Sprint ID Pack Reveals Some New Device Names


Look what just crept up from the depths of codename hell. It’s been discovered that, inside the Sprint Employee ID Pack, there are some names of devices we’ve never heard before. The only exception is the LG Optimus B, but we haven’t heard it in relation to Sprint. Here’s the full list of devices sitting inside Sprint’s juicy little pack:

  • LG Optimus B
  • LG Q
  • Samsung Chief
  • Motorola Sunfire

The first one is self-explanatory, but would be the first time we’ve heard about anything relating to the Optimus Black on Sprint. The Samsung Chief could be the Samsung Conquer 4G, an entry-level 4G phone that was uncovered not too long ago. The Motorola Sunfire most certainly is the Motorola Photon 4G, and the LG Q, well, that one’s a bit of a mystery too (though recent rumors of an LG Optimus Slider seem to fit with the “Q” name).

Three of these phones are still unofficial while one of them has been announced and is well on its way to store shelves. Let’s hope to get more details on them soon. [Android Central]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. How do you like your new Samsung, Chief?  Do you like it better than your Motorola, Slugger?  Or your LG, Buddy?

  2. Does the Moto Sunfire really mean the Photon 4G, though.  Since Moto is said to be releasing at least 10 devices on Sprint this year, the Sunfire could be something else. 

    1. The Sunfire is the Photon 4G’s codename, as far as we’ve heard.

      1. ok but why would Motorola or even Sprint do a press release on a phone and announce it to the world as the Photon 4G and then change the name back for retail? that just doesn’t seam right.

        1. I agree, press releases usually equal release titles. I think that this is a different device.

          1. The Evo 4g was called the supersonic while it was being worked on as a code name so I agree the sun-fire is the photons code name all most every phone get’s a name change before they are released on a network,,, Galaxy S = Epic 4g

        2. I’m not sure you’re understanding what a codename is. The Sunfire was the device’s name used internally while it was being worked on. The Photon 4G is its retail name.

  3. Why, oh why, are we not getting any SGS2 leaks?  I’m beyond frustrated waiting for this phone.  Help.

  4. If they could release a version of the Milestone on Sprint(minus the blur) Id be all over it.

  5. no one else notice the epic 2.3?

    1. IKR!!! I NOTICED.

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