Verizon Flips On The 4G LTE Switch In 26 New Cities (Still No Rancho Cucamonga)


Verizon announced they will be flipping on their phone melting 4G LTE switch in 26 new markets today. The rollout is set to begin this coming Thursday. Want to see if your city made the cut? Here’s the list:

  • Fort Smith and Jonesboro, Ark.
  • San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, Calif.
  • Daytona, Fla.
  • Bloomington, Champaign/Urbana, Rockford and Springfield, Ill.
  • Quad Cities, Ill./Iowa
  • Iowa City, Iowa
  • Shreveport, La.
  • Kalamazoo and Saginaw, Mich.
  • Reno, Nev.
  • Las Cruces, N.M.
  • Fargo, N.D.
  • Canton, Lima and Mansfield, Ohio
  • Dyersburg, Tenn.
  • Tri-Cities, Tenn./Va.
  • Austin, Beaumont/Port Arthur, Wichita Falls and El Paso, Texas

Not content with spotty 4G coverage (cough — Sprint — cough) Verizon is also making major 4G LTE expansions on Thursday in San Francisco, Indianapolis and Cleveland/Akron. Total it up and Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network now covers more than 160 million Americans in 143 cities. Big Red is also hoping to cover 185 million Americans by the end of this year.

Chris Chavez
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  1. What the hell is Sprint doing these days? Just sitting on their hands? They haven’t expanded their network in over a year now.

    1. Its Not Really Sprints Fault :

    2. Fighting to stop ATT Tmo merger.

  2. I Had 4G In Fontana, And I Get It In Corona

    1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???????????????? :O

      1. Corona I Know For A Fact, I Work Out There (Verizon) Fontana Had 4G When I Had My T-Bolt, Got It, But I Got Rid Of It Soooo Yeah Lol

  3. I wonder if the switch has been flipped already. I’m supposedly in an “extended 4G area” (juuuuust South of Indianapolis). I’ve never gotten a 4G signal in my house or within a 1/2 mile of my house. and I still don’t have one this morning. :-(

  4. Wish they would hurry up and add Birmingham, AL. Was one of the ones scheduled by 2011, but wish was sooner rather than later. At least Verizon does keep the rollouts moving!

  5. Rancho Cucamonga has LTE (as well as Fontana, Ontario, Upland). I passed through there, when I visited California in late July.

    1. Last I heard, there was a Chick-fil-A in Rancho that gave great 4G. Once you left that area, it was gone =/

      1. I live in Rancho and have been getting solid 4G since they turned it on the beginning of July… Where is the post title coming from?

  6. @Erick, it is Sprints fault, instead of rushing to wimax and depending on another company that they gave their spectrum to build a network, they should have did it themselves like Verizon and not rush but get it right, unfortunately I’m with Sprint, here in Atlanta I went to the Verizon store and tested my OG Evo with the wimax on and quickly got embarrassed by the Verizon employee who was MORE than happy to demonstrate the beast that is LTE, I left with my tail tucked and hauled a** after he pulled down 14.53 mbps and I barely managed 4.01 mbps, as I was leaving the store I looked back and saw this smirk on his face that said “we are superior to you, bow before us”, if it wasn’t for unlimited data I would leave Sprint in a heartbeat, to bad I was under contract when Verizon had their last sign up days for unlimited data.

  7. Fargo, ND lit up last night at Midnight!

  8. Beaumont has LTE now?!! Wow can the Houston market please get expanded already so I can get LTE down here in Galveston Island?

  9. It’s about time that northern new england gets some LTE love

    1. This Mainer agrees, we are probably last on the list.

      1. which is weird because the North East is quite a dense populace… I mean, hell, one tower could probably cover all of RI…

  10. I live in Fontana off the 15 and the 210 Freeways we have Full bar LTE access here. My down is 15+ and up around 10+

  11. I hope Verizon gets really production in 2012 and flips the LTE switch for all areas… South GA is in need of speed.

  12. And still no Kansas City, sigh.

  13. If I go 5 mile in any direction from my house I get 4g, but in my city of Oceanside, NOTHING! Its so irritating! Seriously is it that hard to fill in the gap Verizon?¿?¿

    1. Don’t talk about my mom like that :-P

      1. That gap can never be filled….

    2. They just figured drunk Marines can’t tell the difference between 3g and 4g. Hey-oh! I was Army but my brother was stationed at Pendleton and I just heard many stories… :)

    3. Why don’t you build a tower for them in your yard. I’m sure they would pay you rent every month. It would probably be a lot too.

  14. San Luis!!! Yay!!!!1………Awwww…… I live like 30 Minutes south of it….

  15. For the first time, I have to say I am impressed with a network, and now it seems it made total sense to overpay for that thunderbolt garbage to lock down the unlimited 4G LTE.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I just had a back and forth with some folks at HQ that wanted to drop everyone back to 3G! LTE is just like being plugged into a LAN connection and I cannot go back…PLEASE don’t take back my Pantech

  16. They turned 4G on 2 days ago here in the Quad Cities. Averages 7 down and 4 up.

  17. *looks at 4g map* WHY!? 4g ALL AROUND MY TOWN…. but not in it….

  18. lol @ all the Inland Empire people

  19. 12 mbps in Canton.

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