto would have the first Honeycomb tablet and called out the day of the release =op

    1. Nobody gives a fuck.

  9. Where is the 4g on my Xoom 1 that I was promised 5 months ago?

  10. Any word on the thickness? That and the price were the big obstacles for Xoom.

  11. Im interested. I have the original xoom and its a great device…i wonder…could this be Kal-El inside muhahahahah

  12. the design is ugly

  13. and by the way ipads are just overgrown ipod touches

  14. I think new tablets deserve more than an Android… but that’s just my opinion. Once upon a time we had PCs that were less powerful but with much better operating systems, it’s a shame new tablets come with ‘phone’ software. Other than that the all new Galaxy W I8150 ( ) should be coming soon as well.

  15. Love my Xoom as well, and do not see the screen issues that others have complained about. My wife has the iPad2, and it is a little crisper, but not much.

    That being said, I like the looks of the first gen better.

  16. It’s 10:47 a.m. on Monday. Why is this the last updated post?!

    1. Kevin is on vacation so we were a man down. =(

  17. Nt buying it.. still waiting on 3.2 update in europe…

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