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Every day we peruse the Android Market looking for the best, worst, interesting, and most unique apps in an effort to sift out a few gems. We call it Apps of the Day. We can’t guarantee that every app featured below is a real winner, but each is worth at least a quick look. It’s all in an effort to help you, our faithful readers, get the most out of your Android handsets. Read on to see what we found today!

Smartr Contacts – Smartr Contacts is an address book on steroids. Currently an open beta, Smartr searches your email, text, and call history and creates a rich list of contacts, regardless of whether or not you already had their contact info stored in your Android phone. Smartr creates useful entries that analyzes the history of communications with a particular person, draws in information from their social profiles, and ranks individuals by importance for easy location. For folks who want a smart address book that includes just about everything (and everyone), Smartr is a great tool. [Market]

Smozzy – Smozzy is the web without a data plan. It’s the web without WiFi, too. Unbelievable? Believe it. Smozzy uses a clever system of SMS and MMS messages to ping a web server, pull down a site, and display it on your phone as a series of images. Sure, it’s slow. Sure, it’s not anything like the full-fledged web you will enjoy with a true internet connection, but in a pinch you almost couldn’t tell the difference. Just don’t go thinking you will be playing Flash-based games through Smozzy any time soon. (Note: Smozzy currently only works for T-Mobile subscribers in the US.) [Market]

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  1. That’s a pretty cool idea, would have been nicer if it came out a couple of years ago when not much people had data plans though

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