T-Mobile Readies The LG Mytouch Q – Video Tutorials All Set To Go [Update: They’re A Pair]


Just got word from my friend @juanaguilar_45 on a rather puzzling email from he received this evening from YouTube. Seems it was a notification email letting Mr. Aguilar know of a new video tutorial just uploaded to T-Mobile’s channel on their brand new Mytouch Q by LG. Weird thing is, we’ve never even heard of this LG manufactured Mytouch Q until now.

Attempting to click the link takes you to a private video so no luck there. Now we can start with the speculating. We’ve known of the LG Optimus Q since back in 2010 and I really don’t think (hope) this could be that same device. You may also remember an “LG Q” that was leaked in a Sprint ID pack but that doesn’t really give us anything but a name.

**UPDATE: The fellas over at AndroidGuys were able to secure a few images of the device and combined with a T-Mobile leaked roadmap, we now believe these devices (yup, 2) to be the LG Maxx and Maxx Q (QWERTY version). They’re twins! One will by called the Mytouch by LG and the other will be named the Mytouch Q by LG and both are slated for a November 2nd launch.

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  1. I highly doubt it’s the note. I just hope it has 1gb of RAM and a dual core processor

  2. Another phone??

      1. Looking like the fugliest of the mytouch models.

  3. T Mobile is very popular and toughest phone ever. Like your explanation about this. Really an awesome thing and I got to know something new from this. Thank you again.

    1. Just saw that pop up on my Twitter feed and added the info here :D

  4. Jesus christ, LG, enough with the massive bottom bezels already. Looks worse than the G2X at this point.

  5. Looks like the mytouch 3G Slide replacement

  6. Its going to be hard to beat HTC’s MyTouch 4G. I went through quite a few phones before falling in love with my MyTouch.

  7. I played with the myTouch 4G “Slide” and have to say that the buttons are poorly put together than the ones on the 4G.

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