Bug Fixer Update for Google Maps Brings Improved Transit Navigation


Google Maps has received a minor update that should be welcomed by those who frequently use Transit Navigation to find their way around via their cities public transit system. Along with fixing several bugs not worth mentioning among the apps change log, location accuracy has been improved when searching for directions with Transit Navigation. The new update can be found in the Android Market by following the below link.

Android Market Link: Google Maps


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  1. I’d rather they update the maps for rural support etc. I’m tired of google maps telling me an address I’m driving to doesn’t exist

  2. I use Transit Navigation a lot, but you can’t always trust it. That being said, it’s still the best option to plan your route when you don’t know where the heck you are.

  3. I’m still waiting— going on 3 years now — for them to fix bug in the location of the Hawthorne, NY Metro-North station. Google is great for putting out new products, not so great when it comes to actually fixing problems.

    1. Can’t you use Google Map Maker to fix that problem?

  4. Look Google nav may not be the best but what is? I have a Garmin and I can tell you
    it has the same issues heck a bunch of times it can’t find the place or says it does
    not exist. What I do like is next year I don’t have to pay for a map update. It may not be
    the best but I have updated my Garmin for it to still not help the little bugs it had. My
    in law’s just purchased a Garmin and I believe it is now coming with lifetime map
    updates my guess would be to compete.

  5. I can say in Philly google maps works rather well for transit. Hey Septa even sends you to google maps to plan a trip. Now don’t get me started on using google maps while driving, I am almost always in a river somehow. Had this issue on my palm pre and now on my nexus s4g.

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