May 17th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:44 pm

With the buyout of T-Mobile by AT&T you would expect them to begin slacking off. I can picture employees at their desks throwing papers airplanes and letting the phone ring off the hook. Well, I guess T-Mobile is treating this whole “merger business” like it may never happen. Take this leaked roadmap for instance. It’s here we can see T-Mobile is showing no signs of slowing down and in fact, quite the opposite. While we don’t have much to go on besides early names, I would assume a lot of these to be Android handsets. But now, lets take a look at some of these release dates.

  • June 8th, the dual-core powered HTC Sensation 4G is said to drop. Samsung also has a few handsets geared to drop that same day, along with the Gravity Touch 2 (t589) and the Exhibit (t759 Hawk).
  • June 15th, Samsung might release the Galaxy Mini (t499) aka Galaxy Suit.
  • July 6th, HTC is said to be releasing their full qwerty slider, the Double Shot, aka Mytouch 4G Slide.
  • July 15th, the cute and fun HTC Marvel (Wildfire S) is said to drop.
  • September 26th could see the release of the dual-core Samsung Hercules that Phandroid reported on earlier today.
  • November 2nd has a pair of LG phones geared up for launch. The Maxx and Maxx Q.

Also leaked were a pile of handsets without release dates which include the Samsung Dumont (sounds classy), LG Optimus 2 (updated Optimus T?), HTC Bresson and HTC G-Infinity (De-Sensified Sensation?). I also took the privilege of omitting certain “lesser” smartphones like a couple of Nokia and BlackBerry handsets, but who uses those anyway?

Now let the speculation begin! With a leak this huge, maybe T-Mobile’s “roadmap” guy got canned and released all this info out of spite for the company. All I know is it will be sad to see T-Mobile be absorbed by AT&T when they were trying this hard.

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