Sep 15th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:41 pm

Just got word from my friend @juanaguilar_45 on a rather puzzling email from he received this evening from YouTube. Seems it was a notification email letting Mr. Aguilar know of a new video tutorial just uploaded to T-Mobile’s channel on their brand new Mytouch Q by LG. Weird thing is, we’ve never even heard of this LG manufactured Mytouch Q until now.

Attempting to click the link takes you to a private video so no luck there. Now we can start with the speculating. We’ve known of the LG Optimus Q since back in 2010 and I really don’t think (hope) this could be that same device. You may also remember an “LG Q” that was leaked in a Sprint ID pack but that doesn’t really give us anything but a name.

**UPDATE: The fellas over at AndroidGuys were able to secure a few images of the device and combined with a T-Mobile leaked roadmap, we now believe these devices (yup, 2) to be the LG Maxx and Maxx Q (QWERTY version). They’re twins! One will by called the Mytouch by LG and the other will be named the Mytouch Q by LG and both are slated for a November 2nd launch.

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