Verizon to Apple: Stop Suing Samsung


Our friends at Big Red Verizon have chimed in on Apple’s attempts to get Samsung products temporarily banned from being sold here in the United States. They say taking Samsung and their products off the market is bad for business as it hurts their goals for high-speed wireless adoption.

In a court filing, Verizon stated that “the requested injunction of certain Samsung products will harm Verizon Wireless and U.S. consumers. It also has the possibility of slowing the deployment of next-generation networks — such as Verizon Wireless’s — contrary to the stated goals of the U.S. government.”

Verizon has a very valid complaint. As Apple doesn’t move as fast as other OEMs when it comes to new data and cellular technology (Apple’s concerns are always impact on battery life and they like to be sure of new technology before they employ it), Verizon and other carriers rely on the great phones made by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and others to put marketable features inside that pertain to Verizon’s network. ‘

Being able to say they have 4G LTE phones is a big deal for them, and while other OEMs aren’t as threatened by Apple as Samsung is, we see this as being Verizon’s early warning shot before these patent lawsuits start getting out of hand.

We’re sure other carriers feel the same, but don’t be too surprised if none of them speak out on it. Really, we’re just glad to see that the nation’s largest carrier is defending Samsung against Apple (especially as they’re only one of two US carriers to carry the iPhone at this moment). [Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. All this suing is stupid.. I mean I could tolerate them suing over the design of the Omnia 7, but seriously enough is enough.

    1. Maybe, but I do see the little windows circle button here on my w7 machine, these little subtle things people see as stealing is mostly basic designs .. wish they’d put their money into their products rather than stifle innovation with lawsuits.

      1. Seriously, if Apple was at all confident in their products they would be suing about something regarding functionality, not designs that are actually really really REALLY generic against patents they should have never gotten in the first place.

        1. Apple says “ZOMG, They only have 1 button on their tablet, you must have 2 or none, but 1 is ours! SUE!”

    2. to bad lg are shy…they should sue apple for design infringement…iphone looks more like lg prada,…than anything…out before iphone sniffed the shelves.

      1. LG just realizes that it would be stupid and pointless, so they instead spend their money on the R&D to become better, as they are definitely doing.

  2. This is like a step-parent trying to stop the fight of two siblings…
    VZW: “You two stop fighting and play nice”
    Sammy: “She started it”
    VZW: “It doesn’t matter who started it…”
    Apple: “You’re not my real Dad!” [Slams bedroom door]

  3. Lol, this is hilarious. I really hope all of this nonsense comes back to bite Apple in the ass, hard. But I doubt it will since they have virtually limitless funds. It would be awesome to see all carriers to tell Apple to GTFO until they stop prosecuting and start competing. But I’m sure carriers aren’t willing to give up their cash cow just to make a political stand.

    1. I really really hope that Samsungs lawsuit of Apple goes well. I would love to see Apple have to come up with their own radio’s that don’t use Samsung’s technology.
      I doubt they will win but like I said, it would be the best thing ever.

  4. I’m so sick of apple. They innovate then stagnate. When it is announced that iphone5 wtill will not have flash I will continue to rofl. Maybe the iphone1 or iphone3g couldn’t handle flash but with a dual core A5 (expected cpu) apple is just absurd. I’ll rofl harder when they say “4g is an unnecessary technology” too.

    1. I sure as hell hope thats true……I have tooooo much fun making fun of people with ipowns

  5. It would really be a slap across the face to to Apple if Verizon’s drops the iPhone.

    1. Verizon would never do that. iPhones are far too popular.

        1. I’m sure that’s not true. The lines will start forming at Apple stores as soon as they announce the release date next week.

      1. I still hope they threaten to.
        Apple’s lawsuits, for the most part, are frivolous. If Samsung wasn’t as popular as they are Apple wouldn’t care. But being that Samsung is (imo) the best manufacturer, Apple doesn’t want them being able to compete.
        Apple motto: “Instead of being the best, we will sue the best into submission”

      2. I agree it would be a slap in the face….but I agree with you.

        Money talks and bull*^$% walks…

      3. yet the iphone isn’t their best selling phone o_O

  6. “…they like to be sure of new technology before they employ it” eh? USB? Firewire? I think they helped adopt them (faster than PCs) by “forcing” them on users…

    1. I meant particularly in the mobile business.

  7. Way to go Big V!!

  8. This like rooting for your rival, because they’re playing the team that just knocked out your favorite team in the playoffs.

  9. I think apple may feel a threat from android. And they may scare everyone away being so sue happy. Except for their yuppy fans.

    1. “I think Apple may feel a threat from android”

      Uh. Yeah. That’s the whole point. They’re desperate to knock down Android (and Samsung) a peg or two. Apple loses market share every day.

  10. Apple get a life and move on man I think there scarde of something from android lol

  11. I for one think more carriers should speak up about this non sense. Apple is trying to stifle competition and innovation. I would love to see Verizon put the Smack down on Apple and make them pay attention.

    I hate Apple…

  12. watch, in retaliation of verizon’s comment, apple doesn’t release the iphone 5 for verizon. i would laugh, as that would do more harm to apple than good, but apple hasn’t been making very many good decisions as of late!

  13. wow… Apple is really being an idiot… Samsung makes all of there Flash memory for one big thing…
    Apple: We shall fight in the courts! Who does buissness while listening to the customers anymore!? ha!
    Samsung: Well have fun with that…

  14. About freakin’ time, Verizon. But let’s make something clear: Verizon could care less about their customer’s well being. They are 100% looking out for their own interests especially with a rumored Prime on the way. They CANNOT allow Apple to delay Samsung. This is most definitely a warning shot to Apple. You are treading on thin ice, Apple.

    1. …treading on thin ice (cream sandwich o_O) lol

  15. anytime apple sees a threat they get sue happy they did the same thing with microsoft when windows was killing macintosh over the name of the trash can now there trying to do it to android. let them sue it dident work in the past all it does is make them look like whiney lil bitches

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